Sunday, February 16, 2020

Project Moon Dust - A Little Help

I have had sporadic luck with this sort of thing in the past. I need some help in finding a document that I saw in the Project Blue Book files as I was working on The Government UFO Files. I was working on the chapter that dealt with the Levelland sightings of November 1957 when I found the following, which tells us something about the beginning of Project Moon Dust:

For those that do not, put simply, the original mission of Project Moon Dust, as stated by US Air Force Message #54322, dated December 23, 1957, was to “to collect and analyze raw intelligence reports from the field on fallen space debris and objects of unknown origin”.

I was working at home with the microfilm of the Project Blue Book files. I note this, because those 96 rolls of microfilm contain everything that has been released. I’m not sure that Fold3 or some of the other digital sources contains everything.

The point is that I have no way to print from my microfilm reader. I sometimes use my iPad to take photos from the screen, but I don’t always do this. On this occasion I copied everything relevant from the screen but didn’t take a picture.

Well, I guess you all can figure out where this is going. I can’t find the document again. I have spent hours looking for it. I believe in was in a file for another of the cases reported in 1957, but I don’t know which one. I have also been through the administration files that might hold the relevant document, but still no luck. I even sent out a number of inquiries to various government installations that might have the message traffic archived by either message number or date. No luck there either.

Yes, I have seen the document, and I realized when I stumbled over it that it provided a significant clue about the beginning of Moon Dust. It would be nice to be able to find a copy of the document that I could publish here, or the precise place where it is housed so that I might direct others to it. The document is important because it shows that Moon Dust did not begin with the creation of the 4602nd AISS in 1952, but that the inspiration was probably the Soviet launch of Sputnik in October 1957. The message suggested the “recent” creation of Moon Dust (though, if I remember it correctly, it didn’t use the name Moon Dust), it was the context that made that clear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And, yes, I continue to search for it myself. If we can find it, we would have a nice bit of documentation.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - David Schindele

Former Air Force missileer, David Schindele, was the guest this week. He had been part of a group of former military officers who had encounters with UFOs. In his case, as he was eating breakfast, he heard about a UFO sighting near Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. When he arrived at the Launch Control Facility for duty, he learned that the missiles in his flight had gone off line.. You can listen to my interview with David Shindele here:

To end confusion about some of this let me say that this was a year before a similar event took place as Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Information about that incident eventually made its way
David Schindele
into the public arena. I reported on that incident, which also involved sightings of UFOs around Belt, Montana, and the number of missiles that were disabled. And, for those interested in the Belt, Montana, sightings and Malmstrom AFB missile shut down, you can read about it in The Government UFO Files. You can use the link to the left if you wish to learn more about that sighting and that book.

During our discussion, David revealed that such occurrences weren’t as rare as we might think and that they do pose a threat to national security. If an outside force is able to disable the missiles, rendering them inoperable and unable to launch, then that entire retaliatory capable is defeated. This is, of course, the elimination of a deterrent, which makes the world slightly less safe.

This also suggests that UFO sightings are more important than the government has let on. During the Belt, Montana, sightings, an investigator with the Condon Committee did attempt to learn more. Although he had a security clearance, there were aspects to the sighting that he was not allowed to explore because of… what else? National Security.

Now, before I’m accused of cherry picking the data, I will note that the Air Force investigation into the Malmstrom missile failure found that the UFO sighting had nothing to do with it. The Unit History of the 341st SMW, the unit directly involved, didn’t credit the UFO with disabling the missiles. It did say, “Rumors of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) around the area of Echo Flight during the time of the default were unproven.”

Echo Flight was, of course, the missile unit that had been affected by the shutdown, and Echo Flight was based at Malmstrom AFB. As I say, the details of all this is published in The Government UFO Files.

During the interview with David, you do get to learn a little more about how these things happen. He also provided some names of others who had had similar experiences, and shared some of that information as well.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Curse of Oak Island - The True Solution

The other day, as I was cruising through the various news feeds, I saw a story that mentioned that the Lagina boys had solved the mystery of Oak Island. It was another story saying the same things that had been said before with no real information in it. Besides, we here have already found the true solution. Joy Steele, in her book told us exactly what had been happened on Oak Island. You can read that information here:

and here:

And, for good measure, I interviewed her on my radio show/podcast, so you can hear her talk about her theory here:

For those who want the short version, Steele basically suggested that during the 18th century, the British had built some sort of ship repair facility on Oak Island.
One of the Lagina boys.
There is nothing that the Laginas have found that would negate that theory. Everything they have uncovered in the last two years of the show support that idea. The remains of buildings and piers suggest just that sort of thing. The surface debris, the coins, the nails and everything else suggest that. It also suggests a long occupation on the island by the British. Had it been used to hide a treasure, that occupation would have been of much shorter duration.

Sure, you can say that the pirates, the Knights Templar, or whoever hide the treasure came back to claim it only to find the British on the island in such numbers that they had to give up on retrieving the treasure. But then, I would say that nothing found there by all those treasure hunters suggests a treasure was ever buried there.

And remember, there were stories of “strange” lights on the island in the years prior to the boys beginning their quest for treasure in 1795. But by that time, with better and more “modern” repair and port facilities up and down the coast, Oak Island became irrelevant. It was clearly abandoned before 1795.

