Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Glenn Dennis, Naomi Self and David Wagnon

Almost from the moment that Glenn Dennis told his tale of Naomi Self, the nurse who told him about the alien bodies, there has been controversy. Although Dennis had given us the name early in our investigation, and, in fact, provided her name to almost anyone who asked for it, comprehensive searches for her failed to find her. There was simply no documentation to show that Naomi Self had been stationed at Roswell, that there had been no nurse in the US Army at the time with that name, and no evidence that she even existed in this capacity beyond Glenn Dennis’ mind.

Except for the testimony of one man.

David Wagnon.

According to what he told various researchers, and attested to in a signed affidavit, he was assigned to the medical unit, Squadron “M,” in 1947. He said that he had arrived in Roswell in April 1946, as a private first class, and remained there for two years. He said he was a technician in the base hospital laboratory. Interestingly, in his signed affidavit, he said that he recalled nothing about a flying saucer crash but said that he did remember a nurse named Naomi Self assigned to the base hospital.

In his affidavit, he wrote, “She was small, attractive, in her twenties, and, I believe a brunette. I seem to recall that Miss Self was transferred from RAAF while I was still stationed there, but I am not at all certain about this.”

In the next paragraph, Wagnon exposed the lie. He wrote, “Miss Self’s name really stuck with me because it is somewhat unusual and she was dating the local Red Cross representative, who was quite a bit older, probably in his late forties. I do not remember the man’s name, but do recall he had an office in town and was always hanging around Squadron ‘M’ and the emergency room.”

Here's the trouble with this. We know that there was no nurse named Naomi Self. Dennis said he made up the name. He told us he invented the name to protect her identity because he had promised her that he wouldn’t tell anyone who she was. This, of course, was not true. Dennis only said this when confronted with the information that none of us could find any nurse by that name in the Army in the 1940s or practicing in a civilian capacity in Roswell at that time.

Glenn Dennis

In one conversation I had with Dennis, he seemed angry that we hadn’t found the nurse. He said to me, “I gave you the name.” He was telling me that he had given me, and by extension, others, the real name and stuck with that until he was told there was no nurse in Roswell, either military or civilian by the name of Naomi Self. Then he came up with the story that he had made up the name.

I will note here Wagnon is not in the Yearbook nor did I find reference to him in the Unit History. As far as I know he provided no evidence to anyone that he was actually there in 1947, and even if he was, his recollections about Self are invented because no one by that name had been stationed in Roswell in July1947.

Dennis, in the tale he created, said that she had been a good Catholic girl. Wagnon must have missed that because he claimed, in his affidavit, that she’d had an abortion, he believed, at the Brooks Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, which is a major military hospital. Overlooking the fact that Dennis had said she was a good Catholic girl, who wanted to become a nun, the military would not have been performing abortions in 1947.

Wagnon’s tale is not to be believed. It is just another of the many that dot the Roswell landscape. It should be ignored, just as the tale of Naomi Self (or Selff as some have spelled it) should be ignored. None of this is true. 

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Coast to Coast - Interesting Videos


This will be somewhat brief given the time of the year and everything else that is happening. I will note here, again, that I haven’t had a chance to completely vet the reports. These are the ones that I find interesting given the circumstances and that they are usually accompanied by some sort of visual evidence, either pictures or video.

Just a few days ago, on December 16, the witness in Wayland, Michigan reported watching and filming an amber sphere that was changing colors as it pulsated rapidly. The witness said that the same thing, or maybe another similar one, had been spotted a couple of nights earlier. This time, however, the witness got up and went to the back door. The UFO was about a half mile to a mile away, amber in color and moving quickly.

According to the witness, he had never seen anything like this and filmed it for about 51 seconds until he could no longer see it. This means, of course, that the UFO was in sight for more than a minute. The fact there had been an earlier sighting is also intriguing.

A witness in Raleigh, North Carolina, reported seeing strange red orbs on December 12, 2021. The orbs came out of the east and flew toward the west as they climbed higher. There were other witnesses to the sighting. The witness said that family members thought orbs might be satellites, though the witness had never seen anything like that before.

