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'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Curt Collins


This week’s guest on A Different Perspective was Curt Collins, he of and I had invited him on to talk about the series he writes about the more obscure but no less interesting stories about flying saucers. You can listen to the show here:

We began by talking about some of the things he had found in his searches. He mentioned my chasing footnotes as an example of looking for the primary sources of information. This might include speaking to the main witnesses when they could be

Curt Collins

found, or the original articles that appeared in newspapers or magazines. We both have found times when the information being circulated today doesn’t resemble accurately the information as it was originally presented. I thought specifically of a metal vessel blow out of solid rock in Massachusetts in the 19th century. For those interested in this analysis, see:

Curt mentioned a story that seemed to reflect on the abduction phenomenon as written today, called The Outer Limit (and as he said, not to be confused with the old TV show, The Outer Limits). This program had to do with atomic testing causing damage to the Earth, something that is in the news today.

We also talked, briefly about Carroll Wayne Watts, who, in 1967, claimed that he had an encounter that was sort of a cross between a contact and an abduction. It was an admitted hoax. Watts ended up divorces and in prison. He blamed it on something that had happened to him that he didn’t understand. You can read the whole tale here:

I did ask about hoaxes, since he had mentioned them. He drew a distinction between actual hoaxes and stories in which the witnesses might have been fooled by some natural phenomenon or some terrestrially based technology seen under unusual circumstances. This led to a brief discussion of MJ-12 and the alien autopsy both of which were hoaxes designed with specific intents.

We did touch on the Roswell Slides and how that fiasco seems to have slipped from the public mind. Several years ago it was a hot topic but it crashed within, literally hours, after the Mexico City presentation when the museum setting was recognized and the card on the display was read.

We did talk about Roswell and Aztec. The Aztec crash seems to be a hoax (though I know Scott Ramsey would disagree). You can read more about the Aztec Crash here:

All these cases and reports cloud the issue of UFOs as extraterrestrial craft. With Roswell, everyone agrees that something fell, it’s just a question of what it was. I’m of the opinion that all terrestrial explanations have been eliminated and did mention the Air Force helped with that. They ruled out everything but the Project Mogul arrays.

During the show we did talk about the Ramey Memo and how AI might be the only way we’re going to learn anything more. We also touched on Jesse Marcel’s diary and the research done with that.

In the end, we ran out of time. Those looking for more information can visit Curt’s websites mention at the top of the article. They make for some very interesting reading.

Next week, if all works out and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be talking with Robert Sheaffer about his take on UFOs and from what he said, my take on UFO’s and the Deep State. We’ll probably delve into the current interest in UFOs by Congress and by extension, the military.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

June Crain - Witness?


Over the last few years, June Crain has appeared as one of those who handled the metallic debris that has been dubbed memory metal, and she claimed inside knowledge of the events surrounding the Roswell crash. She also claimed to have information about the alien bodies that had been recovered and their transport to Wright Field. Unfortunately, much of this information about her is inaccurate.

On April 18, 1990, June Crain, or as she signed her name then, June Kaba, wrote to me after I appeared on Unsolved Mysteries. The call center there provided her with my address and she wrote, “I will send you info on the flying saucer men at WPAFB [Wright-Patterson AFB] referred to in ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ on TV.”

She added, “I first want you to send me a letter assuring me you will keep my identity a secret. When I tell you the reason for the secrecy, I think you will understand why no one will tell you about the ‘little green men’ at WPAFB.”

I wrote back to her that I would not reveal any information about her. While I didn’t reveal her name, she did, eventually contact other UFO researchers without invoking the caveat that she remain anonymous. One of them did release her name but I suspect it was because she allowed it. No matter now, she passed away in 1997.

She wrote back and told me the story of hearing about the alien creatures that were taken to Wright-Pat. She wrote:

We at WPAFB-WADC [Wright Air Development Center] at Dayton, Ohio, Wright Field would meet for coffee in one of the lab offices before we went to work and chat. We were all people cleared for Top Secret plus and we would feel free and at ease talking among ourselves. I worked in Parachute lab (later Rocketry).

This particular morning things were really on a buzz. When I got there at 7:45 AM. the scoop was that two little greenish men from a wrecked flying saucer had been flown into the base during the night and were in a freezer locker in one of the hangers (sic) and that Aero Med lab had charge of them for examination. The person who was doing the talking seemed to know what he was talking about.

