Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Congressional UAP Report


As many of you know, I have been suggesting that the report due to Congress Friday will be less than startling. I believe, based on the past, and on some of the things being said, that the report will focus on about 140 cases in which there were limited, obstructed views of the UFOs/UAPs and there will be a suggestion that drones, which are unmanned so that the effects of excessive accelerations won’t have a human crew to crush, are responsible for many of those sightings.

We have also heard that the equipment being used and the tactics employed during these events are considered top secret. The fear inside the military and the Department of Defense is that the revelation of these classified tactics and equipment will negatively affect national security. Or, in other words, these national security concerns will conceal the real nature of the UFOs/UAPs and we’ll be left with the same sort of nonsense that has been going on for decades.

Jacques Vallee
A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with Jacques Vallee about a classified section of Project Blue Book. He suggested that the cases hadn’t been classified, but that was not accurate. Many of the early cases were classified as secret. You can see where the classification markings have been crossed out. And that didn’t address the issue of a secret, hidden part of Blue Book.

I had asked about this because of information I had received while writing UFOs and the Deep State. I had heard that there was a classified section to Project Blue Book and those files had never been released to the public. It could be said that national security was the reason but that is just an excuse to hide information that the DoD and the government, and by extension, the Deep State doesn’t want published. This hints at a less than comprehensive report.

The other thing that sometimes is overlooked is that before there was an official investigation, General Twining of the Air Materiel Command, had ordered an unofficial investigation beginning in December 1946.  This was the result of the incomplete study of the Foo Fighters of the Second World War, and a failure to find an explanation for the Ghost Rockets that had been reported in Scandinavia and later in northern Europe in 1946. Colonel Howard McCoy had been one of the intelligence officers involved in both these investigations. He was privately gathering information about UFOs through military channels.

Twining’s order came six or seven months before Kenneth Arnold made his sighting in June 1947. At that point, that unofficial investigation morphed into an official one. Orders were issued and Project Sign began in January 1948… but, the public was told the name was Project Saucer. In other words, evidence of the cover up began with the creation of Project Sign. Information flowing from that investigation to the public was not as complete as it could have been.

After an internal fight in the DoD about the reality of UFOs, and a hint that the Chief of Staff of the Air Force was less than enthusiastic about the existence of alien spacecraft, it was announced that Project Sign had been concluded and an official report was issued. There were no national security issues, and no evidence that alien spacecraft were flying around.

However, it was merely a name change. Project Grudge was born with the same people in the same offices at the same base. Following the script written before, in 1952, it was announced that Project Grudge had been concluded. The huge report claimed there were no national security issues and there was no evidence that alien spacecraft were flying around.

Ed Ruppelt

But it was another name change and Project Blue Book was born into this rather chaotic system. Ed Ruppelt, at the time a first lieutenant, was given the task of reorganizing the investigation. For several months, he upgraded the system and the investigations, gathering as much information as he could.

In January, 1953, the CIA sponsored a panel to review the evidence. The chairman, Dr. H. P. Robertson, did not believe that there were alien spacecraft visiting Earth. He chose the panel members based, not on their unbiased opinions, but on their holding the same beliefs about the flying saucers as he did. It wasn’t a panel to review the data but one designed to destroy interest in the topic and convince the civilian world that there were no UFOs visiting Earth. It was hoped that this blatant appeal to authority would end interest and speculation about UFOs. The Deep State was still not interested in sharing its information with the public.

Although the panel’s report was classified, and the recommendations were that UFOs be “debunked,” Project Blue Book remained in operation until 1969. It was ended as a result of the University of Colorado study paid for by the Air Force. Dr. Edward Condon concluded that there were no national security issues, there was nothing to be learned from further study, and the Air Force had done a good job just as he had been hired to do. You might say that this was Robertson 2.0.

There were, of course other issues. The official figures for Blue Book were that the Air Force had investigation 12,618 sightings and of those, 701 remained unidentified. This is not true.

There are more than 13,000 sightings in the files. Many are in a section labeled “Additional Reported Sightings (not cases).” These are everything from newspaper clippings to intelligence reports on some of the sightings but were not, apparently, submitted through an official channel and were not investigated further. They were merely filed and then, routinely, ignored.

Although there are only 701 sightings labeled as “unidentified,” there are many more which are not identified. I took a look at a representative sample of cases labeled as “insufficient data for a scientific analysis,” and found there are something like 4000 labeled that way. It means there is no solution for the sighting but it is outside the dreaded “unidentified” category. It is labeled but not solved.

And I haven’t even mentioned those cases that do have solutions that make no sense, given the facts. The Levelland, Texas, sightings of November 1957 are a good example. Witnesses at least thirteen separate locations reported the UFO close to the ground and that the operation of their motor vehicles was impaired. The Air Force explanation is “ball lightning.” This overlooks the fact that ball lightning is extremely rare, it lasts for seconds and is rarely over 18 inches in diameter. Witness testimony refutes ball lightning as a solution, but the Air Force has the case labeled and that was the whole point.

I will note here that Condon carried on that tradition. About a third of the cases investigated by the Condon Committee had no solution to them. One was labeled as a phenomenon so rare it had never been seen before or since.” Not much of a solution but then, they didn’t leave it as unidentified.

And that brings around to Friday’s projected release of the UFO/UAP study. If history is any guide, then we will see the same sort of misdirection, misinterpretation, and misinformation. Senator Marco Rubio has suggested just that. He said that he believes the report “will provide more questions than answers,” and that it “will hold back a lot, partly because the technology we use to capture and analyze the images are top secret.” He did suggest that “If they classified something spicy in it, ain’t no way that doesn’t leak.”