Joy Steele
I believe that deep down the Laginas and many of those in the production company know this absolute truth. Their job isn’t really finding a treasure but in making a TV show, which is quite popular, and you say is a source of treasure. If the ratings begin to slip, then I suspect they will begin to shift the emphasis from a search for the treasure to creating a historical context for what has been found on the island. That might be more interesting but I do wonder if the revenue from the TV show covers all the expenses of the search.

I just tune in now and again to see what they are doing, but see nothing to suggest that there is a treasure. There is much evidence that the search for a treasure that has lasted for centuries without much in the way of results. Most of what they find deep underground can be explained by all those searches and not someone trying to hide a treasure more than a hundred feet underground. If you think about it, this doesn’t make much sense. Modern technology is having a tough time… just think about how hard it would have been more than two centuries ago with picks and shovels.

All this makes me rather sad. I had hoped there was a treasure and that they would find it. As I have said, I’ve been interested in Oak Island for more years than I care to admit. But, on the bright side, we do have answer and that can’t be all bad.

Friday, February 07, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Drones, Drones, Drones

This week I tried something a little different. Although I have, in the past, had no guest for the show, it was to do a sort of retrospective on past shows or an analysis of the last year. This time, I thought that I would attempt, to some extent, do an
Predator Drone at altitude.
investigation, look at the evidence from various sources, and see if I couldn’t come up with some sort of solution.

This came about because of the sightings of drones filling the skies in northeastern Colorado, southwestern Nebraska and to some extent the extreme southeastern parts of Wyoming. There were nightly sightings of the drones that would appear about seven in the evening and then disappear about ten that same night. In other words, the window for the sightings lasted about three hours. You can listen to the show here:

There are a number of good articles found online that give a history of the drone sightings. You can access some of this here:

Anyway, that’s a long list of the information, but it is not a complete list by any means. My commentary on this does touch on other aspects and how this is somewhat similar to UFO research. Or rather, how UFO research should have been conducted during the last 70 years or so.

For information on the investigations as they are happening in the world today, you can find that information here:

DRONE Intelligence Center COLORADO NEBRASKA WYOMING and all other states

Next week, I’ll be talking with David Schindele, a retired military officer who has had experiences with UFOs at various missile bases. This should supply some additional support for those others who have seen the same thing.

If you have questions for him, let me know in the comments section. And if you enjoyed this week’s show, let me know. If enough of you did, I’ll try to do another such show once in a while.

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Project Blue Book Goes Nuts

I am not sure why they bother to call the program Project Blue Book. This season, the cases that have been examined are not part of Blue Book. In fact, the only link is J. Allen Hynek, who was the science consultant to Project Blue Book for years. Captain Quinn is an invented character, as are the two generals that are running around guiding the Blue Book cover up. But in the whole history of Blue Book, the officers did not investigate the Roswell crash nor were they worried about Area 51,
and did little or nothing with alien abduction. In other words, there is virtually no connection to what the Blue Book staff actually did and what the show portrays.

I’m not sure that analysis of the program, as a look at cases that are, more or less, based on facts, is relevant. I can point to dozens of items that are based on nothing more than a writer’s imagination and some of that isn’t all that imaginative. Dozens of people walking the Roswell debris field. A rancher shooting an alien. An autopsy that was faked but about to be broadcast nationally anyway, except Hynek stopped the transmission because he recognized the light pattern of the studio. A general about to water board a witness… I could go on, but what’s the point.

Skip ahead to this latest episode. It’s based on a report that an Air Force enlisted man was killed by aliens and the officer with him is about to be accused of murder. Total nonsense. This is the story of Major William Cunningham and Sergeant Jonathan Lovette. I’m not sure that I even wish to repeat the details. For those interested, here’s a link:

I will, however, point out that the story was supposedly detailed in Blue Book Special Report #13. No one has ever found a copy of it, most don’t believe that it ever existed, and this particular tale was related by Bill English, who said that he had been in the Army’s Special Forces (Green Berets) and that he had been a captain. Unfortunately, English’s service record does not bear this out. I reported on this here:

For those who do not wish to read the entire article, here is the relevant section that deals with English:

Now for some of the other, worrisome, bits of this. Bill English, it seems, was not a Special Forces officer as he claimed, and if the documents I have seen from St. Louis Army Records Center are accurate, and this is the same guy, he was not an officer and not in Special Forces. That certainly taints any information that he supplied.
This isn’t much, but it does tell the story. For those interested in more details, here is English’s service record, such as it is, provided by the archives in St. Louis:

Bill English's Service Record as supplied by NARA in St. Louis.

The point here is that the story about this mutilation is untrue, it is not part of the Blue Book files that have been released, and, it comes from a source that is dubious at best. Rather than giving us stories that have some sort of basis in reality, we have drifted into the realm of science fiction. I use that term advisedly because true science fiction is predicated on actual science and if it is not, then it is fantasy. I realize that this is a very restrictive definition and that some things that are called science fiction aren’t, but that’s an argument for another time.

The real point is that so far, this season, they have not dealt with anything that is in the Project Blue Book files. They have drifted into that nebulous world of UFO reporting that infects the Internet, but is often little more than fantasy.

Next week they are apparently heading to the Kelly-Hopkinsville for the home invasion sighting. While there is information about it in the Project Blue Book files, it is not considered an official case. The report is labeled as “information only” which means there was no Blue Book investigation. It is a fine hair to split, but one I thought I would split anyway.

I now only watch this show because it seems that someone is always smacking around Littlefinger… I’ll leave it to you to figure out the reference.