Friday, October 01, 2021

Len Stringfield's Dr. Shirley Wright Interviews about the Roswell UFO Crash

There has been some interest in the last few days about the information that was originally gathered by Len Stringfield about a college professor, Dr. Shirley Wright and her connection to the Roswell crash. Stringfield had given her the name Edith Simpson to protect her identity, and given the way some people act in the world today, that’s probably not a bad thing.

Following, without editorial comment, is the report that Stringfield published in his UFO Crash/Retrieval Status Report VII: Search for Proof in a Hall of Mirrors. It does provide some insight into this case. I will note, without additional comment that it was published in February, 1994.

For additional information and to listen to audio clips of Dr. Wright’s interview, you can fine that here:

 I would be interested in all comments about this information. Keep it cordial. 


starman said...

An alien supposedly had a “paralyzed larynx” resulting from an accident, which “prevented verbal communication.” For other examples of this kind of disinformation, and its purpose, see THE ALIEN GRAND DESIGN pages 148-150.

Bob Koford said...

Dear Kevin,

The writings in Stringfield's report, regarding her, presents her as being un convincing. The oh I can't find the evidence I told you I had happens far too many times for me. To be fair, I recall losing track of a letter written by Von Brahn I had, that I mentioned to a fellow researcher. In the end, I had to say a similar thing, since I could not locate it. Things happen, but...over and over and over?

On one hand she wasn't allowed to get near but yet she knew all these intricate details?

Its just another story without some type of evidence. As well written as Mr. Bragalia's report is, in the audio interviews, she just doesn't seem quite right to me, for some reason. Not very scientific of me, I know.

It also sounds almost like a blending of Roswell and Aztec material. No burnt bodies, though, admittedly.

I will look forward to other people's opinion of her information.

Henk Verhaeren said...

I was so hoping to see some more visual evidence.

Unknown said...

Is there a shred of evidence anywhere that Einstein ever had her as an assistant? Other than her word?