Thursday, September 28, 2023

Jaime Maussan and the Latest Round of Alien Creatures


Six or seven years ago, Jaime Maussan was involved in the research of two photographic slides I thought of as the Not Roswell Slides. The slides contained images that had been presented to UFO researchers as evidence of the aliens recovered near Roswell in 1947. The slides generated a great deal of controversy because the images released prior to a big event in Mexico City were badly blurred. The single available image was the result of a photograph of one of the slides shot from a computer monitor screen in a promotional video. Eventually, it was learned that the image had been purposefully obscured to tease the importance of the slides without destroying the value of them at the huge symposium held in Mexico City in 2015. Jaime Maussan was one of those involved, arranging for the venue, for some of the scientific investigations, and who proclaimed that the slides were evidence of alien visitation. Within two days the truth was learned. I followed the whole story on this blog and you can read many of those articles yourself just by typing Jaime Maussan into the search engine provided on the blog.

As so many know now, Maussan is back, again with more alleged proof of alien visitation, or maybe of some kind of other sentient lifeform that had evolved on Earth. Rather than just photographic evidence he had in 2015, he now presented two small bodies as proof of his claims. This time he was under oath and speaking to the Mexican Congress. He said that the small bodies were not part of our terrestrial evolution. He later said that they were not from a UFO crash.

Carbon dating by the National Autonomous University indicated that the bodies were a thousand years old. He said that he didn’t know if they were aliens or not but they were creatures that lived among us. Either way this discovery would rewrite history.

Not long after that presentation, journalists were invited to witness tests conducted by a forensic scientist, Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez. Benitez, described as the Director of the Health Sciences Research Institute of the Secretary of the Navy, said, “Based on the DNA tests, which were compared with more than one million species… they are not related to what is known or described up to this moment by sciences or by human knowledge.”

That wasn’t all that Benitez said about his examination of the small bodies. Based on the X-ray and CT scans of the bodies, he said that there was no evidence of any assembly or manipulation of the skulls. In one of the news stories, it was reported that the “so-called bodies belonged to a single skeleton were not assembled.”

 And to add to the mystery, Benitez said, that one “was alive, was intact, was biological and was in gestation.” That suggested it was female, and that large lumps found inside could be eggs. No, I don’t know what he meant by one was alive but, quite obviously, both were dead, and according to the carbon-14 testing were a thousand years old.

But there are some problems here that seem to be missed by many of the commentators. Maussan when asked where the bodies had been found said that he would reveal that at the appropriate time.

This hints at some of the problems with the overall story that tends to confuse the issue. There has been discussion that the bodies were found near Cusco, Peru, but there are hints that they came from a location close to the Nazca Plain. In 2017, Maussan apparently made similar claims about possible alien bodies in Peru but a Peruvian prosecutor said the bodies were “recently manufactured dolls, which have been covered with a mixture of paper and synthetic glue to simulate the presence of skin.”

Those earlier bodies were not shown to the public at the time so that it was unclear if the bodies investigated in 2017 are the same as those displayed to the Mexican Congress just days ago. Maussan refused to reveal the provenance of the two bodies which does not bode well for authenticity.

There are more problems with the presentation. Gabriela Frias, described as a philosophy of science researcher, challenged Maussan’s claims of the “carbon-14 analysis” that had been conducted on the Nazca “mummies by scientists at UNAM.” Apparently, UNAM has since clarified some of this saying that “any subsequent use, interpretation, or misrepresentation of the results,” that is being used as “proof” that the bodies were nonhuman beings is not endorsed by UNAM.

All of this means is that one of the pillars on which the foundation of alien beings was built has collapsed. Without the provenance, without additional testing, the carbon-14 data is not quite as important as it seemed.

And part of, if not a large portion of the scientific argument and the suggestion that the testing has confirmed the alien, or rather the unusual nature of the bodies, is not as robust as it has been alleged. Much of that scientific research has been conducted by Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez. His overwhelming excitement about the find and the research has provided the sort of scientific support that impresses much of the media who are unfamiliar with the history of UFO crashes and recovered aliens.

This isn’t the first time that Benitez has been involved similar research on other alien, or alleged alien beings. Part of the examination conducted in 2017 on either the creatures presented this week, or others that have slipped from the discussion, was attributed to research conducted by Benitez. I have only seen vague references to this, but it is somewhat disturbing.

Benitez’s name had also surfaced in connection to other alien beings. In 2015, two slides of a strange looking humanoid creature surfaced. Two men in the United States said they have found the slides under somewhat mysterious circumstances and had released poor copies of the slides to specific researchers. The being in those slides did look mysterious and was unidentified for a long period.

For months, attempts to identify the creature had failed. Jaime Maussan, (yes, the same guy) arranged for some forensic analysis with scientists in various disciplines including anthropologists. Richard Doble, a Canadian scientist was involved providing a long list of features of the being that suggested its alien beginnings. The two Mexican scientists were Luis Antonio de Alba Galindo and Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez.

Richard Dolan wrote on May 6, 2015, the day after the presentation of the evidence in Mexico City, “All of these gentlemen [Doble, Galindo and Benitez] spoke in detail and with deep analysis as to why that body was not a human being.”

