Tuesday, June 29, 2021

UAP Report = Twining 2.0


I have been saying that the Congressional UAP report is actually Twining 2.0. I have posted a long analysis of the Twining letter of September 1947 that says many of the same things that we saw in the latest report. I made this case last night when I appeared on Rob McConnell’s X-Zone radio show. You can listen to it here:



The point was, or is, that the Twining letter, written after a look at 16 flying saucer sightings that involved some 35 witnesses, suggested that the phenomenon, meaning the flying saucers, was something real and not visionary or fictitious. It suggested that the data were incomplete and it called for additional study.

General Nathan F. Twining

This is the situation that we have today. The UAP study was made up on 144 reports which might not be 144 separate incidents. It suggested that they lacked sufficient information and that many of the reports were incomplete. More study was required to identify the objects seen. In other words, the phenomenon was something real and not visionary and fictitious.

Here we are, nearly 75 years after Twining wrote his letter, at the same point. We have put up with millions of dollars in investigations, research, studies and committees, and all we can say is the same thing that was said all those decades ago.

I suggested that those making this study should have taken the time to look at the history of UFO research. I mean, the entire output of Project Blue Book is online. The Robertson Panel and the Condon Committee work is readily available in various forms and books and platforms. I would have thought that one of the very first things that would have been done was for those tasked with creating these nine pages of high school level research, at the very least, would be to see what had been done in the past. That, apparently didn’t happen.

So, Congress mandated a report and gave them 180 days to complete it. What we got was nine pages that said, well, we looked at these reports but we don’t know what the witnesses saw. It could be any number of things and probably was one of those many things, meaning that there are probably mundane explanations for most of the sightings. There isn’t a single solution but many solutions.


Haven’t we already seen that in all the years of UFO investigations? Sightings resolved by astronomical events (meteors, comets, stars seen under unusual conditions), meteorological events (sundogs, ice crystals, strange clouds and so on), aircraft that have fooled people and other such mundane things. This report suggests drones and plastic bags blown aloft and other such things might explain some of the reports, but, according to the report, they don’t know.

And, while they don’t rule out the alien aspect, they don’t really suggest it as a viable solution. In other words, we’re exactly where we were in 1947 when General Twining wrote his letter.

This nine-page report is really a joke… it is a dodge created to fulfill the Congressional mandate. They can say, well, you wanted a report and here it is. Never mind that it covered a very short period of time and that the witnesses were mostly military. There were some instruments involved suggesting a reality to the sightings. We don’t know what they saw and we’ll continue to look… until you forget about it and we can move onto other missions.

And this is why I say that it is Twining 2.0. Now we’ll have additional research and investigation until we reach the point where these events will be identified in the mundane and we have Condon 2.0. The “authority” figures have looked at this phenomenon again and tell us, “Nothing to see here. Move along.”


Bob Koford said...

Good Morning, Kevin.

I am about to listen to the show now.

I do not oppose your viewpoint. After all, I commented awhile ago that I would encourage you to bring these points to bare, before the UAP report could negate the truth, entirely. I also have CIA files that show Colonel Garrett was the liaison between the US Army General Staff/ID and the CIA's IAC, when this mini Estimate was penned. The deeper Intelligence mechanisms were in place right from the beginning.

That said, my stance at this moment is that, because of severe National Security concerns abroad, at this time, I am confident that the current form of the Psychological Warfare Committee and its Intelligence companions, could not possibly come right out and say what it is we want them to say.

The report was obviously very carefully worded, with an extremely important admission paragraph stuck right in the middle of it, between bookends of watered down speech. I am simply putting my "clutch" in, temporarily, so that I can feel I am being as level-headed about trusting the Navy.

Please keep up the analysis. You are very entitled to these opinions and your annoyance/anger is warranted.


Louis Nicholson said...

Lets give it all a chance, Kevin.

As the report indicates, this is a PRELIMINARY report and hopefully we will get some serious follow-up serious investigations and public Congressional hearings.

As indicated it did not rule out the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Additionally there appears to be a significant groundswell of real public and media interest in this topic and this should bring heavy pressure on the government to continue to investigate this phenomenon and publicly report its findings. The fact that the government is now advocating the elimination of the stigma which prohibited pilots from reporting their sightings and scientists from studying the subject is very significant IMHO. Did that happen in the past?

Also we do not know what is in the report that went to the Congress. What is in it may be surprising. Lastly, what if the actual and whole truth, both now and in the past, is that the US government simply does not know what these objects are? What are they suppose to say? That they know its extraterrestrial in origin?

John Steiger said...

Kevin: I believe you are correct in your assessment of the “report.” But since you (and I, and likely many others) did not have high expectations in the first place, is it sensible to get all that upset about it?

I will say this though: While the report itself may be a joke, the military’s reaction is not. They have responded in a serious tone ... the ridicule of UFO proponents is missing.

Louis Nicholson said...

This is a follow up to my previous post.