Time to go to work and everyone still excited over the happening.

Approximately at 9:30 a memo was hand carried and each of us had to read it and sign it. This was the jist (sic) of the memo:

Some irresponsible person has started a false rumor about 2 green men from Flying Saucer. This is nothing but a rumor and has no truth. Anyone repeating this rumor will be liable for dismissal and will be liable for $20,000 fine or 20 years in jail.

This memo was over the signature of Laboratory chief.

Needless to say all talk stopped and I never heard anything about it again.

I have kept this to myself for nearly 40 years but I have always wondered what the real story was.

She said nothing else about this, or the flying saucer crash, but did provide some information about others who have seen UFOs. She mentioned that she had seen them on two occasions. She supplied the basics of those sightings, but frankly, I wasn’t interested in more saucers in the sky. I was interested in the little green men being housed at Wright-Pat.

There were some problems with her story. First was the lack of a date for the “little green men” tale. She seemed to have assumed it was Roswell. Or maybe that was my assumption in the beginning because I knew of no other crash stories that resulted in the recovery of bodies that were reliable.

One of the red flags was her claim that she had a top-secret clearance and that before beginning work, others with such high clearances sat around chatting. The implication was that the shared some of those secrets because they all had the clearances. But it just doesn’t work that way and those of us who have held top secret clearances know it. Along with having the proper clearance, you also need to have a need to know. If something classified as top secret is shared with someone without their need to know, then this is a violation of the regulations.

Later, in an interview conducted by Jim Clarkson, she would tell him more about her high-level clearances. She said, “And I had top secret clearance and later then finally gave me ‘Q’ clearance which is what at that time was the highest clearance that you could have, because I was in very sensitive, doing very sensitive work.”

Clearly, she didn’t know what a “Q” clearance was then, or what it is now. It is not a higher level of a top-secret clearance but what is known as DOE security clearance that is equivalent to a DoD top secret clearance. The “Q” relates to atomic or nuclear related materials. Many of those at the Roswell Army Air Field had “Q” clearances because they worked, or had the potential to work, with atomic weapons. But a low-level secretary who worked at Wright-Patterson in an office that had nothing to do with atomic energy wouldn’t be granted a “Q” clearance. It sounds impressive, but in this case it is untrue.

Clarkson, in his research, could only verify that Crain held a secret clearance. Every officer, with very few exceptions, has a secret clearance. Nearly every top-level NCO will have, at least a secret clearance, and depending on the job, many lower ranking soldiers have secret clearances as well. On the other hand, top secret clearances are a different matter, and there is no evidence that June Crain had such a clearance.

We run into another problem here and that is attempting to learn exactly when that soldier, who she later said was a master sergeant, had appeared in her office. Or rather the problem is what UFO crash she was talking about. Remember she said, “…that two little greenish men from a wrecked flying saucer had been flown into the base during the night…” That statement eliminates Roswell.

How do I know? Because the documentation available shows that she was first employed at Wright-Patterson on July 3, 1942, and according to the reporting of others she had stayed on the job until May 2, 1952. However, she didn’t work there continually for those ten years. After just under a year on the job, on June 30, 1943, she quit to have a baby. This is the first major gap in her employment.

On May 13, 1948, she was again hired at Wright Field, but left on July 21, 1948, after about eight weeks, because of ill-health. And her final employment there was from March 8, 1951 until May 2, 1952, or just a little over a year.

Her total employment at Wright-Patterson AFB was just under three years, spread out over that ten-year period. And, since she wasn’t employed there in July 1947, when, if we have the information right, the alien bodies were brought in, the master sergeant couldn’t have told her that they had just flown them in because she didn’t work there at the time. This is one of the reasons that Don Schmitt and I dropped her as a witness.

There is not a reported UFO crash at the times that she worked at Wright Field or Wright-Patterson AFB. The closest is the alleged Aztec crash in March 1948, but even that is six or eight weeks too early for her.

In discussing the bodies arriving at Wright-Pat, Crain displays a total lack of understanding about the military protocols on aircraft. In an effort to make the master sergeant sound more important, she said, “… but the person that brought them in, he was a master sergeant, and you understand that when a military airplane takes off, there’s always an enlisted man in charge. You know that, don’t you?”