Within 72 hours of that presentation in Mexico City, the identity of the being was discovered when a better-quality scan of one of the slides became available. The Roswell Slides Research Group (and I must say in the interest of full disclosure most of whom were skeptics) had discovered the slides had been taken in a museum setting and they were able to “deblur” the placard that revealed the body was the mummified remains of a two-year-old boy that had been discovered in the 1890s. There is no doubt that the body on the slide was human, regardless of all the arguments about why it simply could not be human.

And here is the point of this rather long analysis. Maussan has been involved in the presentation of alleged alien bodies several times, whether those bodies are from an extraterrestrial source or developed here on Earth. In two of those, the remains have been identified. In one case, it was an unfortunate child and in the second, it was some sort of doll that was probably a modern creation.

To provide a scientific framework for these claims, Maussan relied on the testimony and expertise of several scientists. Again, in two of those cases, the scientists had been wrong. We now learn that some of those same scientists have been trotted out once again to attest to the authenticity of the examination of the remains. At what point does the track record of those involved in this latest revelation become something of an issue?

I suppose it is necessary to point out that all this smacks of hoax. What are the odds that one man would be involved in the recovery of alien creatures, whether from another planet or found ours? Isn’t it important to understand that the scientists who have made statements about the authenticity in the past have been wrong about what they were seeing in those past cases?

At any rate, I have held off on this for several days to check sources, to verify information and to be sure of what is being said. Without independent examination by disinterested third parties, there isn’t much left to discuss. Unless such tests are conducted, there is but a single conclusion. This is another in a long line of hoaxes involving alien beings.

If there is other and better information, from those disinterested parties I have mentioned, then this is the end of the debate. As always, I await better data but without it, this sorry tale has ended.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Evidence of Aliens and the Latest on the New Investigations


In the last couple of days, there have been two news stories that are of interest here. First, the conventional wisdom is that liquid water is necessary for life to develop on other worlds. The planet needs to orbit in what is called the “Goldilocks Zone,” which means not too close or too far from the star. That zone is defined as the region in which liquid water can exist on the planet. On a planet circling a star designated as K2-18, is a planet designated as K2-18B, meaning it is the second planet from the its star in the system. According to the latest findings there is atmospheric water. This water vapor, which would suggest surface water, was discovered as the planet passed in front of its star. That was, of course, a significant discovery.

Now, there is evidence of methane in that same atmosphere. This is a second, important discovery, because it suggests life, as we would define it, might be found on that planet. Methane suggests the breakdown of organic material which, suggests some sort of carbon-based life. This is an astonishing discovery, if verified. I mention this because if the discovery was universally accepted, it would be major news. Or, at least, I would think that it would be major news.

K2-18, is a red dwarf star, which in the past, astronomers thought of as unimportant because there are so many red dwarves in the galaxy. K2-18 is 124 light years away so it is, more or less, in our galactic neighborhood. But since it is so far distant, we do not have the technology to travel there. I do wonder, however, if the SETI people have turned their attention to that star system. There are clues there that might lead to additional discoveries.

Second, in a somewhat related story, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community said, in response in a query about UAP from Congress:

As a matter of discretion, IC IG notes that it has not conducted any audit, inspection, evaluation or review of alleged UAP programs within the responsibility and authority of the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) that would enable this office to provide a fulsome response to your questions.

Congressional Representative Tim Burchett, had suggested in a response to the IG’s response that this was a cover up. Burchett wrote:

The IC IG office did nothing to look into the information they received from David Grusch on UAP crash retrieval programs? They have no information they can give to Congress???

David Grusch who is partially responsible for
the latest round of reports.

Or, in other, more precise words, nothing has been done, no closed hearings have been conducted, and none of the responsible agencies have bothered to begin their real work. As I noted last week, the NASA report was more of “This Is How We’ll Conduct the Investigation” rhetoric but gave no real indication of what is being done, which suggests that regardless of the Congressional interest, nothing is being done.

And while NASA and the government worry about how to conduct their investigations, interesting sightings are still being reported. On September 8 of this year, near Morse, Louisiana, three witnesses noticed a stationary light that was flashing. As they approached the light, they spotted another one and then a third. They reported that after they started to video the lights, the lights began to move faster. They said that the lights emitted beams and changed color. They watched for fifteen minutes.

A witness in Marlton, New Jersey, reported a bright, circular light that hovered overhead on September 9 of this year. It then began to move quickly, stopped again and then flew off to the right and there is video of the light as well.

In a sighting that I would normally ignore because of the short duration of less than two seconds, the witness was watching a dog walk down the street when a large, diamond-shaped UFO appeared about ten feet above the road in Houston, Texas on September 9 of this year. It had circles that gave it a mottled gray appearance and was about sixteen feet in length. It had no lights and made no sound but what caught my attention, was the reported reaction of the dog. According to the witness, the dog was startled by the appearance of the UFO.

You can find the videos mentioned by searching the National UFO Reporting Center website and scrolling down to the date and location mentioned. You can find that site here:

Animal reactions to UFOs have been reported over the years. In some cases, it is the animal reactions that led to a sighting. One of the best cases came from the European wave in 1954, which was ignored in the United States for a long time. Maruis Dewilde, who, on September 10, was awakened by his dog barking and howling, attempting to get inside the house near Valenciennes, France. He grabbed his flashlight and went outside to see what the trouble was. He saw a dark object sitting on the railroad bed and not far away were two small creatures. He described them as “…very short, probably less than three and a half feet tall, but very wide in the shoulders, and the helmets protecting their heads looked enormous. I could see their legs, small in proportion to their height… I couldn’t see any arms.” They appeared to be wearing one piece diving suits.