In direct response to your position that the UAP report authors should have looked more at the historical evidence of this phenomenon in making their preliminary report, Luis Elizondo, who headed the government's UFO program, AATIP, has repeated said ever since the report was announced, that 180 days was no where near enough time for the government to adequately construct a proper report. He said there was just too much information to gather for any number of government employees to make a proper report in 6 months let alone just the two part-timers they assigned to the task. Accordingly he maintained all along that the report, if issued in 180 days, would not state much of anything. So it appears that he would agree with you that more investigation should have been done. But, as I said previously, this is just a preliminary report.

William Strathmann said...

One thing in the report that struck me was:

UAPTF and the ODNI National Intelligence Manager for Aviation drafted this report, with input from USD(I&S), DIA, FBI, NRO, NGA, NSA, Air Force, Army, Navy, Navy/ONI, DARPA, FAA, NOAA, NGA, ODNI/NIM-Emerging and Disruptive Technology, ODNI/National Counterintelligence and Security Center, and ODNI/National Intelligence Council.

Seems possible that the NRO may have quite a bit of data, or at least could now report anomalous data. Might be a FOIA avenue for those so inclined.

Archivist said...

I have a nice update on the MJ-12 story: I found the original London "Observer" article that started the document avalanche back in May 1987...


If you read it carefully, you'll see it already mentions rumours about a document being planted at the National Archive... And that was back on May 31st 1987 !

Also, the article written by Martin Bailey is not titled "Close encounters of an Alien Kind - And Now if You've Read Enough About the Election, Here's News from Another World", contrary to what has been reported so far.

L. Barker said...

The ancient alien TV series probably comes closest to the truth. We share our planet and the solar system with an ancient community. The main problem is abduction and all its ramifications. We won't allow a Travis Walton experience to be an every day happening
Will we?

Paul Young said...

Kevin Randle..."And, while they don’t rule out the alien aspect, they don’t really suggest it as a viable solution. In other words, we’re exactly where we were in 1947 when General Twining wrote his letter."

I agree. it really is a joke.

The most weird thing about the whole tic tac incident, for me, is that when it zoomed off at ridiculous speed, it then reappeared at the "CAP point"
That really is a worry!
It's almost like whoever is controlling these things was mocking the hornet pilots and those running the flight exercise.

KRandle said...

Ed -

Love your nonsense but stop drinking the kool-aid.

Louis Nicholson said...

Paul Young wrote:
"The most weird thing about the whole tic tac incident, for me, is that when it zoomed off at ridiculous speed, it then reappeared at the "CAP point." That really is a worry! It's almost like whoever is controlling these things was mocking the hornet pilots and those running the flight exercise."

This is an excellent point. It's my understanding that no one other than the pilots and the relevant ship personnel knew where the CAP point was. How could the UAP know where it was? To me, this is the most perplexing thing about that event. Also, this fact alone negates the report's assertion that UAPs might be a naturally occurring phenomena.

Daniel said...

How could the UAP know where "CAP point was?"...Answer...By reading the minds of those, that do know!?........

Paul Young said...

Louis and Daniel...
Yes, when I started reading up on the tit-tac incident/s...that's what really grabbed my attention.

I found that details were a bit sketchy, mind.
What I was wondering was...
1...How exact is a CAP area? Quarter of a square mile?...square mile? (smaller or larger?) And what about elevation?
(Basically, I was wondering if it could have just randomly happened upon the general area of the CAP or if the coincidence was too ridiculous.)

2...How are CAP's decided on. Are they just randomly decided on or are they set out by certain factors...which can allow UFO's to observe a set pattern, allowing it to determine where the CAP might likely be.

3...How many people know where the CAP is going to be...(Is someone leaking the information.)

4...How are the jet crew informed of the CAP. Are they told before the exercise or is there some communication between the ships ops room and the aeroplanes that can be intercepted...decoded...and the UFO's sheer speed enables it to get there before the jets.

Either way...this particular UFO seems to have been "showing off"...or as we say in the UK "taking the Mickey".

Paul Young said...

One other thing...
I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the head honchos had their post-exercise brief later that afternoon.

Olden said...

Maybe they did a Vulcan mine meld with those Navy fliers?

Bob Koford said...

Paul Young

It is my understanding that all of the details - waypoints, etc.- are designed ahead of time and are classified eyes only. They are extremely explicit, I believe, from what the Commander said. No one else should have known.


Daniel said...

Consider; The .."looking glass".. ahead of time!?....Artificial-intelligence would comprehend this intantly, considering technology way ahead of us...Fast in all aspects!?.......

Paul Young said...


This, more or less, suggests that there is someone, "in the know", leaking the waypoints information or there is some kind of psychic phenomenon going on here...(like they don't already hold enough "ace cards")
I find it very disturbing.
The hilarious thing is that some of these debunkers actually think it's a China or Russia thing that we are looking at.
All I can say is that, if this is the case, we better not pick an argument with them any time soon...and if China want Taiwan...here are the keys.

Louis Nicholson said...

Has anyone heard how long the Congress's version of the UAP report is? Journalist George Knapp and UFO investigator Jeremy Corbell recently said they heard its at least 70 pages.

I would love to get my greedy, wicked hands on that!

Maybe it mentions the UAP showing up at the secret CAP point.

Bob Koford said...

Good one, Paul.😁