Thursday, August 26, 2021

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Peter Robbins


Peter Robbins was my guest this week. As I explained, I invited him on after I had read a posting in which he was defending Travis Walton. I think most of you know by now that Walton and Mike Rogers have been in a bit of a disagreement about the validity of the Walton abduction. My conversation with Peter, before the show, evolved to the point where we thought it might be more interesting to talk about the investigative process. You can listen to the show here:

We did delve into the Rendlesham Forest case, though that hadn’t been my intention. We got some insight into how Peter was drawn into the case and his thinking over the years. We didn’t talk much about Larry Warren and his involvement, though we do touch on some of that.

Peter Robbins
One of the things that we did sort of dwell on was the number of nights of the event. I had just finished a rewrite, update, and revision of my two decades old book, Project Moon Dust. Like many others, I have been confused about the number of days for the event, but had straightened that out in my mind. The problem was that the episode for which Rendlesham Forest is known began on the night of December 25 but carried on until after midnight on December 26. That was day one. Day two began in the evening of December 26 and carried on until after midnight on December 27. The last part began on the evening of December 27, though activity carried on until after midnight, everyone views that as December 27. As I say, confusing.

Peter told of his first trip to England and to Rendlesham Forest in which he witnessed some of the strange things that happen there. John Burroughs had told me that strange things were happening there before the December 1980 events and continue on until today.

We did talk about investigations and Peter talked about his learning methods while associated with a New York police detective and later with Budd Hopkins. He talked about following one aspect of the case until it played out and then following another and of course, another which is interviewing the witnesses. He was building the case on multiple legs. What he was talking about is what I call multiple chains of evidence… pictures and radar and landing traces and witness testimony. The best cases have these multiple chains of evidence.

On a side trip, I mentioned the illustrations of the aliens made by Pat Roach after her abduction. I thought it interesting, and apropos of nothing at all, that her artistic talent increased under hypnotic regression. I also 

thought appropriate I gave her a green felt tip pen to make the drawings. You can see the difference yourself.

Finally, we talked about the death of James Forrestal, who was the first Secretary of Defense. We did examine the history that went into the creation of the Department of Defense, and how Forrestal had served in the public arena until his mental breakdown. Although history tells us that Forrestal committed suicide, Peter suggested the evidence he examined suggested murder. He makes a compelling case for drawing that conclusion.

Next week, I’ll be talking with Dr. Abraham (Avi) Loeb about his Galileo Project and the detection of the object that he is convinced is an alien artifact. Should be an interesting discussion.

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John Steiger said...

This was a wonderful interview, particularly the discussion regarding James Forrestal’s demise.

Thank you for having Peter Robbins on the show.