Dewilde wanted to walk closer and tried to grab one of them. When he was about six feet away, he was blinded by a bright orange light from the craft that stopped him. He later said, “I closed my eyes and tried to yell, but I couldn’t. It was just as if I had been paralyzed. I tried to move, but my legs wouldn’t obey me.” 

The light went out and Dewilde was again able to move. The creatures then scampered back into the craft which lifted off, climbing vertically into the night sky with a low whistling sound. Later examination of the railroad ties revealed deep depressions that suggested a craft weighing about 30 tons had been standing there.

Although Dewilde reported the sighting to the local police, his state of agitation caused the police to believe he was crazy. He then he told the police commissioner who took the case serious. There was an investigation that involved several official agencies. A measurement of the indentations left by the craft suggested it must have weight about 35 tons.

For more information on the electromagnetic effects emitted by UFOs, search my blog by typing in Levelland in the search engine. You can find that here:

Such cases, of animal reaction to the appearance of a UFO, provides just another chain of evidence in the search for the truth. Even if the presence of the UFO is eliminated, the animal reacted to something in the environment. The identification of that phenomenon would certainly add to our understanding of our world.

But as we can see, that search, though being announced by various government agencies is not a priority with them. They are busy designing their investigative priorities and ignoring the reports of UAP around them. They seem uninterested in past cases that might provide clues about where to look in the world today. None of this bodes well for any sort of progress in the near future.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

The NASA Report: A Personal Commentary


NASA released its report on UFOs, I mean UAP, on Thursday, September 14, 2023, and to my way of thinking it was just more of the same. Ever since Congress demanded some sort of response after NAVY cockpit videos were leaked, there have been hearings, mandates, investigations and reports, and basically, nothing new has come out of any of it. It is almost like we’re still living in the twentieth century. 

The May 2023 NASA UAP Panel press conference.

You can read the whole NASA report here:

Peer Review and the Scientific Method

For those of us on the other side of the fence, meaning, simply, we had hoped that rather than a report outlining, once again strategies for gathering data, we would have something more concrete. Instead, on page 25, we are told:

To date, in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, there is no conclusive evidence suggesting an extraterrestrial origin for UAP. When it comes to UAP, the challenge we have is that the data needed to explain these anomalous sightings often do not exist; this includes eyewitness reports, which on their own can be interesting and compelling, but aren’t reproducible and usually lack the information needed to make any definitive conclusions about a phenomenon’s provenance.

What I found interesting was the reference to “peer-reviewed scientific literature.” That limits their search parameters to a specific source overlooking the body of information that was collected for decades by military personnel who provided some very compelling evidence in the form of eyewitness testimony, electronic gathered data and some interesting gun camera films.

For a moment, let me digress. Throughout the report, they referred to metadata, as opposed, I guess to other types of data. What that meant was that with most UFO sightings, there were incomplete times, or locations, directions, weather, or other sorts of information that would be valuable in identifying the UFO. Without these sorts of data, then a solution, though mundane, might be impossible to achieve.

There is, however, a long-term investigation in which these sorts of metadata had been collected and I’m thinking of the Project Blue Book files. True, many cases contained gaps in the metadata but that was more the result of poor investigative techniques by those involved than anything nefarious. The data were there had they bothered to gather them at the time of their investigation.

In other cases, there was an abundance of all sorts of data. As but a single example, I’m thinking of the Washington National sightings of July 1952. There was eyewitness testimony from military and commercial airline pilots. There were observers on the ground both military and civilian, and many of them independent of one another. There were radar sightings on multiple radars on various airfields, and there were eyewitness observations of the objects painted by radar by both pilots and observers on the ground.

I believe that all the data needed for a comprehensive study of those sightings is still available in the Project Blue Book files, though the opinions of those who investigated the case in 1952 are certainly biased toward finding terrestrial solutions. There are statements from the eyewitnesses collected in the hours after the events, there are newspaper reports (and yes, I get that the press can be somewhat credulous in their reporting), weather data available, locations are well known, and there are star charts that provide data about the bright stars, planets and other astronomical phenomena. This would, I suspect, provide some very compelling evidence, if it was examined in a dispassionate fashion.

I had hoped when we finally saw the NASA report, there would be a section that dealt with the historical perspective. I know they couldn’t possibly look at all twelve thousand sightings data the Air Force had gathered, but I had hoped that they would look at some of the more interesting sightings where there is an abundance of data gathered at the time of the sighting.


Instead, we were treated to a lecture on the scientific method and how science is supposed to work. They tell us:

The scientific method challenges us to solve problems by stringently evaluating our own ideas, by being willing to be wrong, and by following the data into unknown territory – wherever it may lead us. As Carl Sagan wrote in The Demon-Haunted World, “science carries us toward an understanding of how the world is, rather than how we would wish it to be.”

