Wednesday, June 14, 2017

MJ-12 - The Latest Documents

Stephen Bassett. Photo copyright by
Kevin Randle
For those of you keeping score at home, there has been another bunch of MJ-12 documents dumped on us. I was alerted to this by Stephen Bassett, he of UFO lobbying and Disclosure fame. He told me of the documents that were at the Midnight in the Desert website ( I will talk about this Friday, June 16 beginning at 1:30 a.m CDT on that program), documents that Heather Wade had been given, and they can be viewed here:

Now, I have not had a chance to review them in great detail but I have scanned them. There are some problematic parts, or elements, in these documents, but then even documents that come with a complete pedigree, which is to say a proper provenance, sometimes have parts that argue against authenticity. In other words, I find some things wrong, but aren’t comfortable with rejecting without a in depth reading of them.

In my conversation with Bassett, he suggested three outcomes for the research: 1. They are authentic. 2. They are a hoax put together by someone in the UFO community for any of a number of reasons. 3. They are disinformation (though at the moment I’m at a loss as to why the disinformation agents would toss these out now). Bassett thought it might have something to do with the possibility of Disclosure moving closer to reality so this was something of a pre-emptive strike.

As it stands at the moment, I will be joined on my radio program, cleverly called A Different Perspective, by Stephen Bassett in a special, two-hour edition. By then, both of us will have had a chance to review the documents, talk to some experts, and be able to describe what we think.


CommanderCronus said...

I’m still waiting to see a real UFO document or film that connects with an active government program, or a living individual, or provides insight into classified tech. In other words, something traceable that actually helps solve the UFO mystery. If these documents don’t do that, they’re useless.

Tom Livesey said...

Regarding the timing, we in Britain are waiting for the release of the last 18 Ministry of Defence files on UFOs. These have been long delayed, for further and further redaction, so perhaps there is something in them. The last date given for their release was mid June of this year (i.e. now), so perhaps the release of this MJ12 document is what politicians call a dead cat strategy. Make people look elsewhere when there is something else you don't want them to see. This would hold of course only if the MJ12 document is disinformation, and there *is* something in the 18 MoD files, but it is a thought that occurred to me. More info on this other forthcoming release here:

Mr. Sweepy said...

There was a 1989 dated document in there. If this was real, why would they go to all the trouble of rehashing the history of the bigger UFO cases? On the whole, it reads odd to me. I am not a buyer without some proof.

cda said...

Here we go again!

We are told that Heather Wade received the documents "from a trusted source". And, lo and behold, this source is anonymous. Now you would never expect any source of this nature to be anything else, would you?

We are also told that if anyone mentions these papers in public, they must quote Heather Wade and the radio program "Midnight in the Desert" as the source.

I therefore wish to 'disclose' (note the word) that I do NOT accept Heather or the radio program as the source. The true source is person or persons unknown. I also predict that the contents of these documents will be as worthless to science as the original MJ-12 documents of 30 years ago. That is my disclosure.

But it's all good fun, isn't it? As Gilles Fernandez would say: "That's ufology".

ZakMackracken said...
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ZakMackracken said...

My first impression is, that the description of the timeline of the aztec crash is very similiar to chapter one in Bill Steinmans Aztec book.Either Steinman had a VERY GOOD source, or his book was a template for these documents.

Steinman wrote that the IPU was training for a year for a mission like this. In the document the IPU was founded after the roswell crash ( which was almost one year ago).

couldbebetter said...

This reads like poorly written fiction. I wonder who the "trusted source" is that provided these documents. Even the grammatical errors in the document along with the security clssification markings give this document the feel of an amature with no background in either intelligence or the military having written this. Looks like this is just another (poorly done) rathole to waste time and further discredit UFO-logy.

Tom Livesey said...

I am an optimist, and I am sharing a pet theory here, but sometimes I wonder if it might not in fact be *helpful* to regard the MJ documents as "poorly written fiction"? If this is a hoax, or more interestingly disinformation, fiction is exactly what it must *be*. Which - in the latter case - introduces an ambivalence and an opportunity.

On my understanding fiction or literature is a medium in which truth is revealed through the writing of what is *not* true (i.e. the events in a Jane Austen novel are strictly speaking untrue events that nonetheless disclose truth about what they relate, human relationships etc). Perhaps if we apply literary interpretation to these documents, we will find "disclosure" after all, but in a literary sense rather than a literal reveal. That is the opportunity in the ambivalence.