William Puckett noted that Jupiter and Venus are very bright in the evening sky at the time of the sighting. Saturn can be seen in that section of the sky as well, but is not nearly as bright because the moon sometimes outshines it. Puckett suggested that the lights might be Chinese lanterns. You can see the video here:


I do think that it is illustrative to see what else is up in the night sky. On December 3, the witness, along with his brother-in-law saw a light of objects traveling 

southwest to northeast at a high rate of speed. The brother-in-law shot video of the object. Puckett identified the UFO as Star-Link communications satellites. I found the video and photograph to be very interesting because it shows a very strange aerial display that has a rather mundane answer. You can see the video here:



And just for a little variety, here is an unidentified sighting from December 16, near San Diego, California. The witness was driving home and thought there was a helicopter nearby flying very low. It wasn’t loud like a helicopter. Looking through the windshield, the witness saw a black, triangular-shaped object with an open middle. There were scattered lights seen around the craft. The object continued moving away, but remained at a low altitude.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Coast to Coast AM: EM Effects and Current UFO Sightings


I thought I would take a look to see what sort of sightings are being reported around the country in the last couple of weeks. Keeping with the idea that sightings lasting less than a minute do not provide enough time for a realistic observation, I selected the following, though I have not been able to completely vet them at this time.

I have mentioned, in the past, cases that involve interaction with the environment. My book, Levelland, which will be available in a couple of weeks, is an in-depth look at those sorts of cases involving vehicle interference. These sorts of cases are rare with only about a thousand examples over the modern history of the UFO phenomenon. As an example of one of these older cases, is a report from Amarillo, Texas in early November, 1957.A young couple was driving toward Amarillo, from the south when they saw an object blocking the road. It was surrounded by a fog that obscured the view. The couple drove slowly toward the object, entering the fog. As they did, the engine died and the battery failed. At some point the UFO took off but the couple was left stranded until another car stopped to help. They had the battery recharged and then drove to the Amarillo Police Department where they asked, “Where do you report flying saucers?”

In keeping with the normal skepticism concerning UFOs, the desk sergeant didn’t get the names of the witnesses. He would later describe them, saying they were in their early twenties; the man about six feet tall, the women just over five feet tall. Both were wearing red coats. Highway Patrolman Gilbert Ray was sent to check the landing site but only found that a crowd had gathered, searching for the UFO but it was gone long before he got there.

 Sixty-four years later, on November 8, 2021, a couple from Hubbard, Ohio, reported that they had seen a triangular-shaped object, just above the tree tops. The wife said it had a bright yellow light at the top of a door and two sets of three white lights along the side. According to her, their car began to act funny and the check engine light came on. It said reduced engine power and check traction control. Not exactly stalling the engine and killing the battery, but interference with the car’s operation. Given the electronics in today’s cars, I won’t be surprised to discover similar cases in the future.

The next day the husband provided a follow up. According to him, the triangular-shaped object was football field sized (when did a football field become a unit of measure and does that mean just the playing field, or everything that includes the sidelines and the other open areas) and was hovering about a hundred feet over the highway. He said that it was a black craft with many lights on it with a bright yellow light at the tip of the triangle. As they approached, it swiftly moved to the left and flew over some trees. He tried to take video, but said it was poor quality, showing only some lights. He said that he called the police who told him that others had reported strange objects in that area recently.

Keeping with the triangular-shaped objects, I saw a report from Clemson, South Carolina, on November 9. The witnesses were driving along a two-lane road at about 8:00 p.m. when they saw three lights, two were amber and one green, in the shape of a triangle. They were not blinking. She said that they could only see the lights and not the actual object. It was about 200 feet in the sky, turned quickly and then dipped below the trees. It made no noise and she believed it was too big and too quiet to be a drone.

On November 6, the witness in Bayville, New Jersey, reported a triangular formation of orange lights traveling at the same speed. He wasn’t sure if it was a singular craft or three separate craft in a tight formation. There was a leading light with the other two trailing far behind. The lights were pulsating. He heard no noise and said the lights were in sight for a minute or minute and a half.

Finally, also on November 6, the witness was putting out the trash and saw a V-shaped formation of very dim lights. Although the witness, at first believed it might be birds, the lights didn’t break formation and were moving incredibly fast. The witness called a nearby relative who went outside with her daughter and both saw the lights as well. The formation was out of sight for a short period and when it reappeared, it was heading to the south. The witness said it was dimly lit in an almost amber color. The witness said that the craft was blocking the starlight in between the lights on the craft suggesting a large size.

These are just a few of the most recent sightings selected because they were of triangular-shaped craft or triangular-shaped formations of lights. It does strike me that these types of craft seem to fill the skies and wonder what sort of phenomenon is being seen. I find it difficult to believe there are so many alien craft flying so close to the ground.