Which is a great philosophy, but in my experience in the world of UFOs, the attitude was often is it cannot be therefore it is not. Later in the report, they wrote:

In science, data need to be reproducible, and hypotheses falsifiable – the scientific method works by systematically analyzing data with the intent to falsify the hypothesis. As a general principal, the data should support measurement that can rule out specific explanations or interpretations, leaving us with no choice but to embrace its opposite. In the case of the UAP, the hypothesis we seek to reject (or “null hypothesis”) is that the UAP have phenomenology consistent with known or technological causes. Eyewitness reports should be considered along with corroborating sensor data in the study of UAP as reports may reveal patterns (for example, clusters in time or location). Yet, without calibrated sensor data to accompany it, no report can provide conclusive evidence of UAP or enable a study into the details of what was witnessed. While witnesses may be inherently credible, reports are not repeatable by others, and they do not allow a complete investigation into the possible cognitive biases and errors (such as accuracy in perception, or misperception caused by environmental factors the recording device, judgment or misjudgment of distance and speed, for example). Therefore, reports do not alone constitute data that can support a repeatable, reproducible analysis, and the hypothesis that what was witnessed was a manifestation of known natural or technological phenomena cannot be falsified.

Which seems to be a way to reject testimony that is not accompanied by something more tangible than just the tale told by the witnesses. Sensor data and radar tracks would add some of that additional data, though this too is subject to bias and interpretation by the investigators. I suppose I should point out that we have examples of the bias based on the past investigations including Project Blue Book and the University of Colorado study, known as the Condon Committee. The Hippler letter is an example of this bias and you can learn more about it here:

They are using the scientific method to reject the witness testimony because the observations are not repeatable. This too, might be inaccurate. The first thing would be a UFO flap, which is concentrated area of UFO sightings. There might be dozens of sightings over a short period of hours or days in a limited area. It could be possible to send in a team while the flap is ongoing. They could gather additional testimony, but they could also bring in the instruments to gather the sensor data, and cameras to underscore the value of all that testimony. Not exactly repeatability, but then meteor falls and lightning, as but two examples, are fleeting phenomena and are unpredictable. Given the proper circumstances and a “go team” might provide the opportunity for proper scientific observation.

This, of course, doesn’t consider landing trace cases or events in which the UFO interacts with the environment. The Levelland sightings of November 2, 1957, had they been investigated properly at the time, might have provided the information that could have falsified the null hypothesis. There would have been material to take into a lab for analysis and effects that might have been detectable. If a car was stalled by a strong electromagnetic field, then that field might have changed the magnetic signature of the car. Scientists with the Condon Committee actually proposed a way detect those changes, but did not bother to follow up on the theory. They thought it would be difficult if not impossible to find the cars that had been involved after more than a decade.

There is one more aspect to this that should be mentioned. Fran Ridge and his team has created a network of sites that have equipment designed to pick up anomalies in the area. There is a spectrum of anomalies that these node centers collect that would provide the metadata that NASA requires. The important point here is that often the UAP sighting is independent of the detection at the node center. Once there is an alert in one of the centers, they then search various databases looking for a matching UAP sighting. This does bring an element of instrumentality into the investigations and provides multiple chains of evidence that can be accessed. Ridge has said they are attempting to add a photographic component to these centers. A sighting that triggers the sensors and in which photographs or videos were captured would provide some very persuasive evidence, especially if there were photos taken by multiple, independent sources and coupled to the MADAR data.


Here’s another aspect of the report that I found a bit disturbing. According to the NASA report:

Recently, the DoD began encouraging military aviators to disclose anomalies they encountered which resulted in a significant increase in UAP reports: Between March 5, 2021, and August 30, 2022, DoD received a total of 247 new UAP reports, according to an analysis published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) in 2022. In contrast, 263 reports had been filed in the 17 years prior to March 2021. Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick reported at this panel’s public meeting that AARO has now collected more than 800 reported events. This includes the addition of data from the FAA. ARRO and ODNI assess that the observed increase in the reporting rate due to a better understanding of the possible threats that UAP may represent – either as flight safety hazard or as potential adversity collection platforms.

This is somewhat interesting for two reasons. First, they provide a new number for reports received.  We have moved beyond the early number of 144 that the initial report provided and learn they have more than 800.

But second, and more importantly, they are accepting that UAP sightings pose a potential threat to flight safety. This seems to imply a real phenomenon that is more than just weather-related problems or misidentification. It also seems to suggest that there are data to validate the reality of the objects, though that certainly does not take us directly to the extraterrestrial. There are theories about drones and surveillance by foreign nations using craft that might seem to be unconventional given some of the new designs that have been suggested. In other words, these would be real craft that have a terrestrial origin.

In one of the few UAP reports they did examine; they provided an explanation for the “Go Fast” Navy cockpit video. In a one-page analysis of the sighting, they wrote:

We can use other information from the display to place some limits on the true velocity of the object. This analysis is summarized… which depicts an overhead view of the encounter during a 22-second interval. The jet was banking left at about 15 [degrees] during this time, which corresponds to the approximate turning radius of 16 kilometers. We know the range and bearing of the object at the start (t=0s) and the end (t=22s) times Using the calculated true air speed (TAS) and a bit more trigonometry, we find the object moved about 390 meters during this 22-second interval, which corresponds to an average speed of 40 mph. This is typical of wind speed at 13,000 feet.

This is the CIA sponsored Robertson Panel suggestion. Use a mysterious sighting, provide information about it and then provide a plausible explanation for it. If, of course, national security rears its ugly head, well, nothing is said. I doubt that anyone on the NASA panel is aware of the history or what recommendations the Robertson Panel made in 1953. Additional information about the Robertson Panel can be found here:

There were only three sighting reports and two of them were listed as solved. The other, a silver sphere speeding across the landscape is too small to have carried any sort of flight crew and is probably some sort of terrestrial object. They have been unable to identify it, but again, that doesn’t move us directly to the extraterrestrial.


