Thursday, August 24, 2023

Latest News on Congressional UFO Hearings


Things are not all that great in the world of UAPs, which I mention using the new acronym for UFOs here to distinguish it from the world of UFOs which is a separate entity. Just Wednesday night, at the first Republican debate, Chris Christy was asked about an encounter with alien creatures. His answer was poorly formed and does nothing to suggest that many attitudes have changed, even with the supposedly positive discussions held at some high government levels.

Some that was seen when Kirsten Gillibrand, in a speech in Glens Falls, mentioned UFOs. The crowd reaction floated somewhere around derision. There was laughter when she moved to the subject of UFOs. It might be that she referred to the Navy pilots and David Grush as some pilots and the second guy. Not sure why she didn’t name names here but the real point was the negative crowd reaction.

Although she seems to believe in AARO and that Sean Kirkpatrick is competent and capable, I have seen nothing to suggest that he has entered the arena as an unbiased source. In the various hearings and briefings, he has been a part of, he has provided very little in the way of investigative evidence. He seems more interested in the logistics of the investigation as opposed to the gathering and review of that evidence.

The worse part of this that she suggested that Congress might never get the truth about the Special Access Programs known as SAP. Although Grusch had said he knows the names of those involved in the creation of the UFO programs and that he has the names of firsthand witnesses, we still haven’t heard much about it and the little information we do have is somewhat disturbing. It does seem that the plan is to drag all this out until the public tires of it or a new administration can kill it.

Confirmation of this came earlier today when Chris Mellon said that he thought there was little prospect of further hearings about UFOs by the House Oversight Committee though there is still legislation that provides precedence for declassifying UFO information. That might be the one positive here.

However, Mike Turner of Ohio, who chairs the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has convinced James Comer who is the Chair of the House Oversight Committee that additional hearings could harm the reputation of the DoD and further hearings should be avoided. This seems to suggest there will be no more hearings on the topic, at least in the near future, and that would surely affect the disclosure of information.

Further, Turner disregards Grush’s testimony though there are members of the committee who take it seriously. I have worried about Grusch’s mention of the Italian UFO crash, which is apparently a hoax could undermine some of support that Grusch has had recently.

I wonder if they have had the classified briefings in which Grusch named names and provided the documentation. If so, that testimony wasn’t overly persuasive and there must have been some problems with the documents. If there were problems in those classified briefings, if they were actually held, that might explain some of the reluctance to support Grusch’s whistleblower claims.

I suppose that I should note that some of Turner’s campaign donors are large Defense and Aerospace organizations. This amounts to something over a hundred thousand dollars. That might have had some influence on his decisions concerning UFOs, though there are other donors who provided a great deal more money who are probably not interested in UFOs.

But there is some good news. Stan Gordon, who began investigating UFOs in the 1960s, and is the force behind the research into the Kecksburg UFO crash of 1965, hosts a website called Stan Gordon’s UFO Anomalies Zone. It covers a range of paranormal phenomena, though my interest is in the UFO sightings.

Stan Gordon

As an example, is a sighting reported on August 3 of this year from the downtown section of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The witness, who was taking an early morning walk when he spotted a series of lights that he first thought was an aircraft. As the light approached, he saw a solid dark triangular-shaped object.
He said, at the bottom was one white, steady light on each corner of the triangle, and in the center was a single steady red light. Along the sides were more white, steady lights. He said that the craft was about one hundred to two hundred feet long from point to point and was flying at about 1500 feet. The UFO made no noise.

For those who ask why we don’t have any good UFO footage because nearly everyone is carrying a good quality digital camera in a pocket, here’s part of the answer. The man took video of the UFO and saw the image on the phone screen. When he got home and tried to review the video, there was no image. He said that he didn’t know why it didn’t record. He also said that he watched the object for about three minutes.

Stan also reported on what he called a surge of activity over the July 28 to 30th of this year. Some of the reports related to Bigfoot hunting in which I was uninterested. On July 29, Gordon got a phone call from a witness who said that he had seen a massive, triangular-shaped object that emitted a bright greenish-orange glow. The UFO was hovering when he first saw it. The UFO then vanished only to reappear. There seemed to be an electric hum coming from it.

Here's why this is interesting. The witness took pictures with his cell phone. He could see the UFO on the phone, but the photographs showed a blurred image. He didn’t understand why that happened but it does suggest there might be some sort of electronic emission, invisible to the eye that affects the digital cameras. Before you laugh, remember, there are hundreds of reports of UFOs stalling cars and affecting other electronic devices.

You can find Stan’s website here:

Friday, August 04, 2023

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick Responds to David Grusch Testimony


Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, who heads up the AARO program seems to disagree with some of the statements made by David Grusch about a multi-decade program to collect and reverse engine UFOs. Kirkpatrick has said that in his official capacity to investigate UFOs, he had seen nothing to suggest that there is alien visitation but there are some sightings that are not easily explained. Grush is saying, that in his capacity as a whistleblower that he had heard reports of alien visitation, that he has talked with those who have direct, meaning first-hand knowledge of crash/retrievals, saying that the government not only knows more but that they have recovered alien spacecraft and the bodies of the flight crews.

Sean Kirkpatrick at the Senate Hearing.

If you ask me which of these two I believe, I’m going to say that I want to believe Grusch because his statements validate my research and investigation over the last five decades. But that is what I want to believe.

Grusch giving testimony at the Congressional Hearing.

Kirkpatrick, saying that he had seen no evidence of this crash retrieval program and knows of no such program, is probably telling the truth. I will note, however, that his not knowing of the program is not quite the same thing as saying there is no such program.

What can we deduce from all of this?