I have no explanation for these sightings and find them interesting. Some will probably be explained in terrestrial terms as we delve deeper into the data, but a few, very few will probably remain unexplained. I would certainly like to see some good pictures and video of these craft.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Jacques Vallee and Ten Unexplained UFO Cases and Metallic Debris

 Back in May of this year, I, along with several thousand of my friends, received a press release about a new book by Jacques Vallee about a reported UFO crash near San Antonio, New Mexico in 1945. It predated Roswell by nearly two years, though some of the elements seemed to foreshadow that case. I put up a preliminary analysis of the case which you can read here:


And, there was a story about fragments recovered in the crash that had been analyzed. That information can be found here:


I did have the opportunity to read the book and provided an analysis, more of a review, which can be read here:


Don Schmitt and I discussed this last spring when the information first broke. Don said that he had talked with one of the primary witnesses about the case. Our discussion, in the first segment, can be heard here:


And finally, I had the opportunity to speak with both Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris about their book about the San Antonio crash. Most of the conversation was with Vallee. You can access that information and listen to the show here:



All this was triggered by a peer reviewed journal article, Physical Analyses in Ten of Unexplained Aerial Objects with Material Samples, that is available online now, though the scheduled publication is January 2022. It has very little to do with the San Antonio crash but does provide some insight into the reason Vallee seems to accept this tale. In it, Vallee writes about ten incidents in which strange and unexplained debris has been recovered in cases associated with UFO sightings, or suspected UFO sightings.

Jacques Vallee

Among those ten cases is one that is an obvious hoax and that is the report from Maury Island in early June 1947. It is clear from the investigations by the military and by private UFO researchers that the case is a hoax, though Vallee suggests there might be something of value in it. You can read about that here:


For those interested, you can read more about this hoax in Crash: When UFOs Fall from the Sky; Alien Mysteries, Conspiracies and Cover-Ups, and in Jerry Clark’s massive UFO Encyclopedia. George Earley published a two-part expose of the hoax in Fate in March and April 1981 and a three-part expose in UFO magazine in October 2010, January 2011 and October 2011.

Some of the other cases are shaky at best. The source of some of those seems to be Frank Edwards who often wrote from memory without bothering to check the facts. More than once I have found substantial errors in works by Edwards, though he often gets a few of the facts right.

It is with the Council Bluffs, Iowa, case from December 17, 1977, that Vallee devotes the most space to in the article, including an analysis of the metal that was recovered. There seems to be no doubt that something fell into the Big Lake Park during the evening. Three people were on their way to a local store when they spotted the glowing, reddish object about five hundred feet in the air falling straight down. It disappeared behind the trees and there was a flash of bluish-white light shooting upwards suggesting an impact.

Witnesses summoned the fire department and Assistant Fire Chief Jack Moore arrived in time to see the still glowing molten mass. He said that it was some sort of metal that couldn’t be bent or broken that was covering an area of about four by six feet. They did attempt to alert the Air Force, but this was several years after the closure of Project Blue Book and the Air Force officers at Offutt Air Force Base weren’t interested.

There were other witnesses and most of them were interviewed. Their stories all basically matched about a glowing object falling to the ground. For a time after crashing, it, whatever it was, threw off sparks reminding the witnesses of those old-fashioned sparklers that were once among the few Fourth of July “fireworks” allowed in Iowa.

Samples of the metal were collected and subjected to testing at several labs including those at Iowa State University. The metal was high-carbon steel of terrestrial origin. There was nothing in the samples to suggest an alien technology, though no one could explain where the metal originated or what the object was that fell into the park. There were a couple of manufacturing plants in the area at the time that might have been the source, but no one could explain how the glowing metal had gotten from the plants to the park or why it seemed to have fallen from the sky.

There are those who suggest that what fell hadn’t actually landed directly on the levee, but had fallen into the lake. They thought a search of the lake by divers might offer an explanation. To date, that hasn’t been done.

There is one part of the paper that is quite interesting. According to Vallee, the Ubatuba, Brazil, sample that was seen to fall onto the beach and into the Atlantic Ocean, did not happen in September, 1957, as most of us believed. The metal was actually recovered in 1933 or 1934 and wasn’t sent to the magazine writer in Brazil until 1957. The man who originally brought this to our attention, Dr. Olavo Fontes, a colleague of Coral and Jim Lorenzen, presented a number of dubious UFO reports in the 1960s. This might have been one of them.

Ubatuba samples have been analyzed by many labs over the years and the consensus seems to be of extremely pure magnesium. While interesting, the case was originally plagued by the lack of a solid provenance. Although the magazine writer was identified, the actual source, the person who sent it to him, was unknown. Vallee has made that an even bigger problem suggesting that the date used by all of us is wrong as well.

