Thursday, May 13, 2021

Coast to Coast AM - San Antonio UFO Crash/Harry Reid

 It’s been a wild one this week. Trending on social media lately was the tale of a UFO crash near San Antonio, New Mexico in 1945. The story is that two youngsters, searching for a lost cow, heard a loud rumble, saw a flash of light and then a cloud of dust and smoke. You can read the whole story here: 

They approached that area, saw the downed craft and three small, thin creatures.  They told their parents, who returned with them and saw the craft but not the aliens. Eventually, the military did arrive and cleaned the area and removed the craft but not before the boys managed to take samples of the debris. Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris are coming out with a book detailing this story. I’m skeptical of aspects of the case but want to see what the investigation has turned up. I will note here that pictures of two pieces of the debris have been published on the Coast-to-Coast AM website. You can see those objects here:

Don Schmitt mentioned to me that he had spoken to Reme Baca a number of years ago. According to Schmitt, the crash had taken place in 1947 and on the Plains of San Agustin. It was later that the story evolved to San Antonio, NM, and to 1945. You can listen to Don’s discussion here (in the first segment):

Also gaining traction this week are a couple of statements by former Nevada senator Harry Reid. He is reported to have said, “I was told for decades that Lockheed had some of these retrieved materials. And I tried to get, as I recall classified approval by the Pentagon to have me go look at the stuff. They would not approve that. I don’t know what all the numbers were, what kind of classification it was, but they would not give that to me.”

I need to make it clear here that Senator Reid did not see the debris himself, and, although he has been to Area 51 a number of times, he saw nothing to indicate that alien spacecraft were housed there.

Curt Collins

Curt Collins reported Senator Reid clarified earlier remarks about recovered debris by saying, “I’ve never believed Lockheed had anything in that regard, even though a lot of people believe that — I don’t.” As to whether any UFO fragments are stored away in some other government or contractor’s warehouse, Reid is doubtful: “I never heard of anything, other than some conspiratorialists. So, I don’t think that they’re credible that they’re things from outer space.”

However, I’m reminded of Senator Barry Goldwater who talked of a blue room hidden at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where much of the recovered material was stored. According to what Senator Goldwater said, on many occasions, when he approached Air Force General Curtis LeMay about permission to visit the blue room, he was told, “No, and never ask me again.” I have a letter from Barry Goldwater sent to Kent Jeffrey in which Goldwater confirms that information. 

For those worried about the authenticity, Kent Jeffrey gave me the 
original letter rather than a copy. I have it still.

These stories go back for decades and while we have had hints about the level of secrecy, it is only recently that we have seen how high that secrecy extends. When Jimmy Carter was the president-elect, he attempted to learn more about UFOs and asked then Director of Central Intelligence, George H.W. Bush, about UFOs. Bush told Carter that he was not yet the president and refused to provide that information. I explore that in UFOs and the Deep State, providing the details of that refusal and how such things are managed by the Deep State in Washington D.C.

Now we look forward to the release of the UFO/UAP report scheduled for next month, though I just heard it has been delayed, which is no real surprise. I have little hope that we’ll learn something new about UFOs, or that there will be any exciting revelations. I look for it being Condon 2.0, which is just another attempt to kill interest in UFOs by suggesting there is nothing to them. It is just an appeal to authority that doesn’t answer any questions we might have.


Curt Collins said...

The captured UFO (or parts) legend goes way back, eventually picking up a name for the location, Hangar 18. Here's my examination:

Larry said...

Don Schmitt mentioned that he talked to a “Ray Baca” after the lecture he gave in Ventura, California about 25 or 26 years ago and discussed with him the alleged crash that supposedly occurred in 1947 on the plains of San Augustin. On that basis, Don assumes that Reme Baca and Ray Baca are one and the same and that therefore the San Antonio event was being conflated with the San Augustin event.

I don’t think that “Ray Baca” is “Reme Baca”. That is an assumption on Don’s part. Baca is a very common family name in that part of New Mexico.

Unknown said...

Larry, All,
The "plains" extend to the extreme north east, and parts drain into Nogal (Walnut) canyon. All of this is about five miles from San Antonio. It's all the same place: the cameraman's crash site. Study a good map of the area or google earth. Thanks Reme.

Unknown said...

I believe that Barney Barnett, Gerald Anderson, Reme Baca, and the cameraman all are describing the same crash on the "plains". The arroyo associated with the crash is named Walnut after the wild Walnut trees (many burned from the top down) along the banks of the arroyo, and the canyon below is Nogal Canyon. The landing/crash site is on the steep bank of an old lake. It's there that we find the thick deposits of Cristobalite the craft deposited as it landed. The geography of the area is quite spectacular. There are thirty foot walls of Rhyolite where moss agates could be found. There are hundreds of holes dug in the walls of the canyon by folks searching for crystals and other interesting minerals.

