Thursday, January 13, 2022

Coast-to_Coast AM: Electromagnetic Effects (Including the failure of cell phones)


First, here is an update on the video shot from an airliner on January 3. The initial details are that the crew of an Airbus A320 flying over Georgia, recorded an apparently stationary object at about 39,000 feet. The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, made the video on an iPhone 13 Pro Max. The video shows the orange, green and bright silver lights. Neither the Captain nor the witness made any official report.

A few people have suggested that the lights or object are reflections, which I wondered about as well. However, I will note that the Captain also saw the lights and it seemed to me that if it was some sort of reflection, he would have been able to identify it as such. A passenger might be fooled but the Captain should have known better. And you have to wondered what sort of unique circumstances existed on this flight that weren’t present on other flights. While we have a possible solution, more work needs to be done before we write this one off completely. You can see the video here:

For my survey of the failure of cell phone cameras, I found this. On December 4 of last year, the witness in Mission, Kansas, while driving, saw two green lights above a storage facility. The lights were on a triangular-shaped craft, which was nearly as dark as the sky. The craft passed overhead and the witness stopped to get a better look. Now only a single red light was visible on the rear of the craft.

Here’s the important point. The witness tried to call his brother, but the cell phone kept dropping the call. The witness said, “I usually wouldn’t have thought of it, but decided to report that detail as technological disruptions sometimes accompany UAP sightings.” That was, of course, the whole point of my survey though it wasn’t the cell phone camera that failed.

On April 20, 2020, the witness said that he, his wife and children were outside, in Medical Lake, Washington, looking for frogs. He said that his wife looked up and noticed a single light. At about that same time, they realized it was three lights on a huge triangle moving toward them. As it passed over them a car alarm went off and the UFO disappeared.

The witness said that his son was recording the incident the whole time, but was only able to get an audio track, which, seems to be one of the ways the cell phone cameras fail during UFO sightings.

These events seem to be somewhat reminiscent of the Levelland sightings of 1957. In a sighting reported on June 9, 2020, the witness, in Mud Lake, Idaho, reported that his car started to act as if it was running out of gas. He said that he looked at his gas gauge and then back at the road. There was a squadron of 20 to 30 disk-shaped craft overhead. He stopped, got out and then worried that something might happen to him, got back in the car. As he looked to the left, he saw another craft, described as huge, long and white. He couldn’t tell if it was in flight but the formation of UFOs flew in clockwise circles near it.

The Levelland sighting that most closely matches this was made by Newel Wright, around midnight on November 2, 1957. Wright, a nineteen-year-old college student

Levelland, Texas and the highway
where the car failed.

at Texas Tech in Lubbock, was nearing Levelland when he glanced at his dashboard ammeter. Wright told the Air Force investigator, SSGT Norman Barth, "I was driving home from Lubbock on state highway 116 when the ammeter on my car jumped to complete discharge, then it returned to normal and my motor started cutting out like it was out of gas. After it had quit running, my lights went out. I got out of my car and tried in vain to find the trouble.”

Wright continued, “It was at this time that I saw this object, I got back into my car and tried to start it, but to no avail. After that I did nothing but stare at this object until it disappeared about 5 minutes later. I then resumed trying to start my car and succeeded with no more trouble than under normal circumstances."

Moving back to the present, from Fort Stockton, Texas, the witness said he, his brother and a friend were on the porch playing games on an Xbox when they were children about fifteen years ago. He spotted a black triangle and pointed it out to the others. He said there were three white circles on the corners, and on the side were two rows of little lights that changed colors in sequence. The friend’s computer then turned itself off and the power failed. A car was coming down the street and it too, lost power. When they saw that, the boys went inside, but none of the light switches worked. After a minute or two, they went back out, but the UFO was gone. At that point the power came on, the car started, though it is unclear if the driver started it or it came on spontaneously.

Although there is only one report of a cell phone camera failure, here are a number of instances in which the UFO did interact to some extent with the environment. That is relatively uncommon, but has been reported over the years.


David Hines said...

There is an outstanding close encounter cast involving prominent EM effects in New Mexico from June, 2009. You can hear the witness's account in Wm Puckett's website UFO Reporting Center in the archives of audio recordings. Scroll down to Between Vaughn and Alamogordo, NM, June 23, 2009.

David Hines said...

There is an outstanding close encounter case involving prominent EM effects in New Mexico from 2009. You can hear the witnesses account in Wm Puckett's website UFO Reporting Center in the Archives of audio recordings. Scroll down to Between Vaughn and Alamogordo, NM, June 23, 2009.