Perhaps the UFO phenomenon is even intrinsically indirect and literary and *has* to be disclosed this way. We are in the realms of Hansen's trickster phenomenon being essential to what is going on (and he cites literature as an analogue), so we should perhaps be asking ... what does the *hoax* reveal. In fact some of the statements in the recent document suggest this is exactly what we should be doing.

An example: the recent document talks of ET seeking to be a cultural myth for dangerous children (to be Santa Claus). This is a fairy-tale and says so. So how do you disclose a fairy-tale, how do you disclose Santa Claus, except through hoax/disinformation? I cannot tell you the truth about it.

Nick Redfern said...

It's not at all impossible that this release is all about timing. This year is the 70th anniversary of Roswell. Last month was the 30th anniversary of the public release of the original MJ12 documents (in Tim Good's May 1987 book, Above Top Secret).

Do I think these are real or disinformation? No. Do I think the timing is intended to give the Roswell/ET theory a boost? Yes. From government insiders? No. From someone in Ufology? Yes.

Bob Koford said...

Good morning,

For what ever my opinion may be worth, I agree with @couldbebetter.

I downloaded it, read it, then deleted it. It is off in so many ways. I completely agree that it does not read at all like a genuine government document from ANY agency, let alone the DIA. It has the appearance of having been put together by someone who has seen maybe one document of a certain type, and then tried to emulate its look for this purpose.

Probably for no other reason than to seem important. I would suspect the release source as the creator.

Have a nice day,

Unknown said...

If they wrote a one copy Top Secret document stating that you must have a MAJIC-12 clearence, why are names changed and delete because of the Right to Privacy Act. A litte redundant don't you think?

Ian Rogers said...

I think the document loses whatever credibility it has the moment you get to the conversation with the EBE. It comes off like really bad sf -- although I will say that this is one alien who clearly loves to speak in exclamatory sentences (!!!).

Oh, and the website hosting these document states: "...but at this time we can find no evidence of forgery."

Seriously? That's how the approach to authenticating stuff like this? Until it's proven a fake, then... then... maybe it isn't! It's clear that Heather Wade thinks they're real, or hopes they are, or whatever.

Unknown said...

Looks like a treatment for a screenplay but with a fancy border on the paper. I only got about 5 pages or so in before I got bored and not impressed.

couldbebetter said...

Bob Koford, Thank you for responding to my take on those documents. You even said it perhaps better than I ever could. When I first started to read it I could not even finish on the first read, I was too underwhelmed to do so. After I completed my initial comments I looked at the documents again and one word popped into my mind: Hokey, these documents were Hokey. These are too poorly written to be disinformation. Very sad that anyone would take these seriously, especially Kevin Randle (who we have not heard his take yet) and Staan Friedman. Both are researchers I hold in very high regard.

Tom Livesey said...

I still think we are a bit too fixated on the dichotomy real/fake. Here is a document saying ET seeks to be a cultural myth. This document certainly adds to a cultural myth. So if it is true, it is false. It is sort of like a Cretan paradox - "all Cretans are liars. I am a Cretan".

Lance said...

It's now reported that Stanton Friedman's preliminary conclusion is that the documents are real.

UFO believers get EXACTLY what they deserve after 70 years of accepting lackluster "evidence".

Paul Kimball said...

Somewhere Karl Pflock is spinning in his grave, with good reason.

A continued discussion of MJ-12 is almost as bad as resurrecting the Roswell slides. Almost. But it comes from the same imperative - the desire to continue to monetize the Roswell story.

Nick Redfern said...

The document is a total joke, I don't know how anyone can take it seriously.

If you haven't read the interview with the supposed alien survivor from the Aztec crash, then you should, as it is a total joke.

At one point in the transcript, the alien tells the interviewee: "...we would hate to see you blow-up such a pretty little planet; to ruin so many nice trees."

How anyone can suggest this is real is beyond me. I have written an article on the new documents for Mysterious Universe, which should be online tonight or tomorrow.

Mike said...

The site for the alleged blue berets is fiction. Flat Rock NV a fictional locale in movie the andromeda strain.
Also, expand
It is handwritten!