She compounds the error, saying, “So, when an airplane takes off, until the moment that the plane takes off the ground the military personnel, the officer, is in charge of the airplane. But the moment it is off the ground, the enlisted man has charge of the airplane until she lands.”

This is, of course, complete nonsense. In Army aviation, as in other military branches, the officer in charge is the aircraft commander. He or she might not be the senior officer on board, but in all things aboard the aircraft during its operation, the aircraft commander is in charge, not some enlisted soldier. As but a single example of this, I was a warrant officer in Vietnam. I was appointed an aircraft commander and often times, the co-pilot was a higher-ranking officer, probably a first lieutenant or a captain. The aircraft commander was appointed based on his experience in Vietnam and number of hours of flight time and not based on his rank.

Crain’s comments about who was in charge of the aircraft are inaccurate, which is not to say that the load master or the flight engineer, depending on the specific task, might be in charge of getting certain tasks completed while on the ground. However, at no time were either of them in charge. That is the role of the aircraft commander who is always an officer.

In my communications with her, there is nothing to suggest that she had seen any bits of memory metal. She stuck with the tale of hearing about the two little bodies brought into Wright-Patterson. According to her, another soldier showed up sometime later and told her that he had a piece of the spaceship. She said that he told her, “I just came back from New Mexico and I brought it back with me.”

She provided a description of the metal, saying that it was super strong. It was some of the memory metal that others had talked about. The problem here, is the same with the bodies and that’s the timing. There is no way that he could have gotten his hands on any of the metal when she said he had just come back from New Mexico. She simply didn’t work at Wright-Pat at anytime to make this tale plausible.

Finally, she said that she had been a high-level secretary at Wright-Pat and that was why she allegedly had a top-secret security clearance. Documents she supplied to me simply do not bear this out. In a document dated March 16, 1951, during her last employment at the air base, she is rated as a GS-3, which is among the lowest. These were considered entry level positions then and now the GS-3 rating is assigned to an intern or student. While she might have held the secret clearance that Clarkson verified for her, she would not have had the top-secret clearance she claimed.

June Crain (Cubbage) pay sheet showing her employment grade.
There is enough wrong with what she said, what the documentation proved, and the timing of the various events, that she is eliminated as a witness. She had an interest in UFOs, and contrary to what Clarkson said, she did have books about UFOs. I know because I sent her some in the early 1990s.

This is a chapter in our search for information and evidence that we can now ignore. I would suggest that her tales be relegated to a footnote, but we now have so many of those such as Gerald Anderson, Glenn Dennis and Frank Kaufmann, that we don’t need another one cluttering up the landscape.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Coast-to_Coast AM: Electromagnetic Effects (Including the failure of cell phones)


First, here is an update on the video shot from an airliner on January 3. The initial details are that the crew of an Airbus A320 flying over Georgia, recorded an apparently stationary object at about 39,000 feet. The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, made the video on an iPhone 13 Pro Max. The video shows the orange, green and bright silver lights. Neither the Captain nor the witness made any official report.

A few people have suggested that the lights or object are reflections, which I wondered about as well. However, I will note that the Captain also saw the lights and it seemed to me that if it was some sort of reflection, he would have been able to identify it as such. A passenger might be fooled but the Captain should have known better. And you have to wondered what sort of unique circumstances existed on this flight that weren’t present on other flights. While we have a possible solution, more work needs to be done before we write this one off completely. You can see the video here:

For my survey of the failure of cell phone cameras, I found this. On December 4 of last year, the witness in Mission, Kansas, while driving, saw two green lights above a storage facility. The lights were on a triangular-shaped craft, which was nearly as dark as the sky. The craft passed overhead and the witness stopped to get a better look. Now only a single red light was visible on the rear of the craft.

Here’s the important point. The witness tried to call his brother, but the cell phone kept dropping the call. The witness said, “I usually wouldn’t have thought of it, but decided to report that detail as technological disruptions sometimes accompany UAP sightings.” That was, of course, the whole point of my survey though it wasn’t the cell phone camera that failed.

On April 20, 2020, the witness said that he, his wife and children were outside, in Medical Lake, Washington, looking for frogs. He said that his wife looked up and noticed a single light. At about that same time, they realized it was three lights on a huge triangle moving toward them. As it passed over them a car alarm went off and the UFO disappeared.

