Wednesday, June 09, 2021

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Kathleen Marden


This week I chatted with Kathleen Marden, the niece of Betty Hill. Kathleen has taken the lead in abduction and experiencer research in recent years. We, of course, talked about the Hill abduction before moving off into the larger field with other, more plentiful players. You can listen to the interview here:

Kathleen mentioned that there was new evidence in the Hill abduction. Betty Hill’s dress, the one she had been wearing that night, was reexamined. Small blood stains, found on the back, belonged to spiders. I’m just not sure how that would have happened and certainly has no relevance to the abduction.

Kathleen Marden

Stains on the front, in the area that would have covered the abdomen, had DNA on it, but not blood. I’m still not certain how this is evidence of the abduction because I would expect Betty Hill’s DNA to be in all sorts of locations on the dress. Kathleen seemed to believe that the discovery was significant.

One of the things that has interested me for a long time was the star map that Betty Hill had drawn. Marjorie Fish had done an analysis many years ago identifying Zeta I and Zeta II Reticuli as the source of, at least, some of the alien ships. Given the changes in our knowledge, I wondered if some of the information used by Fish hadn’t been updated. Kathleen mentioned that an Astro-physicist had done an update and found that Fish was close to right. However, that Astro-physicist also suggested two other stars as the possible source… but I don’t have the names. I will also mention that it is clear that the scientist was a woman because Kathleen kept saying, “Her,” but wouldn’t supply a name.

We moved onto the larger issue of alien abduction. Kathleen talked about a major study with several hundred participants. We discussed the test results. I was looking for a commonality of traits. Were there too many left-handed people involved? Was there a prevalence of one blood type over another? Characteristics that were not readily visible to the unaided eye. Seems that there are some. Kathleen mentioned migraine headaches, for example. I wondered if the headaches were the cause of the belief in abduction if they were the result of an abduction.

Toward the end, I asked about physical evidence. Apparently, there is a tape of an encounter, which Kathleen describes in detail. She will be showing the tape and stills from it at an upcoming conference in Michigan. I confess that I would like to see it, because, from the description, there is very little that suggests a hoax or misidentification, but without seeing it, I just can’t be sure… and no, I’m not going to mention the Roswell slides here (oops, I just did).

Next week is Nick Redfern. We’ll be talking about his latest book and I’ll sneak a few plugs in for my latest.


John Steiger said...

Kevin: Michigan isn't that far from Iowa. Have you thought about attending the conference to view the tape in person? Worth considering ...

Unknown said...

Spiders don't have blood, they have hemolymph, which seems to have a faint bluish colour when fresh. Yes, I didn't know that until I read about Kathleen Marden's "new evidence" and went searching for "spider blood". Exactly how someone can distinguish 60-year-old hemolymph stains and ascribe them to spiders, and not grasshoppers or some other arthropod I don't know.

So… Kathleen Garden says that Betty Hill's dress has blood from spiders on the back and stains on the front which contain DNA. Well…