Friday, August 13, 2021

X-Zone Boadcast Network - John Greenewald on UAPs and Alien Abduction

 John Greenewald was the guest for A Different Perspective, now not just a podcast, not just a radio show, but also a television spectacular. I wanted to chat with John about the June 25 UAP report and the information that he had suggesting there was a classified version that was 17 pages long. I wondered if that was an additional 17 pages, but John said that he wouldn't be surprised if the classified version of the report that included the original nine pages. He wasn't sure that it did.

John Greenewald

We discussed the idea that this was something of a dodge. Congress had required a study of the UAP (I mean UFOs and shouldn’t we all just reject this UAP nonsense) and a report within six months. We thought they hadn’t taken the requirement seriously until we all began to make a big deal out of it. Toward the end of the six months, they realized they had to present something, and the result was the nine pages. John talked about his efforts, through FOIA, to learn more about the classified material that was going to be presented to Congress, but his efforts were stymied. You can listen to the discussion here:

In the final segment, I asked John about his opinions of tales of alien abduction. Neither of us are fans of this subset of the UFO field. We believe that too often there are terrestrial explanations for many of the abduction stories. John did say that he had been intrigued by the Barney and Betty Hill abduction.

The interesting part of the discussion, however, was the recent conflict that erupted between Travis Walton and Mike Rogers. John said that Rogers had admitted that the case was a hoax. I was of the opinion that Rogers hadn’t actually said that, only saying that no one had seen Walton abducted. They had seen him struck by the light and knocked down, but they didn’t see the actual abduction because they all fled, returning sometime later to search for Walton.

Later, after the show, John sent a link to an interview that Rogers had given to Ryan Gordon. In it, though Rogers does seem to dance around a bit, he talks about creating a hoax. He seems to suggest, or attempts to suggest, that they took advantage of some sort of actual event, but really doesn’t make much sense. You can read what Rogers said here:

 I’ll attempt to follow up on this. The Rogers’ statement seems to be the real first cracks in a story that has lasted for, literally, decades. I will point out because it is relevant, that both Walton and Rogers have been arguing about some personal matters for several months. I did review this earlier and you can read about that here:

Next up is Peter Robbins, if I can get the details worked out. Many I thought we would talk about investigation and how to separate the truth from the fiction

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james tankersley said...

Kevin why not invite Ryan Gordon and Travis Walton or Mike Rogers (maybe all three?) for an open debate about who is telling the truth about who said what as i have seen interviews lately that question Ryan Gordons accusations that a so called fire tower hoax was played out by Travis Walton and others to get money from the a tabloid newspaper that was rewarding proof for the most accurate alien abduction presented and see who comes on your show to present their case, instead of this needless back stabbing going on everywhere else that just muddy the waters and confuse the issue further. I believe once all the evidence is presented the fire tower hoax theroy will crash down in flames because it was nowhere near where the craft was and it would certainly not be flying away!