Thursday, August 12, 2021

Coast to Coast - Triangular UFOs


As we all know, triangular shaped UFOs are being seen on a regular basis now. You have to wonder if there has been some improvement in the alien ships, or if there are different races using different sort of craft, or if this is a result of our technology. I think I have a partial answer for that.

On June 19 of this year, the witness in Leesburg, Florida, said he was outside about seven in the morning when he heard an aircraft approaching and then flying directly overhead. He said that it looked dark, more black than charcoal, was triangular with two structures protruding from that rear. He wondered if it could an F-117 or possibly an F-22 but it didn’t look like either of those. He thought it might be a new type of stealth aircraft but thought it might be a UFO. The UFO was in sight for about five minutes.

On June 16, the witness in Streetsboro, Ohio, was walking his dog about 9:30, when he noticed three bright lights hovering. They eventually morphed into a single bright light. He said that it seemed the light was rotating. He said that after about two minutes, another UFO arrived, this one looked as if it was being chased by a fighter. He said there was an extremely loud explosion that made him wonder if the fighter had broken the sound barrier. The UFOs made no sound. The witness said that it was all recorded on video and that he would upload it to the Internet. If I find a link, I’ll post it to my blog.

One of the Navy's latest pictures of a UAP... with a triangular shape.

From Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, on June 9 comes the report of a triangular-shaped object hovering about fifty feet in the air with two steady lights in front and multiple blinking lights on the sides. There were multiple lights on the bottom. The witnesses said the object was slowing rising. Unlike most sightings, the object was very loud. It moved in a zig-zag motion and it would speed up and slow down. The witnesses reported there was video of the object but hasn’t posted it.

Also on June 9, the witness in Arlington, Virginia, was stopped in traffic. In front, at an elevation of 45 degrees and at about 1500 feet up in the sky, were three objects. Each was followed by a long and twisted contrail of about 1000 feet or more. The contrails were identical for each of the objects suggesting they were flying in formation. They were a brown or reddish color rather than the white of a normal contrail.

The UFOs moved in a random pattern, often crossing each other’s path. The witness reported a regular airplane nearby that had its nose wheel in a fixed down position. The witness thought the UFOs might be skydivers or hang gliders deployed to either report on the stricken plane or provide some sort of assistance. However, and according to the witness, the airplane was obviously an airplane and shortly after he saw the plane two of the objects, along with their contrails vanished. Moments later, the third object vanished as well. The witness wanted to take a video but was unable to figure out how to use the cell phone camera.

The witness said that it all happened in daylight and would be surprised if there weren’t other witnesses to the event.

Finally, I found a report posted in the last few days to YouTube that had a discussion of triangular-shaped craft including sightings made during the first Gulf War. You can find it here:

The increase in the number of triangular UFO reports might be a result of a change in our technology. Given the look of the stealth fighters and the B-1 bomber, triangular-shaped aircraft are now a part of our technology. That, I think, influences the descriptions provided by witnesses. It is a matter of perception and is a change in the descriptive language as opposed to an increase in the number of sightings.

Remember, in the late 1940s, many UFOs were described as flying saucers or flying disks regardless of shape. We seem to have moved in that direction today where three lights or craft in a formation become a triangular craft. That, at least, is my speculation at the moment, subject to change as the situation changes.


Larry said...


Did the witness in Leesburg indicate which way the triangle was flying?

KRandle said...

The witness said that it came from the east and was heading to the west.

Larry said...

Possibly heading towards MacDill? This particular case sounds like a conventional but black aircraft. NRO has a presence at MacDill.

jlmet said...

Here's the video from Streetsboro, Ohio, Kevin. From about 47 seconds on, you can see navigation/anti-collision lights, This is obviously an aircraft.