The witness said that his son was recording the incident the whole time, but was only able to get an audio track, which, seems to be one of the ways the cell phone cameras fail during UFO sightings.

These events seem to be somewhat reminiscent of the Levelland sightings of 1957. In a sighting reported on June 9, 2020, the witness, in Mud Lake, Idaho, reported that his car started to act as if it was running out of gas. He said that he looked at his gas gauge and then back at the road. There was a squadron of 20 to 30 disk-shaped craft overhead. He stopped, got out and then worried that something might happen to him, got back in the car. As he looked to the left, he saw another craft, described as huge, long and white. He couldn’t tell if it was in flight but the formation of UFOs flew in clockwise circles near it.

The Levelland sighting that most closely matches this was made by Newel Wright, around midnight on November 2, 1957. Wright, a nineteen-year-old college student

Levelland, Texas and the highway
where the car failed.

at Texas Tech in Lubbock, was nearing Levelland when he glanced at his dashboard ammeter. Wright told the Air Force investigator, SSGT Norman Barth, "I was driving home from Lubbock on state highway 116 when the ammeter on my car jumped to complete discharge, then it returned to normal and my motor started cutting out like it was out of gas. After it had quit running, my lights went out. I got out of my car and tried in vain to find the trouble.”

Wright continued, “It was at this time that I saw this object, I got back into my car and tried to start it, but to no avail. After that I did nothing but stare at this object until it disappeared about 5 minutes later. I then resumed trying to start my car and succeeded with no more trouble than under normal circumstances."

Moving back to the present, from Fort Stockton, Texas, the witness said he, his brother and a friend were on the porch playing games on an Xbox when they were children about fifteen years ago. He spotted a black triangle and pointed it out to the others. He said there were three white circles on the corners, and on the side were two rows of little lights that changed colors in sequence. The friend’s computer then turned itself off and the power failed. A car was coming down the street and it too, lost power. When they saw that, the boys went inside, but none of the light switches worked. After a minute or two, they went back out, but the UFO was gone. At that point the power came on, the car started, though it is unclear if the driver started it or it came on spontaneously.

Although there is only one report of a cell phone camera failure, here are a number of instances in which the UFO did interact to some extent with the environment. That is relatively uncommon, but has been reported over the years.

Saturday, January 08, 2022

Coast-to-Coast AM: UAPs, New Investigations and Old Problems


We’ll start off with a little more about the recent legislation proposed by Congress addressing UFOs, or what they now call UAPs. The legislative package tells us, “Teams of Pentagon and intelligence community experts would rapidly respond to military UFO sightings and conduct field investigations under newly unveiled defense legislation set to pass by Congress.”

For those of you keeping score at home, this specifically requires response to military sightings… this suggests that sightings made by civilians and even law enforcement officers would be ignored. Even more frightening is that these would be military sightings and the veil of national security would drop, leaving us in the dark, once again.

This seems to be a response directed at the Pentagon. Apparently, those in Congress didn’t believe the Pentagon response to their concerns was adequate. They are telling the military that they expected something more.

In fact, taking this a little farther, Representative Ruben Gallego, said, “Protecting our national security interests means knowing who and what are flying in U.S. airspace.”

I’ll note here when the University of Colorado Study, known as the Condon Committee, was operating, they were denied access to UFO information because of national security issues. It is an umbrella that covers a number of sins and keeps us from learning what is going on, even when it affects all of us.

The late Edward Condon

They were also concerned with reports that UFOs (okay, UAPs) had been reported, frequently, over nuclear facilities and weapons stockpiles. Although they might have been aware of it, in 1967, a missile flight was knocked off line while a UFO hovered over the launch facility. The Condon Committee investigator, who was on the site in Belt, Montana, was told that this couldn’t be discussed because of national security. You can learn more about that here:

(Scroll down through the articles because there is more about UFOs and their observation of the weapons facilities, and the government claims of national security.)

You can listen to my interview with a former Air Force officer who had some experience with these UFO sightings in and around the missile fields near Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, Wyoming, here:

And as just a couple of examples of the UFO sightings that would be ignored under this new legislation is one from Edmonds, Washington on October 30, last year. The witnesses reported they had been out to observe the Aurora Borealis, when they spotted a triangular object with lights on the bottom. The lights were dim but bright enough so that the witnesses could see the shape of the craft.

