Friday, June 02, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - John Greenewald

For those of you who tuned in to hear James Clarkson, he bailed on the show, but John Greenewald, of the Black Vault, was kind enough to fill in. We began by talking about a recent announcement of a government document, published in this century, that suggested an interest in UFOs. John said that while there had been some very recent interest in the document, he’d had it on his website for a number of years. There really wasn’t nothing new in the document and the entry about UFOs was quite small. You can listen to John’s interview here:

(I know that some have trouble with the various links I put up here so I note that if you go to YouTube, you can type in “A Different Perspective,” and the name of the guest, and you can listen to the programs there… or go to, and follow the prompts to the specific program.)

The interesting thing about this document was that in 2005 there had been some discussion in the media about it and the reference to UFOs and in a matter of weeks, there was a new version, an updated version, that contained no reference to UFOs. While the document wasn’t all that interesting, the government’s response after the information was published is interesting. Why did they work so fast to replace that document?

(Yeah, yeah, I know. You want to see the document and wonder why I haven’t told you the name. John tells you how to find it during the show, but here’s the link:

So now you can see how relatively unimportant that document is though the response to it is.)

We also talk about trouble with FOIA and how that situation has changed over the years. For me, it just doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did and we are all at the mercy of the various agencies involved, but they are still required to respond. Although it might seem to be a little dull, it really is a fascinating hour.

Next week’s guest: Larry Lawson

Topic: This is sort of a special program. We begin the hour talking about UFOs and how they relate to the paranormal, and then on Larry’s show, I’m the guest and we talk explore the paranormal in greater depth. It is a two-part show, but each part does stand alone.

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Paul Young said...

Another good interview, especially the final segment.
John Greenewald is such a good speaker.

Like him, the big worry for me is the way the US govt are so desperate for us to believe that they don't even have an interest in the UFO phenomenon when it's bleeding obvious they do.
I don't hide the fact that I'm a staunch believer in the ETH for some reports. But, considering certain things like the decline in religious faith around the world this last 70 odd years, and a high percentage of people who already accept alien visitation, you'd think that by now the world's governments would hold their hands up and admit it as a fact.

I can only imagine that the cover-up still exists because the truth is actually worse than we (the people who already believe in the ETH) think.
Some kind of devastating truth.

An example???

Channel 4 (UK) made a documentary a couple of years back (available on youtube) called "What we still don't know: "Are we real?"