The problem here is that an unnamed source leaking highly classified material about UFOs/UAPs might not be believed. It will look just like so much other false information coming from the government. Without a source and without some sort of extra evidence, the leak will be ignored.

In other words, I think this is going to be Condon 2.0. An attempt to avoid answering the questions by hiding the information under the mantle of national security and answers that provide no information. It won’t move us toward Disclosure or revelation about what is happening and what is being seen and photographed, but then that’s what the Deep State wants. Keep it buried to keep them in power.


Bob Koford said...

Good Afternoon, Kevin.

BN=Bob Notes from my “book”

BN(1)- ARS genesis Part One - 1952 Blue Book "Staff Study", Ed Ruppelt

...When we encounter identifiable aerial objects, for example, new types of foreign aircraft missiles, we attempt to obtain their configuration; performance and characteristics by measuring and recording devices, if possible, especially if we cannot get close enough to inspect/accurately in detail. Reliable data is essential. Only as a last and temporary resort do we use the report of an untrained non-technical person's visual observation of a complicated aerial object, especially if the information is volunteered…Any plan to determine if any UAO's are of foreign origin will require full use of measuring and recording instruments…5. Because it is almost impossible to obtain technical intelligence from voluntary verbal reports of non-technical observers, ATIC proposes that the receipt and analysis of such reports by the USAF be discontinued in the future...The plan which ATIC presents to you might best be described in the single phrase, "going on instruments…7. It should, therefore, be possible to detect the presence of such an object by the use of electronic, infra-red and nocular(sic) instruments, and to record its flight path and/or appearance by use of a camera, especially if the camera is used in conjunction with a telescope, defraction(sic) grating and radar scope, or carried aloft by aircraft.

BN(2) The Emerging Shield, Kenneth Schaffel, on behalf of the USAF Historical Committee
Page 113

Fairchild accordingly directed the Air Staff to review the Air Force position within the framework of a seventy-group program…Fairchild directed General Anderson, Director of Plans and operations, to spearhead the review…to present their ideas at a JCS meeting held on March 2, 1950…The meeting with the JCS focused on establishing goals for a minimum air defense by 1952…At Ramey (AFB), planners familiarized commanders with the thinking behind the plan…Referred to as the Blue Book Plan…

Are we expected to believe that this plan, known as the Blue Book plan, planned for in 1952, had nothing to do with project: Blue Book at Wright Field? This is why telling us “the truth” is so dicey. It has been as over-all ADC plan all along. This is what led me to research Weapon System-117L.


Capt Steve said...

There's a paradox in all this.

Stating that there is no national security threat implies that not only do you know what's behind the phenomena, but that it's harmless. If it's harmless...why the secrecy? And how do the powers that be know that there's no national security threat tucked into the hundreds of unknowns?

And why is the most widely derided explanation the ETH? There's rarely any mention of any other possible explanations. I find the emphasis on debunking the notion of visiting aliens quite interesting.

Dmyness said...

I doubt also roswell will be unmasked. Althogh I was there in Boulder for 2 summers during the 'condom' commission, I was too young to know anything about the subject or purpose of it's creation. It finally became clear to me when I read the McCarthy dissertation and learned of my father's participation in James McDonald's briefing and appeal for funding to NASA. He ruminated later if meeting my father,from RAND, in the elevator was accidental, which I am sure it was not, just as sure as I am that my father and Sheridan Cavitt's both retireing in Sequim was coincidence. That, I learned from Tom Cary on the phone. That there happens to be a Battelle installation there also I would venture to guess is too coincidental as well. The coincidences kept mounting when my older sister claimed my father bragged about being in the elevator with Liddy and Hunt at Watergate. Then in his later years he finally divulged to me. "When I heard about the crash at Roswell, I borrowed a plane at March field and flew myself there". I asked him what he did there and he replied, "I refueled my plane and flew to Wright field". So Kevin, 'Whats My Line?' or yours for that matter!

Adam S. said...

Have the results of the informal study created by Twinning been declassified and/or released? If so, what were the recommemdations/conclusions? A researcher named James Carrion wrote a book on the Ghost Rockets where he argued they were a psychological exercise designed to confuse the Soviets.

Thanks for the information you shared on Blue Book. That is interesting.

Louis Nicholson said...

Report is out Kevin. Do you think it's Condon 2.0?

Adam S. said...

This is quite interesting. I didn't know the US was planning a spy satellite program pre-U2, and to go back to 1946 to boot.

It is quite likely that some of the UFO "crash" recoveries from South America were actually Corona capsule recovery missions. So, perhaps you are on to something.

Bob Koford said...

Good Morning, Adam S.

As for the year 1946, it IS true that the RAND study, on the feasibility of man-made satellites, was begun at this time, and completed in 1947. I have wondered how much the "Ghost Rocket" problem had to do with this endeavor. CORONA (1960) was, of course, only one of several programs under the Advanced Reconnaissance System (ARS). The U-2 began in early 1954.

One interesting item I found was that, during the many ARS satellite programs, at Lockheed, there were times when the workers were ordered out of the facilities, temporarily. This was because other workers were brought in to install very secret "sub-system" parts being installed on the satellites.

That being said, I don't want to project that I am mad or completely distrusting of the current Navy endeavor. I agree with Mr. Greenwood, that it is at least hopeful that they are paying attention now.

We shall stay tuned, and see.

Adam S. said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks for responding. In my opinion, it is not very likely the so called ghost rockets had much to do with the RAND study. A good deal of the rocket's trajectories were traced to the captured Penelmunde base. This doesn't exclude the idea that these were planted stories by western intelligence to fool the Soviets. One would think if these launches were part of the RAND study they would have been launched from a western nation.

I have heard the same accounts you mention from Lockheed, and I also have heard this occurring back at MCdonnell-Douglas. Pretty amazing "need to know" right there haha.