A MUFON State Section Director investigated. He learned that the object was large, it was solid, flying straight and level and silently. There were lights along two sides but none on the rear. It disappeared after about 30 seconds due to the distance.

There was no evidence of any military or civilian aircraft in the area at the time. There were no military drones flying and it was too large to be a drone. His conclusion was that the sighting was of an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

On January 3, of this year, the crew of an Airbus A320 flying over Georgia, recorded an apparently stationary object at about 39,000 feet. The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, made the video on an iPhone 13 Pro Max. The video shows the orange, green and bright silver lights. Neither the Captain nor the witness made any official report, which means that the sighting would not be of interest to the new investigation. A report was filed with MUFON. At the moment, it remains unidentified but the investigation has not been completed. I will note that some believe this is a reflection. You can see the video here:

Another triangular-shaped UFO was seen over Hudson, Maine, on December 14, 2021. The witness said the craft was moving slowly over the road. There were three white lights uniformly spaced and two smaller red lights under the middle white light. The UFO was backlit by the nearly full moon so the triangular shape was obvious. The witness tried to take a video said it came out as a photo and was “all messed up.”

I’ll note a couple of observations here. First is that neither of these recent sightings would be of interest to this new investigation because there were no military personnel involved. Two of the sightings involved triangular craft, which is something that it becoming much more common and makes me wonder if there isn’t a terrestrial explanation for the sightings, though none have been suggested. And finally, as I mentioned before, many people try to take video with their phones, but the videos are either less than adequate or there is some sort of failure. All this suggests avenues for additional investigation.

Friday, January 07, 2022

ATTIP, Philip Corso, and the Roswell Crash


This week I was flying solo because there were a number of things that I wanted to talk about to wrap up the last year. Don Schmitt and I did some of that in the shows we completed just before Christmas, but we didn’t get to everything. So, I talked about AATIP and Disclosure, but I also wanted to address some of the hoaxes and charlatans that dot the UFO landscape… and yes, I said UFO instead of UAP. I’m not changing this because some bureaucrat decided to obscure the issue by creating still another new acronym for flying saucer. You can listen to the show here:

Over the last several days, I have been exchanging emails, well, comments over on Rich Reynold’s UFO Conjectures blog. This had to do with Philip Corso. I suggested that Corso’s tales should be rejected because his book was filled with speculation and half-truths. I have addressed these things before but this time I suggested that one of the pictures in his book, that he captioned, “Lt. Col. Corso was never able to confirm the veracity of the following purported UFO surveillance photos, which were in Army Intelligence files as support material for the R&D project to harvest the Roswell alien technology for military purpose,” was in error.

The admitted fake that Corso thought might be the real thing.

Well, he might well have seen the picture in Army intelligence files, but it was also found in the Blue Book files, at least according to Ed Ruppelt and is an admitted hoax. In fact, the picture was printed in the 1966 Look special on UFOs with the admission by the photographer, Guy B. Marquand, Jr. He said, “I was twenty-one years old at the time and just having fun.” Although he admitted he had faked it, the picture is still accepted as authentic by some. It just seemed to me that Corso, if he was who he claimed to be, would have known this.

But what really brought all this to mind were two pictures sent to me in the last month or so. These were pictures of a wrecked craft that was claimed, by some on the Internet, to be the Roswell wreckage. One of the pictures seemed to show a jet engine and at no time has anyone I talked to mentioned a propulsion system that looked like a jet engine. The picture was obviously of an aircraft accident.

The alleged Roswell craft with a very terrestrial looking jet engine.

The second picture, which to me looked like a diorama that had been photographed, but was probably the same wreckage, wasn’t on the terrain that I’ve seen in that area of New Mexico. Sure, there are mountains and hills and canyons, but these particular hills didn’t have the flavor of the New Mexico landscape where the crash took place. Don Schmitt, Tom Carey and I, among many others, have been all over that area of New Mexico, and it simply doesn’t look like this.

The retrieval operation that looks to me like a diorama, but is probably from the
same aircraft accident.

I was reminded of the “Tomato Man” pictures that were circulated a couple of decades ago that were supposed to show one of the bodies of the alien flight crew. This picture was exposed as that of a human aviator killed in an aircraft accident. The body had been burned in the crash which gave it the alien look. This seemed to be the unnecessary exploitation of a man who had no connection to UFOs.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear up these points and to provide some evidence about what I had said.