Thursday, October 21, 2021

Coast to Coast - The Missing UAP Report (Short Version)


As I’m sure you all remember, the June 25 ridiculous report on the UAPs provided no analysis, no real investigation and we were told that 143 of the 144 reports were unidentified. We don’t know how many sightings were involved; just how many reports had been made which is not exactly the same thing. There could have been multiple reports for each sighting reducing that number but since they didn’t publish any of that data, we just don’t know. We were told that there would be a follow up in 90 days which would have been September 25. That hasn’t happened, as near as I can tell.

What I did find was that Representative Ruben Gallego had introduced and pushed legislation that would require a permanent office working under the Secretary of Defense to, I want to say, “investigate,” but what was really suggested was the “timely and consistent reporting,” of what we now call UAPs, but that are really flying saucers. There seems to be no mechanism for investigation and if not, then what is the point, really. Sure, that could be developed later, the conflict in the government seems to make that somewhat unlikely.

I also noticed that the Secretary of the Air Force, Frank Kendall, said that he didn’t think the UAPs were a serious enough threat to demand his attention… and at the opposite end, Deputy Defense Secretary, Kathleen Hicks, ordered the various military branches and various civilian organizations under the DoD to formalize a mission to provide a plan to gather the data. This seems to underscore the power of the Deep State to divide us. It also suggests the Deep State is still working to keep much of the UFO data hidden away.

Gathering data is an intelligence function but so is investigation and analysis and that seems to be missing in all this discussion. Gathering data and sticking it in a file cabinet, or feeding it into a database doesn’t accomplish much. You can read the more in-depth analysis here:

And to show what I mean; I have a report from Newport Beach, California. The witness said that they, he along with his two children, stepped outside when he noticed a bright, metallic looking object in the sky on September 13 of this year. He said it that it was just one object that seemed to be hovering. There was no sound associated with it.

Newport Beach photo courtesy of William Puckett at 

After watching it for a few seconds, the witness began filming. The UFO appeared to change shape and spin or maybe turn and flash. None of the witnesses were able to identify the object saying that it wasn’t a plane, helicopter, drone or balloon. The object drifted to the east and they lost sight of it. You can watch the video here:

The real point is that we’re right back where we began some seventy years ago. Government taking an interest in flying saucers, or, at least pretending they do. But it seems the fires has already gone out of this latest interest in UFOs.

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Joeschmoe said...

Luis Elizondo yesterday, while a guest on a Kurt Jaimungle blog, called out Frank Kendall and publicy reminded Kendall that he works for us and not the other way around. Kendall may be one of the anonymous and reluctant names in the Pentagon that have been referenced by Elizondo as opposed to Elizondo and his endeavors before submitting his resignation to James Mattis in 10-17