There is nothing new in this report. It is just more of the same. A discussion on how to investigate the UAP sightings, how NASA will be working with other government agencies to gather data, and even some commentary on the mean Tweets that have been sent to some of the panel members. They have been advised that their careers are in jeopardy because of their association with this phenomenon. There seems to be pushback by some members of the scientific community which is, of course, irrelevant.

This is something that I have never understood. Take the alien component out of the investigation, meaning simply that they are looking at the data provided, and there are things that might be of scientific interest. Many of the advances in science have been made by accident. To reject data because it might lead to an extraterrestrial source has always seemed to be narrow minded to me. Of course, that might be why there is an emphasis on aviation safety and the suggestion of a national security component in this latest report. It masks the fact that they are looking at sightings which, in another and earlier era would have been called flying saucers. And that might explain why they insist on calling them UAP. That hides some of the stigma of chasing flying saucers, though to be honest, that’s one of the things they are doing.

But there is nothing here that we haven’t heard before. After recent years of reports, hearings, meetings and press conferences, there is a hint that some investigation has been completed, but in many cases the various organizations are still attempting to figure out how to go about the investigation and how to gather the necessary data. They seem to be obvious to what has gone on in the past, they are unaware of some of the great cases that have been overshadowed by government agencies that are simply denying what they don’t wish to acknowledge and haven’t looked at any of the MADAR data that has been collected.

Or, I suppose, we could suggest that we have created another massive, governmental entity that will solved nothing, do nothing and eventually be seen as another colossal waste of taxpayer money. As the interest wanes, the importance of this latest investigation will change from a scientific enquiry to a public relations campaign to convince us all that there is nothing to see here. That is what has happened before, several times. They seem to believe that the interest will fade but forget that it always returns.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Jaime Maussan and those Small Creatures

There has been news from Mexico about the recovery of small, intelligent creatures that might not be of human origin. The news was announced by Jaime Maussan, who has been involved in UFO research for decades, and who has presented what appeared to be non-human beings in the past.

According to the testimony, given under oath to the Mexican Congress on September 12, the beings were recovered from Cusco, Peru, and that thirty percent of their genetic composition is unknown. Carbon dating by the Autonomous University of Mexico (a reputable organization with three alumni having earned Nobel Prizes), suggest the corpses were more than a thousand years old. They appeared to have stereoscopic vision, three-fingered hands and no teeth.

Maussan said that the specimens are not part of our terrestrial evolution. He also noted that they had not been associated with any UFO wreckage. He said, “Whether they are aliens or not, we don’t know, but they were intelligent and the lived with us. They should rewrite history.”

This is not the first time that it was announced that evidence of alien visitation or strange humanoid creatures captured media attention. In the mid-1990s, it was announced that several small, 16 mm film canisters had been found containing what appeared to be an autopsy of an alien being recovered from the Roswell crash. In the end, the film was an admitted hoax. Those who created the film provided photographs showing the creation of the aliens. I have covered all this on this blog and you can read it here:

In 2013, Dr. Steven Greer announced a documentary about a tiny creature that had been found in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The humanoid being was only about six inches tall. Genetic research identified nearly all the DNA as human but suggested that some of the DNA could not be identified. The argument was that the unidentified DNA suggested an other worldly connection.

The ultimate conclusion was that there was nothing alien found. You can read a scientific analysis here:

The paper is from the National Library of Medicine and if you don’t wish to read the whole paper, which is short, I note they concluded:

This was a girl with many DNA mutations, not anything more exotic. Further functional studies of these alterations may lead to a clearer understanding of the genes that regulate bone development and might help the world diagnose and treat other children with genetic diseases driving bone growth abnormalities.

This probably is the reason why there is nothing much heard about this discovery after the paper was published. I did wonder, and I don’t believe anyone has ever addressed this. Would an alien species, evolved on a planet outside the Solar System reproduce using DNA?

Just a few years ago, Jaime Maussan was heavily involved in what I call the Not Roswell Slides fiasco. Just like with the Alien Autopsy, this received worldwide interest that culminated in a spectacular presentation in Mexico City. Within seventy-two hours, it was learned that the alleged alien body was that of an unfortunate child whose mummified remains had been discovered in the late nineteenth century. The photographs of the body were taken in a museum in 1947. You can find many postings about that on this blog and a few of the more relevant ones are here:

This is an interview with Tom Carey and in the article are the links to more of the postings.

The point is that we have gone through this sort of thing for the last thirty years or so. Each of these presentations and announcements have ended the same way. The evidence, when examined dispassionately and by disinterested third parties, has failed to withstand the scrutiny. One was an admitted hoax, one was exposed as a hoax by the available evidence and one was, to be kind, a misinterpretation of the anthropological and archaeological evidence.

I will note that in each of the cases, there were various experts consulted who suggested that hoax was impossible, that the evidence suggested an alien visitation, and many times when confronted with new data, refused to reverse course.

I also noted that the wording by the experts in this case was very careful. They were not claiming these were aliens but the tests suggested the bodies were a thousand years old. Even Jaime Maussan was careful, saying that they did not know if the bodies were alien or some sort of alternative sentient life that evolved on Earth.

If these bodies represented another sentient race from Earth, I must wonder why there isn’t some sort of record of them somewhere. If the bodies are only about a thousand years old, then I would expect that we would have found other evidence of them. It is not as if they were a million years old or ten million years old. These are relatively recent in the history of the planet.

