Saturday, September 03, 2022

Sightings and Photograph from Coast to Coast


For those interested in more about the Hottel Memo, see the following posting. It contains a link to the conversation with John Greenewald.

Much more recently, on May 30 of this year the witnesses were walking on a trail in the Toms River area of New Jersey. One of the witnesses spotted a fireball that was, at first hovering, and then began to move to the northeast. The object seemed to be swirling in a clockwise rotation. The witness said something and the woman with him said that she saw it too.

There was no noise from the UFO and the motion was not constant. It would move slowly and pick up speed and then slow down. It was in sight for two to three minutes before it disappeared behind a tree line and they lost sight of it.

On August 28 of this year, the witness in Littleton, Colorado, saw a “tic tac” shaped object. The UFO hovered and moved slowly without making a sound. The witness took video using an iPhone 12 camera. William Puckett suggested that this was a high-flying jet aircraft but looking at the photo, I’m not convinced that is the explanation.

Photo courtesy of William Puckett at UFOSNW website

I’m not a fan of lights in the sky but on August 15, near Lehi, Utah, the witness reported his car suddenly stalled. As he got out to look under the hood, he saw a light hovering overhead. He said that he didn’t see a shape behind the light and would have thought nothing of it, but once that light was gone, having flown to the northeast, he was able to start his car without a problem.

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jlmet said...


If you look closely at the enlarged photo of the "Tic-Tac" object, you can see a thin black line running vertically. That's the aircraft's wing shadow, which is visible when an aircraft is lit by the sun from above or at a slight angle. The complete underside of the wing is in shadow & produces the appearance of a line bisecting the aircraft body. The wings are completely invisible from ground level (depending on the altitude), but the fuselage is well lit. The wings are well lit, too, but from above & that can't be seen from the ground. This photo also appears to be either slightly out of focus or close to the limit of the camera's resolution. Nevertheless, this is an aircraft & I see similar occurrences at my high traffic location on nearly every bright, sunny day.