Thursday, June 29, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Jan Harzan and MUFON's Inner Circle

Jan Harzan
This week, given the controversy that had erupted in May, I invited Jan Harzan back to talk about that, among other things. I covered the part of the program that dealt with the MUFON Inner Circle in a much longer post that can be seen here:

The last part of the program dealt with some of the speakers who had been invited to the MUFON Symposium. While it seemed that Harzan admitted that some of the tales being told were not as credible as others, he also suggested that MUFON had an obligation to provide its membership with diverse opinions and let them decide for themselves what they wanted to believe. You can listen to Jan Harzan here:

(And if you have trouble with the link, try YouTube and A Different Perspective, Kevin Randle, Jan Harzan. That should get you to the proper interview.)

I had hoped that MUFON might use discretion in selecting the speakers, especially given some of the wild tales being told, but it seems that most viewpoints are welcome, no matter how far out… except for those that are not welcome… While I am not a fan of Michael Horn and his drumbeating for the Billie Meier contact case, apparently MUFON agrees with that assessment. They have not provided Horn with a platform which makes me wonder how they decide what is credible enough for their Symposium.

Next week: Mark O’Connell

Topic: His biography of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, The Close Encounters Man.

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John's Space said...

I think MUFON lost credibility when it endorsed the Hangar 1 program. While there was some good cases there as a lot of nonsense as well.