Like many others, I’m skeptical. Some of the reasons are laid out here, but another is that we have yet to see a wide range of scientific investigation. There is so much more that must be collected before we conclude hoax, misidentification or alien visitation. I will be interested in that scientific investigation when conducted and what conclusions are reached then. Until then, well, I’m skeptical but I don’t reject any of the hypotheses at the moment. We need more evidence. 

Friday, September 08, 2023

Roswell's International UFO Museum and Research Center


I was recently in Roswell for an update on some of the investigations from a few years ago. It was an opportunity to gather additional information, check out some sites, and verify or answer a couple of questions. I hadn’t been to Roswell in several years, so, of course, I made a trip to the International UFO Museum and Research Center. The changes there have been extraordinary.

The International UFO Museum and Research Center.

The original concept was a creation of several people including Walter Haut, Glenn Dennis and Max Littell, with input from Don Schmitt and me. It began with few exhibits and gradually grew into a somewhat impressive place, complete with some science fiction aspects, a major library of UFO books and other materials. It has also become something of a commercial enterprise, which, of course, it not necessarily a bad thing. That aspect has brought in donations that have allowed for the expansion and improvement of the Museum.

From the left, Don Schmitt, Walter Haut and Max Littell.

The displays are of professional, or maybe I should say, museum quality. A great deal of effort went into the creation of those displays. Some of them are scientifically oriented and others find their home in science fiction. There is a huge statue of Gort, the robot from the original The Day the Earth Stood Still. In contrast, there is a display of a dead alien in a hospital or morgue setting from the ShowTime original movie Roswell. It could be argued that the display is based on eyewitness testimony.

Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still.

The alien from the movie Roswell.

There is an enclosed “spaceship bridge” that is very impressive that takes you on a visit to the cosmos but there is also a UFO landing scene that isn’t quite as impressive. It has been there for years and it does, periodically, emit smoke and loud noise.

One section covers some of the more notable UFO cases including abductions. I wish they had done more with the Hickson-Parker abduction. As I noted in an earlier post, Calvin Parker had died recently.

If I have one complaint, it is simply a small display about MJ-12. Most of the UFO community accepts the theory that the MJ-12 documents are a hoax. One of the first recipients of those documents, including the Eisenhower Briefing Document and the Truman Memo, had said that he had been thinking about creating some documents to further his research. That comment, among other evidence, suggests that MJ-12 is a hoax. I hope the Museum puts up a qualification about the documents suggesting their dubious nature.

Just one of the many new displays in the Museum.

And, of course, there is a gift shop filled with almost everything Roswell you can think of. And again, when was the last time you went to a museum that didn’t have some sort of gift shop. This is not a bad thing.

All in all, the Museum is now quite impressive. While it is not as large as the Smithsonian or some of the Museums of Natural History around the country, it is as professional done as those. I don’t suppose I have to say this, but if you find yourself in Roswell, a trip the museum is worth your time.

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Why Aren't There High Quality UFO Pictures Today?

A complaint that is often made is that nearly everyone is carrying a high-quality camera in their pockets, but we have no good pictures of UFOs. Ignoring the fact that there have been many high-quality photographs and even some perplexing film, there might be another answer for this criticism. It might be that there is a mechanism that blocks the digital cameras from taking those high-quality photographs of the UFO, while the rest of the photo is high quality.

UFOs over Colorado.

The first point is that we have evidence that some UFOs emit some sort of electromagnetic field that does interfere with the operation of systems that rely on electricity. We all know about the electromagnet pulse (EMP) that is the result of an atomic explosion and that can destroy electronic devices. In Levelland, Texas, on November 2, 1957, dozens of people reported to Sheriff Weir Clem that their cars were stalled by the close approach of a UFO.

Let’s take a look at the Condon Committee’s “scientific” search for evidence. The Levelland case was virtually ignored by them because they could think of no way in which an engine that had been stalled by an electromagnetic field could spontaneously restart when that field was removed. I made an analysis of more than five hundred vehicle interference cases that revealed that in the majority of them, the driver took some action to restart their cars. Very few suggested the car restarted on its own which negates the Condon Committee criticism.

In Levelland, one driver insisted that his car did spontaneously restart, but the other witnesses who were interviewed suggested that the car could be started normally when the UFO was gone. They started the car, but the Condon scientists just ignored that evidence by making a claim that was simply not true. Levelland was a case in which the UFO interacted with the environment, there are reports of landing traces, and there were, according to the sheriff, “hundreds of telephone calls” about the UFO.

The point here is that we have evidence that some UFOs generate a field that can alter the proper performance of a vehicle’s engine. The EM field also interferes the operation of the radio and there are many reports of a close approach of a UFO can dim street lights, knock radio and TV stations off the air, and cause other, reported effects, including responses from animals.

In just a single example of animal response, on April 5, 2018, the witness, in Deridder, Louisiana, reported, “My dogs began growling in the living room… and the cows in the pasture across the street were mooing loudly. I went to the large picture window in the living room facing west… I observed a huge round white light traveling slowly in my direction… For fifteen minutes, the light grew in intensity and pulsated.” When the light disappeared, both the dogs and the cows stopped reacting.

In a weird variation of some of the EM Effects, there are reports of car paint changing color after the close approach of a UFO. Otto Binder was one of the first to report that, after an approach by a UFO, the car’s paint changed from gray to purple with a strange patchwork of lines. There is no information about the date or location of the sighting and no witness is named. It could be overlooked as just a strange anomaly, but, over the years, there have been other such reports.

