Thursday, October 07, 2021

Coast to Coast - MADAR and a Red Light


As you all know, I’m a fan of multiple chains of evidence, especially when there is instrumentality involved. The idea of gathering evidence without human interaction is part of the theory behind the MADAR Network run by Fran Ridge.

Fran Ridge

I mention all this because on September 6 of this year, a MADAR Node 21 in Indiana experienced a possible anomaly at 6:26 in the morning. There were readings that suggested something nearby for a period of twenty-three seconds. We don’t have to estimate the length of time because it was all recorded automatically. The node operator used Facebook to request that anyone who had seen anything strange that morning to get in touch with him.

Jeff Hall, a retired police officer, was in a parking lot in the Indianapolis area, facing to the west at about that same time. He reported that he saw a black, cigar-shaped craft with seven, round, white lights on the trailing edge. He said that the UFO was flying at about 1800 to 2000 feet and was making no noise. He believed it to be about a half mile away, and estimated the size as about 300 feet. He watched the object until he was forced to drive off and then lost sight of it. He did say that he had seen a similar object in August.

This is the second time in the last month in which there was an anomaly detected with a corresponding sighting. Remember, in Goshen, Kentucky, the witness also saw a triangular-shaped object. I reported on this a couple of weeks ago. This suggests that the MADAR system is beginning to function as Fran Ridge planned. You can read more about this case here:

On October 3 of this year, the witness in Monmouth County, New Jersey, took video of a UFO. He said that he first noticed the light reflected on his TV screen, but it was moving around, and seemed to be changing size and shape. He used his phone to take video of the object. It seems that he was focusing on the reflection which does reduce the importance of the video.

He did have another video, taken the day before about four in the morning. He said that the stars were so bright that he was attempting to video them when he saw something that he described as a string of bright lights that shot across the sky. He said that he was holding the camera completely still without zooming in and out.

William Puckett, who analyzed these videos, suggested that the motion and the changing shape of the object might be the result of the witness moving his camera around.

Finally, in the last week there has been discussion that Albert Einstein was summoned to a base in the desert southwest to examine the remains of an alien spaceship and the bodies of the flight crew. This was first published by Len Stringfield in 1994 and UFO magazine reported on it in the mid-1990s. The investigation into this continues with many of us attempting to verify parts of the tale. I have a number of entries on my blog including the entire text of Stringfield’s report on this that includes his critical commentary.

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