Friday, August 06, 2021

Coast to Coast - Current Sightings

Wondering what is going on in the world of the UFO outside my narrow interests, I did a quick survey of some of the current sightings and found some interesting ones that included photographs and video.

On July 29, just about a week ago, a fellow in Topeka, Kansas, was taking video of his neighborhood using a drone. In the video you can see a bright, small object flying about treetop level. The witness said that there were originally four of them but he only caught the last two on his video. Toward the end of the video, one of them begins a climb and there are what looks like puffs of smoke or exhaust left behind. William Puckett at his said that he didn’t think the objects were birds or insects and I have to agree with that. It does seem to be a little transparent to be a solid craft, but it is interesting and I have no explanation for what the video shows. You can see the video here:

On June 3 of this year, the witness in Babylon, New York, said that he was fishing and spotted three separate lights hovering just below the clouds. He said they were in a triangle or straight-line formation. I suspect the confusion has to do with his view of the objects. He said that he thought they weren’t military helicopters and they had no flashing lights. The UFOs remained in the area for about two hours. Two of them then took off, flying in separate directions, at the same altitude and moving very fast. He said that there was no change in the light that was being reflected and that there was no sound. Helicopters, of course, make quite a racket and it is very difficult to hover out of ground effect for more than a few minutes. I know this from personal experience.

I will note that I’m always suspicious of a sighting that lasts for a couple of hours. That suggests, to me, some sort of astronomical or atmospheric phenomenon. However, the disappearance of the objects seems to rule that out. I’ll be looking for more information on this and if it comes available, I’ll update this post.

A photo was taken of a UFO on July 24 near Vacaville, California, when the witness and his son spotted the object. The witnesses watched the UFO for about two minutes before it disappeared. The father said, “The object was black with four lights in a row. It blended into the night sky, but could just barely be seen because of the Moon shining on it. That’s how my son spotted it. It was huge in comparison with Moon as it gave a good size comparison. BTW my son is a 16-year-old high school sophomore and I am a retired USAF Senior NCO currently working as an FAA inspector.”

He added that the picture is of poor quality and you can find the photograph here:

I found another interesting video that was taken on July 10 of this year in Grill, Pennsylvania. It was from a home security camera and that the camera was facing to the northwest. The video is a little strange and Puckett noted that it might be a spider web illuminated by the various lights at night. I have no reason to doubt the explanation, but it is an interesting bit of video. I just found the way the object, whatever it might be, moved to be fascinating. You can see the video here:

Finally, on June 14, the witness and sister were outside a coffee shop in Tustin, California when they noticed something odd. They thought they were looking at drones, but instead saw eleven, oval-shaped silver objects flying to the east at a slow speed. The objects remained in a close formation, but would spread out and then return to their original positions. They had a shiny surface on one side that reflected the sun. The objects were in sight for two to three minutes but eventually climbed too high to be seen.

I should point out that these cases are all in the preliminary stages of investigation. They are interesting, especially when there is some additional evidence in the form of video or a photograph. That provides us with the ability to analyze the data without relying only on the observations of the witnesses. 

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