I look back on the history of UFO research and investigation by various components of the US Government and see they make these sorts of opposing statements. Those who are supposedly in the loop and those outside the loop often contradict each other. In 1948, the Navy and the Air Force launched an investigation into UFOs. The officers who prepared the document, “Air Intelligence Report No. 100-203-79,” which was dated December 10, 1948, noted that they did not have access to all areas of military secrecy. They wrote, in part:

THE ORIGIN of the devices is not ascertainable. There are two reasonable possibilities: (1) The objects are domestic devices, and if so, their identification or origin can be established by a survey of the launchings of airborne devices… (2) Objects are foreign, and if so, it would seem most logical to consider that they are from a Soviet Source…

SINCE the Air Force is responsible for control of the air in defense of the U.S., it is imperative that all other agencies cooperate in confirming or denying the possibility that these objects are of domestic origin. Otherwise, if it is firmly indicated that there is no domestic explanation, the objects are a threat and warrant more active efforts of identification and interception…

IT must be accepted that some type of flying objects have been observed, although their identification and origin are not discernible. In the interest of national defense it would be unwise to overlook the possibility that some of the objects are of foreign origin.

I thought this important because this is where we are today. Please note the language used here and the conclusions drawn. And please note that we are no closer to an answer today then we were way back then.

What we have are two rather credible people, and I say rather because there is still much, we don’t know, who are at opposite ends of the spectrum. One of them saying yes there are and the other saying no there are not.

Others have suggested, after reading Kirkpatrick’s letter that he, Kirkpatrick, was calling the witnesses, that is Grush, David Fravor and Ryan Graves, liars. I see nothing to suggest that Kirkpatrick was calling either of the Navy pilots liars and it seems he might be annoyed with Grasch, he wasn’t really calling him a liar either.

Kirkpatrick, expressing his displeasure with the Congressional hearings that feature those three had written:

I cannot let yesterday’s hearing pass without sharing how insulting it was to the officers of the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community who chose to join AARO, many with not unreasonable anxieties about career risks this would entail.

They are truth-seekers, as am I. But you certainly would not get that impression from yesterday’s hearing.

Well, that wasn’t my impression. True, Grusch hinted at some strong consequences from his blowing the whistle, but it might be said that those problems came from the possible exposure of classified material. It might be that his superiors were worried about the compromise of legally classified material, some of which might not have a thing to do with UFOs, or UAPs.

Yes, what Grusch said was spectacular, but it must also be remembered that he was talking about things he had been told and things he had heard, but almost nothing of a first-hand nature. He would reveal those in closed sessions.

The problem for me was his claim that there had been a crash of an alien craft in Italy in 1933. This has been researched by colleagues in Italy including Edordo Russo. who has provided evidence of a hoax. Certainly, nothing revealed about this case could adversely affect national security. Certainly, if Grusch was on the inside as he claims, he would not have been fooled by this hoax.

So, while the news media, and many in the UFO community, are talking about lies and infighting, I think it boils down to two separate entities with ties to intelligence and information about UFOs, disagreeing with the importance of that evidence and the reliability of the sources. As I have said before, if we don’t know the sources and the cases, we can’t draw intelligent conclusions about the veracity of the information. All we can say is that Grush seems to be credible and that Kirkpatrick is the man in charge of AARO. At the moment, they seem to be opposed to one another but there might become a time when they are in agreement.

All we have are some rather astonishing allegations by Grusch and some hints that many of the most recent sightings have mundane solutions according to Kirkpatrick. Currently, we just don’t know which path to follow to the end but all the speculation isn’t really helping.

The mainstream media, when they don’t have facts or information, resort to repeating themselves and speculating about what is happening. They don’t really know either and have no special inside knowledge but that hasn’t ever stopped them from throwing out whatever strange comment they can think of.

I will point out that all the calls for transparency have been ignored and until we can lift that shroud of silence, we really won’t have the answers we seek. As many have suggested, we need a little patience, but I fear the bloom will come off this rose, especially with all the election nonsense going on (and what I mean here is that the election is more than a year in the future and can’t we take a break from the campaigning), interest in solving the UFO puzzle might just be switched to the back burner until it is conveniently forgotten.

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

A Quick Investigation


A few days ago, I received a call about a UFO sighting over the Midland-Odessa area in Texas. The description was of something high in the sky and close to the moon, meaning only that it looked like it was close based on the position of the moon and the object. It was apparently seen over a wide area and there were pictures of it available.

Frankly, I thought this was going to be another SpaceX launch, given the description and the apparent huge area over which this UFO was seen. I did find a picture or two, and it looked similar to those pictures of the SpaceX launches I had seen in the past, though not as clear and not as spectacular as some.

One of the Texas pictures of the SpaceX launch

The problem was I didn’t have an exact date. I checked the SpaceX website and there was a launch in the right time frame, but without the exact date, I couldn’t be sure. Over the next couple of days, I made periodic searches for more information and more data. I learned that the UFO was seen as far north as El Reno, Oklahoma, and there was a picture that was taken in Austin, Texas. That picture also left something to be desired, but it did remind me of those other SpaceX pictures I have seen.

When I found the proper date, I learned that the pictures and the sightings were of a SpaceX launch on the date of the sighting. Given the widespread nature of the sightings, given the photographic evidence, and given a launch from Florida at the time of the sightings, I must conclude that this was a SpaceX launch.

I started this with a verbal description of a UFO sighting, a suggestion of multiple witnesses, and a possible photograph. All important elements. Although this was spread out over days, in total time, probably less than an hour or two, didn’t require very much of my time. It was something accomplished at home, with Internet access, and a desire to be sure. It was an interesting diversion that has ended as an IFO… Identified Flying Object.