At the end of the day, we are again treated to a number of dubious cases, some of them obvious hoaxes, but provided the wrappings of science. We have analyses of the cases, but if the metal is part of the hoax, then any conclusion drawn is worthless. And, if the metal is found to be of Earthly origin, then what do we have. Nothing that takes us to the extraterrestrial except the claims of strange objects associated with the finds and even that isn’t always the case

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Coast to Coast: The National Defense Authorization Act and Two Interesting Sightings


On Tuesday, December 7, the House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act by a vote of 363 to 70. The law contains statutory mandates, and places accountability for dealing with UFOs out squarely on the shoulders of the Secretary of Defense with some of the responsibility shared with the Director of National Intelligence.

The bill contains some of the same sort of vague language that plagues so much in the government. They are required to “develop procedures to synchronize and standardize the collection, reporting, and analysis of incidents, including adverse physiological effects, regarding unidentified aerial phenomena across the Department of Defense and intelligence community.... Evaluating links between unidentified aerial phenomena and adversarial foreign governments, and other nonstate actors .... Coordinating with other departments and agencies of the Federal Government, as appropriate, including the FAA, NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, NOAA, and the Department of Energy.”

What all this means is that there is now the first push to create another UFO, well, UAP, investigation but much of the required activity seems to be focused on how to coordinate with other agencies rather than gather meaningful data. It seems to be just another government bureaucracy that will not provide the research capabilities necessary to find the answers. I will note here that all this has been going on for about four years and the best they had come up with is a high school level report on 144 incidents.

Here is something they might want to check out. On December 3 of this year, a woman in Green Bay, Wisconsin, said that while driving on a foggy night with poor visibility, spotted five lights moving in different directions. The light eventually merged into a single light and then she saw three oval, blue-purple lights that seemed to be flying through the clouds. She then saw green lights that were moving very fast. The sighting lasted about forty-five minutes and she took several photographs. You can see the pictures here:


The next day, in an incident that might be relevant, she said she lost her Internet connection. She called the cable provider. Her phone, cable and her modem were all out. Nothing she tried, or the cable company tried could get anything to work. The technician then looked at the equipment and said that something had fried it. All had been plugged into a surge protector. Electrical magnetic effects are a well-known symptom of the close approach of a UFO.

On November 6, the witness in Marietta, Georgia, reported that a strange, cigar-shape was flying overhead. The witness took several pictures of the white object that looks like an elongated tic-tac, which seems to be the new name for cigar-shaped craft. It was moving in a westerly direction and there were no signs of a contrail. The witness lives near the Atlanta airport and has seen many aircraft over head. You can see the picture here:


Finally, last week I reported on a sighting and a photograph at an airshow in Houston, Texas. In that report, I noted that on October 9 of this year, at Ellington Air Force Base, there was a multiple witness sighting. According to the investigation by Texas MUFON the witness reported that while his father was photographing airplanes at the Wings Over Houston Air Show he noticed a small, metallic object at a much higher altitude than the performing aircraft.

The witness wasn’t sure about the altitude of the UFO but believed it to be around 12,000 feet. The witness said that his father pointed the object out to him and two others in the crowd. They watched the UFO for about five minutes. The object seemed to hover, then drifted to another point in the sky and again hovered.

The object was metallic and rounded. It left no trail as it moved and there was no evidence of engines or engine exhaust. They lost sight of the UFO when it moved behind some clouds.

About a week later, as they were reviewing the pictures from the air show, they examined the picture of the UFO. They were able to zoom in and saw that the object was disk or oval shaped and was bright silver.

The MUFON report noted, “This field investigator finds it intriguingly coincidental that the object happened to comply with the temporary flight restrictions by flying above 15,000 feet.”

I have reached out to a couple of people to see if we can’t find additional witnesses and photographs. It struck me that if we could, it would allow us to do some additional investigation. I did receive a reply that might provide an explanation for the sighting. Although the sighting was closed out as an “Unknown,” the investigator wrote that he believed the true answer might be some sort of a balloon. He suggested that the object looked like to a U.S. Army “LEMV” (Long Endurance Multi Intelligence Vehicle) hybrid blimp. He noted that the program had been cancelled by the Army but that the aircraft was still in production in the United Kingdom, it might have made an appearance at the Houston Air Show.

The "Tic Tac" Blimp

The Army's Blimp

The real take away from this is how similar these vehicles look to the tic-tacs that have been disturbing the Navy. No, they wouldn’t have the speed of those objects, but it does make for an interesting theory. I posted the pictures so that we all can become aware of the variety of these blimps because, at the distance, they certainly look other worldly.