KRandle said...

Ed -

There is just no convincing you that some of your data are wrong. Gerald Anderson placed his mythical site on the western edge of the Plains of San Agustin, near Horse Springs. That is nearly a third of way across the state from your location... and I haven't even touched on the forged documents and lies he told.

The cameraman simply does not exist. Whoever played him on the tape, or those who wrote his script knew almost nothing about American military procedures, the handling of classified material, or the case itself. He modified it (or rather his script writers) altered the story whenever there was contradictory information developed. This means that two of the people you believe were lying.

Unknown said...

I wasn't able to sort out Gerald's testimony until I visited the crash site. Then it hit me that there aren't many places to find moss agates. Gerald said that the purpose of the trip was to look for moss agates. Nogal canyon is one of the few places that they can be found. Gerald's testimony is confused at times but he was five years old.

The cameraman exists. I know his name, where he lived, the name of his son, and telephone number, when he died (Ray came to the scattering of the ashes) where he worked, how long he was in the Army and what he did MOS(cameraman). When he filmed the autopsy he was a private contractor working for the government. He and his son via Ray Santilli gave out the directions to the crash site. I followed them and easily found the burned vegetation, the blue material, and the blackened rocks the cameraman said we would find. Ed

KRandle said...

Ed -

Talking with geologists, I learned that moss agate was not found on the Plains. After I made that known, Anderson changed his story to moss and banded agate which is found on the Plains. It doesn't matter if the whole of Nogal Canyon was filled with moss agate because Anderson placed his site on the western side of the Plains. He took Friedman and Don Berliner there, and Berliner took me and Don Schmitt. Anderson's testimony isn't confused because he was five, it's confused because he was making it up. If you take nothing else away from this discussion, take that fact away. Anderson was NOT involved. He saw nothing and if you use his story to corroborate your theory, then you have just wrecked your argument.

Not to mention that the Army would not have brought a private contractor in to film something that would be top secret... and to overlook the fact that the original tale was that he was IN the military at the time...

I don't know why I bother to respond to your comments because you simply will not listen and reject all facts that you don't like.

Unknown said...

Kevin, All,
Neither the crash site location, or geology depend in any way on Gerald Anderson's story.
I just found it highly coincidental that Gerald would discuss searching for moss agates
and the cameraman's crash site just happened to end up being located where moss agates can be found.

The cameraman and son gave directions to the site. We didn't just grab a site out of thin air.
We were all directed to this specific site, and the site had to have specific characteristics: dry lake north east side, burned vegetation, blackened rocks. burned walnut trees, strange blue material everywhere. The site is distinctive. You have 9000 readers. Maybe one of them will get out of their lounge chair and find out what's true or not; then visit the Owl Caffe in San Antonio. It is a real dining experience. I'll give directions to both

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

It's like arguing with a flat Earther. Or a Moon hoax dingbat. They are impervious to reason.

I recall the first time I encountered the description of their trip to the desert using the imaginary cameraman's discription. It was painfully obvious those geniuses drove around until they saw things they could squish into the narrative somehow, and proceeded to improvise from there. Even in the version of one of the believers, it was just embarrassing to read. Anyone who has spent more than a day roaming the desert could see through it immediately.

Unknown said...

Some guy,
Could you supply the title and date of the article you read? I can't speak for others but I followed directions. There have been several articles written about the crash site. I'm very familiar with with New Mexico. I attended UNM and taught school in Albuquerque and my brother and I and friends spent many hours hiking in the desert. I had never been to the area the cameraman described but I did have a feeling for what it was like and what we might find. We didn't wander around. The site is about ten football fields and the disruption is obvious but we would never have found it with out the directions supplied by the cameraman and his son.

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

It has been a long time and it didn't make much of an impression on me. It probably was posted at the old UFO Updates list, or maybe a link was posted. The "cameraman's" description was sufficiently vague to allow any number of astonishing discoveries to be made. When the claim of melted rocks or whatever didn't turn out to be connected to reality, the story changed. Really the kind of thing the UFO topic is buried in. Yawn.

Kevin deals in facts. Verifiable facts. That's what I like best about him and his work. I don't always agree with his conclusions or his opinions, but I have to respect his commitment to following facts wherever they lead him. That is all too rare in this debris littered field.

Approaching these questions or whatever wild stories come along with the idea of proving them true is the opposite of science.

Unknown said...

I don't see how we can discuss this unless we have a common set of facts. There have been articles written by various UFO researchers about their visits to the crash site. Find one that suits you and we can discuss it. I don't know how to answer your response to my previous posting. Simply, it's not truthful and there doesn't seem to be any attempt on your part to make it so.

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

Not truthful? All I can say is enjoy your delusion. I'll not waste any more time or energy on this nonsense.