Robert Spearing, a dedicated UFO investigator with MUFON, who has been looking into cases of car paint changing color after being exposed to a high intensity magnetic field, has also noticed this. He asked the question: “Car paint has a number of possible oxides that theoretically can be victims of induced magnetic fields. But why are there not hundreds of cases of car paint changing color?”

According to his research, he found only two such cases. In November, 1953, while driving near Gjersjoen Bridge, Norway, three witnesses, identified as Trygve Jansen, Mrs. Buflot and a neighbor, watched an object as it rose from behind a hill. It oscillated over the lake for more than one minute, moved rapidly toward the witnesses and followed their car. The object passed over the vehicle and hovered ahead of them very low to the ground. Trygve stopped the automobile, and they watched the stationary object. During the sighting all three experienced mild electrical shocks until the object rose vertically.

When Jansen returned home, his wife ran from the house and asked if he had bought a new car. When he asked why she had thought so, she pointed that the car, that had been a dull beige was now a bright shiny green.

Spearing also reported that in 1978 there was a UFO sighting with EM Effects in Massachusetts. According to the witness, the Ford Mustang he was driving had the engine, water pump and the battery fried by the close approach of the UFO. The paint changed from white to grey and the car had to be junked rather than repaired.

The Condon Committee investigated a case that involved both the car’s paint and problems with the clock. This was Case No. 39 (page 380) in the Condon Committee final report. There is also a discussion of problems with the car’s clock as well.

Given that there is evidence that these EM Effects, there are some interesting sightings reported recently. On August 3, 2023, a witness in downtown section of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, spotted a series of lights that he first thought was an aircraft. As the light approached, he saw a solid dark triangular-shaped object.
He said, at the bottom was one white, steady light on each corner of the triangle, and in the center was a single steady red light. Along the sides were more white, steady lights. He said that the craft was about one hundred to two hundred feet long from point to point and was flying at about 1500 feet. The UFO made no noise.

For those who ask why we don’t have any good UFO footage because nearly everyone is carrying a good quality digital camera in a pocket, here’s part of the answer. The man took video of the UFO and saw the image on the phone screen. When he got home and tried to review the video, there was no image. He said that he didn’t know why it didn’t record. He also said that he watched the object for about three minutes.

 On July 29, Stan Gordon got a phone call from a witness who said that he had seen a massive, triangular-shaped object that emitted a bright greenish-orange glow. The UFO was hovering when he first saw it. The UFO then vanished only to reappear. There seemed to be an electric hum coming from it.

The witness took pictures with his cell phone. He could see the UFO on the phone, but the photographs showed a blurred image. He didn’t understand why that happened but it does suggest there might be some sort of electronic emission, invisible to the eye that affects the digital cameras.

From Boise, Idaho, comes a report on June 4, 2023. The witness spotted a bright object. He said it was tic-tac shaped, bright silver and made no noise. He tried to used his cell phone to take a picture but the image was little more than a white blob.

Las Vegas UFO.

The most exciting of these sorts of cases took place in August, 2013, as several Americans were in Canada hunting. It was about 9:40 p.m. when, as they were traveling back to the main lodging, they spotted some unusual lights flying low and slow approaching them. There was no sound and the lights were difficult to look at.  The witness pulled out his camera, a Sony Cybershot, but was unable to get it to stay on. He said that it would only stay on for one or two seconds and then would turn off.

The UFO approached to within four hundred feet and flying about 250 to 300 feet. It was as big as a house. There was what one witness called a plume of plasma and a cascade of sparks from the rear. The craft was made of shiny metal with a luminous finish and was in the shape of a dog bone or like a set of barbells.

Keeping with one of the bad traditions, one of the hunters fired at the UFO. He thought that the technology, whatever it was, would be impervious the lead slug from his rifle.

Now, one of the other witnesses picked up his Sony HD camera, and it stayed on. He hit record, but the screen was black though the UFO was still visible to the unaided eye. He picked up his cell phone but it was hot and the battery was dead. They all continued to try to record the incident, but found batteries were dead or something else was wrong. They video would not record, though they were able to record sound.

There is much more to the sighting. A full report was made in The MUFON Journal of March (No. 575) and concluded in April (No. 576) issue. The important point here is that the witnesses attempted to use multiple cameras including those in cell phones and failed to get a clear image.

In another example of this, on August 3, 2023, a witness said that his car was stalled by the close approach of a UFO. He picked up his cell phone but couldn’t get it to work.

Finally, there are a few other factors involved. In a sighting in Tremonton, California on July 16, 2023. The witness said that he saw a tic-tac shaped object. He watched it for about seven minutes and he did take some pictures and did get some video of the UFO. He did report, “Unfortunately, when it first descended, I forgot to push the record button.”

On July 24, 2023, the witness in La Port, Texas, reported seeing a large, silver disk-shaped object. The witness went to grab a cell phone, but the object was gone before a picture could be taken.

From Grand Junction, Colorado, on May 1, 2023, a man in his garage when a bright flash caught his attention. He saw what he called a classic flying saucer that had a slight dome on top. He said that he didn’t think of his cell phone at first. He turned to grab it and when he turned back the UFO was gone.

