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"X" Zone Broadcast Network - Tom Carey and a Lot of Things


Tom Carey was the guest in a two-part interview. In the first part, we talked about Roswell and his investigations into it. He explained what had dragged him into the investigation and how it seemed to dominate his life for some thirty years. You can listen to both parts here:

Tom Carey

and here:

I did ask him for his assessment of the Glenn Dennis tale of the missing nurse and her role in getting information about the alien bodies to him. There were elements of the Dennis tale that Tom found problematic and said that if we were in a court of law, the changing story would be enough to impeach him as a witness. If I understood correctly, Tom believes that there are elements of the Dennis story that are credible, but only because he might have heard them from others who were involved. He also mentioned that several witnesses had said that Dennis had told them about the bodies over the years. I, of course, don’t believe Dennis and have written about it in the past. You can read more about my investigations and impressions of the Glenn Dennis story in Understanding Roswell and on this blog here:

and here:

And to delve even deeper into this, if you wish, you can just type Glenn Dennis into the provided search engine and find all references to him that I have published here.

Tom did say that investigations were not a straight path to the answer, unlike what is seen on TV. One person leads to another who might have a document that leads somewhere else. Sometimes the trail just runs cold and there is nowhere else to go, but sometimes there is a nugget waiting at the end that furthers the investigation. It is those nuggets we often chase.

We also talked about the Gerald Anderson tale of seeing a crashed craft over on the Plains of San Agustin, and the connection between Anderson and Winfred Buskirk, who held a Ph.D. in anthropology. Anderson had identified Buskirk as having been on the Plains to see the crash. Unfortunately for Anderson, Buskirk was still alive when Anderson began to spin his tales, and Buskirk denied had been involved. Both Tom and I had communicated with Buskirk. We were able to put them, Buskirk and Anderson together at the Albuquerque High School while Anderson was a student and Buskirk a teacher. Anderson’s tale unraveled and it was clear that his involvement was an invention by him to inject himself into the Roswell tale.

In the second part, we moved away from Roswell, and I asked about what he thought about alien abduction. I knew that Tom hadn’t wanted to get into it, but I thought, as someone around the UFO field for decades, he might provide some insight into the subset of the UFO phenomenon.

Tom said that we had never discussed alien abduction and I can confirm this. Our work, our conversations and our studies took us away from the world of alien abduction. Tom said that he had attended, well, not a party but a gathering, hosted by David Jacobs of alien abduction and alien hybrid fame. Tom danced around the description of many of the men there, but I understood immediately what he was suggesting. I pointed out that Russ Estes, Bill Cone and I had interviewed some 316 abductees in the course of the investigation that led to the writing and publication of our book about abduction, cleverly called, The Abduction Enigma.

What is interesting is that I told him that we had discovered a disproportionate number of gay men in our sample. We weren’t making any claims about their homosexuality, only that they were overly represented, given the number of gay men in the general population. Tom added, that his observations at the Jacob’s gathering, seemed to have more gay men than would be expected in a general gathering. Or, in other words, Tom had noticed something that we had found in our research but it was something that we had not talked about. Tom had never said anything because it was a discussion that he didn’t really want to get into and given the world of cancel culture, it becomes problematic. Neither of us were saying anything pejorative about homosexuality, only that we had noticed a disproportionate number gay men in the abduction population. I have said that this is something that needs to be explored in the interest of scientific research, and that our observations are based on our investigations into the abduction phenomenon.

Also, in that part two, in the last two segments, Tom talked about his new passions. One is the reoccurring suggestion that FDR and the governmental leadership had known the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor, but did nothing so that the United States could get into the Second World War. I have heard this idea for a long time but Tom suggested there was a smoking gun, found in a diary kept at the time, which he explained. It is an interesting theory and there is some evidence for it.

His second passion was bigfoot but he was distracted by sightings of some sort of dog man in eastern Pennsylvania. He mentioned a documentary about this that is in the final stages of being completed.

Next time, I will be talking with Chris O’Brien about cattle mutilations. I think of this as his counter to my solo show on that topic. I’ve known Chris for a long time and we have, occasionally talked about these mutilations. It should be an interesting show.

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