Here’s the real point. Remember, that some 95 to 97 percent of all UFO sightings have a prosaic explanation. They are strange clouds, sundogs, bizarre weather conditions, balloons, high flying aircraft and a multitude of other mundane objects. Many of the videos and photographs taken are of these things. Recently, dozens of pictures have been taken of SpaceX rocket launches and Starlink Satellites. They are clouding up the issue.

In studying hundreds of recent sightings, I see where the witnesses have attempted to photograph the UFOs, but their cameras fail. When the UFO is gone, the cameras work properly.

Or we see that the person has turned to find their camera, or they have gone to find their cell phones. When they return, the UFO is gone. The sighting didn’t last long enough for the camera to come into play.

Or, even stranger, the witness, carrying a camera in his or her pocket or purse or briefcase, until the UFO has disappeared has forgotten about the cell phone. The sighting was fleeting and before the since of wonder had disappeared, the UFO is no longer in sight.

Or, the object, which is well defined somehow produces an image that is little more than a blob of light. It could be that the camera detects some sort of radiation that obscures the object.

As I say, and as I noted here, we know that some UFOs create an electromagnetic field that interrupts the flow of electricity. All of this, I believe, explains, partially, the reason we don’t have more good pictures of UFOs. I would like to say that if the image is clear and distinct, then the picture is faked, but that is overstating the case.

I’ll leave it here. The evidence suggests that some UFOs interfere with the operation of the recording devices. This does not fully explain the problem but it does suggest a reason why we don’t have many good UFO photographs given the nature of society today. Maybe we just need to go back to good old fashion film and cameras that don’t require electricity to work. 

Saturday, September 02, 2023

Calvin Parker of Pascagoula Fame is Gone

A few days ago, Philip Mantle passed me the sad news that Calvin Parker had succumbed to cancer. He said the family asked for the news to be held for a few days so that they could make all the proper arrangements. This I did.

Calvin Parker

I will note here that I had the opportunity to speak with Calvin a few times and did interview him on my A Different Perspective radio show/podcast. I asked what I thought were tough questions, things that I had wondered about for years. He never shied away from those questions and answered them easily. He inspired me to write what I thought was a companion book to his books, and those of Philip Mantle and Irene Scott about the 1973 abduction.

During my first interview, he mentioned additional witnesses to the abduction and I thought these were people who had come forward in the last couple of years. He corrected me, saying that some were only recently identified, but there were witnesses to the abduction and the names of four of them were given to the Air Force the day after the abduction. This was corroborated in document that had the names of several Air Force officers on it who were involved with testing and interview on October 12, 1973.

Here's the point to that. I must wonder what the Air Force was doing investigating an abduction case in 1973, four years after Project Blue Book was closed and the Air Force claimed they no longer investigation UFO sightings.

I mention all this as sort of a preamble to Philip Mantle’s sad announcement today. Following is the information that he passed along to us:





It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Calvin Parker passed away on August 24th at 8.15 am. He died peacefully at home surrounded by his wife Waynette and other loved ones. Calvin was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer some time back so we knew his time was limited but it was still bad news when it arrived. A private memorial service was held at the Guardian Angels Funeral Home on September 2nd. At the request of Calvin’s family, I have not released anything in public until now.

For those who don’t know who Calvin Parker is, he was one of the two men involved in the 1973 alien abduction case on the Pascagoula River, Mississippi on the evening of October 11th, 1973. You can find the full information on these events at:

Calvin and I had become close friends over these last five years and we talked regularly on skype. He was a charming, intelligent man with a great sense of humour. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried when I was informed by his wife Waynette that he had died. Thankfully I spoke with him the week before and told him that I loved and respected him. He already knew that anyway. I also told him that he had more friends around the world than he could ever imagine. His personality, his story and his two books touched a great many people and also helped him get rid of some of the trauma that he had carried since that night in 1973.

When I began working with Calvin I agreed that I would help him cement his legacy. That legacy was to tell his story in full and help to document it for posterity so that future generations will have this information to study and maybe help understand what happened to him and Charles Hickson that night. Calvin was simply looking for answers, some of which he found, others that he didn’t.

I could continue to tell you more about Calvin Parker but I would instead suggest you listen to one of the many podcasts he did. Charles Hickson can also be located online telling his side of the story. Of course, it was their love of fishing that took them to the Pascagoula River that night in October 1973.

 Maybe old anglers don’t die, they just go fishing in a bigger river.


Philip Mantle


Philip also added a brief request for additional information about the case. He and Dr. Scott have been seeking additional information for years. He provided an address for that information.


Even though Calvin Parker is no longer with us the search for more information continues. I know there are people out there who have more information on this encounter case and I would like to ask them to release it now before it’s too late. Please do the right thing and let me have it. It can be sent to me in total confidence if required. Don’t hesitate, just send it now.

There may well also be other eyewitnesses to the UFO events in 1973. We have already interviewed a number of people, some in complete confidence at their request, but many others who have also allowed us to use their real names. If you are one of those witnesses please do not hesitate to contact me at the earliest opportunity and in complete confidence if required. Time is against us so please do not hesitate.

I can be contacted on facebook at:


Telephone; +44 (0)771 088 3054

Address: Philip Mantle, 4 St Michaels Avenue, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England, WF8 4QX.


For those interested, my book, referenced above is called 1973: A Time of UFO Sightings, Landings and Abductions.

And for those who would like to hear to my interviews with Calvin Parker, you can listen to them here: