Friday, October 29, 2021

Coast to Coast - Flying Humans and Tall Whites

I thought I would do write something a little different, especially with Halloween coming up. You’ve heard of those strange sightings of humans flying around without benefit of an airplane, with some of the most recent reports coming from the Los Angeles airport. I don’t think the culprit in those cases has been found. It is just one of those bizarre things that are reported periodically.

Looking at the videos, and examining some of the documentation, there is a suggestion that those sightings at LAX might by of a mannikin and a drone. I’m not convinced by that answer, though it seems more likely than some of the others that have been offered. You can watch a video about this here:

In Chicago, there have been a number of sightings of something that seems to be large and seems to be bat shaped but is too large to be a bat. You can learn more about that here:

The Chicago creature. Although there is no foreground detail in this still from
the video, that detail can be seen there which provides some perspective.

However, David Jacobs has suggested that there is an alien presence on Earth and that hybrids that have human traits are walking among us. Some of these reports might be the result of that. One of the strangest of these sightings came from Deland, Florida, during July of this year.

The witness, known only as Larry, reported in a series of communications that there were strange, unidentified figures on the roof of the local courthouse. Larry noted that there was nothing for the beings to stand on to look over the wall, the figures were eight or nine feet tall. Larry said that he reported this to the local police because the courthouse had been locked and there was no way for the beings to get onto the roof, though clearly, based on the pictures he took, they were there.

Larry also reported the sighting to his boss. Together, they spotted a figure, and later a second one, on the roof. His boss also called the police. The police investigated, found the doors had been properly locked but there was no one on the roof. It was somewhat mysterious because no one had seen them leave.

In the fourth report from Larry, he said that he had seen a figure floating along the roof. He grabbed his camera and took more photographs of that figure and then of another. He said that one figure approached the edge of the roof and seemed to be wearing a military style hat. Another had a long neck and wore something about his neck.

The "strange" being on the roof of the courthouse.

William Puckett has analyzed the pictures and reported, “I don’t have any reason to believe this is a hoaxed report.” There were other witnesses, there are photographs, and the witnesses did call the police. If it is a hoax, then the witnesses are not the perpetrators of it. This is a very strange circumstance. You can read about this sighting here:  

To add to the evidence, weak though it is, you can read a similar story about a tall alien creature in the Philadelphia area here:

Larry noted, again, that the railing around the roof is five feet high and there is nothing to stand on near it. He concludes that the beings are very tall, and reminded him of what he had read about the “Tall Whites,” as related to UFO sightings.

It seems that the idea of the Tall Whites comes from an encounter, or series of encounters, by Charles Hall, who claims to have been a nuclear physicist and an ex-military weather specialist. While assigned to the Nellis Bomber Range in the 1960s, he claimed to have been in regular contact with the Tall Whites. They were seen to glide as they moved and were as tall as nine feet.

Little or no real verification has been offered for Hall’s wild tales, and are of interest here, only because the similarity to the beings seen on the courthouse roof as described by Larry.

While they were not exactly flying humanoids, this does fit into the pattern of strange beings including the Mothman on which John Keel reported in the 1960s. I confess I don’t know what to make of all these reports but will note that there is photographic evidence for some of them. In the world of the paranormal, sometimes that’s about all we can ask for. 

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Coast to Coast - The Missing UAP Report (Short Version)


As I’m sure you all remember, the June 25 ridiculous report on the UAPs provided no analysis, no real investigation and we were told that 143 of the 144 reports were unidentified. We don’t know how many sightings were involved; just how many reports had been made which is not exactly the same thing. There could have been multiple reports for each sighting reducing that number but since they didn’t publish any of that data, we just don’t know. We were told that there would be a follow up in 90 days which would have been September 25. That hasn’t happened, as near as I can tell.

What I did find was that Representative Ruben Gallego had introduced and pushed legislation that would require a permanent office working under the Secretary of Defense to, I want to say, “investigate,” but what was really suggested was the “timely and consistent reporting,” of what we now call UAPs, but that are really flying saucers. There seems to be no mechanism for investigation and if not, then what is the point, really. Sure, that could be developed later, the conflict in the government seems to make that somewhat unlikely.

I also noticed that the Secretary of the Air Force, Frank Kendall, said that he didn’t think the UAPs were a serious enough threat to demand his attention… and at the opposite end, Deputy Defense Secretary, Kathleen Hicks, ordered the various military branches and various civilian organizations under the DoD to formalize a mission to provide a plan to gather the data. This seems to underscore the power of the Deep State to divide us. It also suggests the Deep State is still working to keep much of the UFO data hidden away.

Gathering data is an intelligence function but so is investigation and analysis and that seems to be missing in all this discussion. Gathering data and sticking it in a file cabinet, or feeding it into a database doesn’t accomplish much. You can read the more in-depth analysis here:

And to show what I mean; I have a report from Newport Beach, California. The witness said that they, he along with his two children, stepped outside when he noticed a bright, metallic looking object in the sky on September 13 of this year. He said it that it was just one object that seemed to be hovering. There was no sound associated with it.

Newport Beach photo courtesy of William Puckett at 

After watching it for a few seconds, the witness began filming. The UFO appeared to change shape and spin or maybe turn and flash. None of the witnesses were able to identify the object saying that it wasn’t a plane, helicopter, drone or balloon. The object drifted to the east and they lost sight of it. You can watch the video here:

The real point is that we’re right back where we began some seventy years ago. Government taking an interest in flying saucers, or, at least pretending they do. But it seems the fires has already gone out of this latest interest in UFOs.

'X' Broadcast Network -Nick Redfern and his Time Travel Book


I received a copy of Nick Redfern’s new book Time Travel: Science and Science Fiction and since I enjoy time travel stories, I invited him on the show. I mentioned that I had written a number of science fiction books about time travel, including one in which there is a war in time. Each side jumping back and forth to win a battle that they thought they had already won but found a history of different results. That was On the Second Tuesday of Next Week (link to the book on the left side of the blog).

Nick Redfern from about
a decade ago (in Denver).

To begin the discussion, I mentioned the tale of the thunderbird, which is a gigantic bird that was supposedly seen in the Old West. There was supposed to be a picture taken of the bird after a couple of cowboys had killed one. Many claimed to have seen the picture in various magazines in the past, but searches today failed to find it. You can listen to the program here:

In the world today, there are pictures that are supposed to be that original, but none can be traced to an original source. Some look as if they were taken in the Old West but they are clever and well-done fakes.  I said that I would publish some of the photographs here, but the truth is, the tale is too long for a picture or two. You can read the research about the thunderbird and see the original sources of some of the pictures here:

In an interesting story was about nightmares that seemed to be predictive of the future. Nick mentioned that three people had contacted him of, as he described it, “Atomic Armageddon,” after an American president was assassinated by a foreign agent. This was supposed to ignite the war.

Such a dream wouldn’t be all that disturbing to the rest of us but Nick pointed out that three people had related the same nightmare (anyone want to mention The Stand?). Nick suggested that this war was supposed to start in 2017, which means that the danger has passed… at least for now.

We also talked about the Philadelphia Experiment, that supposed tale of the US Navy teleporting a ship that has evolved into some kind of time travel story. I mentioned that I had even interviewed one of the naval officers who had participated in the story when Carlos Allende sent his ravings to the Office of Naval Research. You can read about my take on this here:



We concluded with some discussion of the tale told by Al Bielek and why it seems to be more fraud than fact. The AOL newsfeed periodically recycles the story as if it is something new and real. So much for the state of Internet journalism…

I did mention, at the beginning of the show, that the UAP report that should have arrived around September 25, had not. You can read my full analysis here:

Next week, with luck, I’ll be talking with Stan Gordon and his take on the Kecksburg UFO crash. Stan has spent, literally, decades investigating the case and he should provide an interesting perspective.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Where is the UAP Update?


I seem to remember, back in June, upon the release of the UAP report that told us nothing really, that there would be a follow up in 90 days. That meant we should have heard something around September 25, but I don’t remember seeing anything about it. The date seems to have come and gone without any sort of follow up.

Instead, we are told that Arizona democrat and Iraq War veteran (oh, who isn’t?) Representative Ruben Gallego, had introduced and pushed legislation that would require a permanent office working under the Secretary of Defense to, I want to say, “investigate,” but what was really suggested was the “timely and consistent reporting,” of what we now call UAPs, but that are really flying saucers.

This seems to imply that the office to oversee this timely and consistent reporting will be housed in the Pentagon and will have its chain of command start with the Secretary of Defense. That seems to suggest that importance is being attached to the activity, but I note here that the 90-day update has not been seen.

Lt. Gen. Nathan Twining

I also think of this, as I have said a number of times, as Twining 2.0. Back in 1947, after all the hoopla of the summer, and the request that the Air Materiel Command review a list of sightings containing specific information, there was an order issued… or maybe something more in the line of a directive issued by Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining, that, said, “It is recommended that:”

a. Headquarters, Army Air Forces issue a directive assigning a priority, security classification and Code Name for a detailed study of this matter to include the preparation of complete sets of all available and pertinent data which will then be available to the Army, Navy, Atomic Energy Commission, JRD3, the Air Force Scientific Advisory Group, NACA, the RAND and NEPA projects for comments and recommendations with a preliminary report to be forwarded within 15 days of receipt of this data and a distilled report there after every 30 days as the investigation develops. A complete interchange of data should be effected.

That letter from Twining was dated September 23, 1947 or, in other words more than seven decades ago. And here we are, in 2021, doing the same thing. Let’s set up an office to seriously deal with these UAPs.

And how did that original idea work out… Well, there were factions inside the government that worked against it. Upon completion of an intelligence analysis of the data, known as the Estimate of the Situation, the Air Force Chief of Staff, General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, decided that the information wasn’t of sufficient substance to reach the conclusions it reached and nearly everyone involved with it was fired or sent to other tasks. The action made it clear… The Chief of Staff didn’t believe in flying saucers, therefore no one else would believe either.

In 1953, the CIA requested, and got, the best information collected by the Air Force project, deemed it inadequate and recommended that the project be stripped of its glorified status. The Robertson Panel, as it was called, suggested that a campaign be created to “educate” the public about the UFOs and remove the mystery from them. I’ll note here that there was no mention by Robertson, that UFOs required further investigation. The conclusions were obvious.

In the late 1960s, the Air Force finally convinced a university to make a “scientific” study of UFOs. Of course, documentation available to us today shows that the conclusions of this scientific study were drawn up prior to any investigation. It was decided, in 1969, that more research would provide nothing of value and that there was no threat to national security. Project Blue Book was closed and the Air Force ended its investigation of UFOs forever.

So, here we are today. Another leader, this time a civilian in the House of Representatives, is pushing for a serious investigation of UAPs. Gallego, said that there was a lack of focus in the intelligence communities or what he termed the national security apparatus, and he that no one, other than “curiosity seekers” who had an interest in the UFO, now UAP reports, was doing anything.

Apparently, this legislation was passed as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. They have 180 days to establish the office to gather all the data throughout the DoD.

The Secretary of the Air Force, Frank Kendall, said that he didn’t think the UAPs were a serious enough threat to demand his attention… Or, as Hoyt Vandenberg said seven decades ago, “Stop wasting my time…” Well, he didn’t actually say that. He just made it clear to all that he didn’t think of the flying saucers as a serious threat, even when presented with a document created by high-ranking members of the Air Force and their civilian counterparts that suggested otherwise.

On the other hand, Deputy Defense Secretary, Kathleen Hicks, ordered the various military branches and various civilian organizations under the DoD to formalize a mission provide a plan to gather the data... Formalize a plan, what a wonderful bureaucratic idea.

But here’s point that I don’t think was made. If the Secretary of the Air Force isn’t all that interested, and the directive comes from a civilian Deputy Defense Secretary, haven’t we already established a conflict? And, haven’t we seen all this in the past, several times. We know what the outcome is going to be, because we’ve seen that outcome in the past as well.

Apparently Gallego was unimpressed with all this. He said that he thought the government was not sharing all the information that it had about UFOs, I mean, UAPs. He wants to hold public hearings but that too, has been done. Nothing has come from that either.

What I’m saying here is that we’re walking down the same path once again and we’re going to expect a different result. It doesn’t matter what you say about it, how you claim that we have military pilots involved, we have instruments involved, we have multiple observers… We’ve had all that before, and in the end, the answer has always been that there is nothing to this. It’s no threat to national security. There are more important issues than something unidentified and that might by a natural phenomenon or a misidentification of something truly mundane. Let’s deal with the real challenges before we move into the realm of the exotic.

I say we need a good, unbiased investigation, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. It’s been tried for more than 70 years and there is always something to stop the truth. Why would this be any different?

Thursday, October 14, 2021

'X' zone Broadcast Network - Jen Stein on Travis Walton


This week’s guest was Jennifer Stein, who is responsible for the documentary, Travis, about, what else, the Travis Walton abduction. This came about because of things that Mike Rogers had said, not only on this program, but what he said to others. In one case, Rogers had said that the whole thing was a hoax, only to retract that statement, in a matter of speaking not long after making it. I had reached out to various colleagues to solicit opinions on this, and ended up speaking with Stein. I thought she would make an interesting counter to some of what Rogers had said. You can listen to the program here:

One of the things we discussed was the Steven Pierce tale that Philip Klass had offered him, that is Pierce, ten thousand dollars to admit to the hoax. You’ll remember just a couple of weeks ago I talked to Robert Sheaffer about that. Sheaffer

had said that he’d read a transcript of the conversations between Klass and Pierce and it seemed that no such offer had been made. It was just some sort of a misunderstanding because of a rumor allegedly started by Rogers. I hadn’t seen the transcripts at that time but Sheaffer was sure that his interpretation was the correct one. Stein wasn’t so sure. I have added the transcripts at the end of this post for those who wish to read them can do so. I’ll be interested in what each of you thinks, having listened to the show and seen the transcripts.

But I also have to mention that there may have been communication from Klass to Pierce through the local police department. So, when Klass mentions they had never met or talked with one another, that was the truth. Once again, we have a conflict about what happened, when it happened and how it happened. It really comes down do who you wish to believe about all this.

I also mentioned that I had no trust in James Harder, having worked with him in 1976 on an abduction investigation. I saw Harder manipulating the situation between the recorded hypnotic regression sessions. He provided the script in the guise of attempting to provide comfort to the witness. He mentioned to me that his job was to validate the Barney and Betty Hill abduction case by finding another, credible case. I would have thought that his job was to find the truth.

He provided information between the sessions that appeared in the next session. He mentioned to the witness that Betty Hill thought she had been physically examined and in the very next session with the witness, the witness said that she knew she had been examined. Stein pointed out that Harder had but one session with Walton and there really had been no opportunity for him to influence Walton’s memories of the event. Stein thought the session was more of a relaxation exercise because, for Walton, the abduction was quite stressful. In other words, Harder’s part of the story was small and probably unimportant.

For those interested, you can visit Jen Stein’s website about Travis, the documentary she produced here:

And for those interested in the Virtual Conference that will be held on November 6, you can find information about it here:

Next week, I’ll talking with Nick Redfern about his latest book, Time Travel. And the following week, for those of you who don’t think I was fair when I interviewed Bob Young, I’ll be chatting with Stan Gordon. We’ll get his take on all this, meaning the Kecksburg UFO crash. Stan had been investigating the case for decades.

Click on the document to expand... Klass' transcript of his telephone conversation with Steve Pierce.

Friday, October 08, 2021

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Bob Young and the Kecksburg UFO Crash

 Bob Young was my guest this week. I had asked him on the show to discuss his take on the Kecksburg UFO Crash of December 1965. Now, I knew that Bob was a skeptic and that he had, what he thought to be a logical though terrestrial explanation for the crash tale. You can listen to that here:

I will admit here that at one time, looking at the evidence, I believed there were five 

Bob Young and friend. I
don't know which is which.

solid cases of UFO crashes, or in one case, an emergency landing. In the world today, with better information, with access to a wide variety of sources and witnesses, I’m not sure that five is an accurate number. I’m sure that I’ll disappoint Stan Gordon by suggesting my opinion more closely matches that of Bob than it does his. However, you can listen to the show I did with Stan to get his perspective here:

 And for those who wish to read his opinions on the Kecksburg UFO crash, you can find that here:

We did talk of other things such as the nature of skepticism and the nature of evidence. I know that some skeptics require the actual crash ship or the bodies of the alien crew before they’ll concede interstellar flight and alien visitation. I mentioned the Levelland sightings which does provide multiple chains of evidence and wondered if something like that would rise to the level of solid evidence for him.

Bob, I think, wanted something more tangible than multiple witnesses at multiple locations, but did concede that it wouldn’t take a crash saucer and dead crew to convince him. It’s all a matter of the level of evidence required. Some set the bar very high, and some set it a little lower… of course, if you’ve seen a flying saucer and experienced some of the effects of a close approach, your take on all this might be somewhat different.

Next week I’ll be talking with Jennifer Stein about her experiences and interactions with Travis Walton. She had spent quite a bit of time researching the case and is responsible for the documentary, Travis. You might say we’ll look at the case from a different perspective.

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Coast to Coast - MADAR and a Red Light


As you all know, I’m a fan of multiple chains of evidence, especially when there is instrumentality involved. The idea of gathering evidence without human interaction is part of the theory behind the MADAR Network run by Fran Ridge.

Fran Ridge

I mention all this because on September 6 of this year, a MADAR Node 21 in Indiana experienced a possible anomaly at 6:26 in the morning. There were readings that suggested something nearby for a period of twenty-three seconds. We don’t have to estimate the length of time because it was all recorded automatically. The node operator used Facebook to request that anyone who had seen anything strange that morning to get in touch with him.

Jeff Hall, a retired police officer, was in a parking lot in the Indianapolis area, facing to the west at about that same time. He reported that he saw a black, cigar-shaped craft with seven, round, white lights on the trailing edge. He said that the UFO was flying at about 1800 to 2000 feet and was making no noise. He believed it to be about a half mile away, and estimated the size as about 300 feet. He watched the object until he was forced to drive off and then lost sight of it. He did say that he had seen a similar object in August.

This is the second time in the last month in which there was an anomaly detected with a corresponding sighting. Remember, in Goshen, Kentucky, the witness also saw a triangular-shaped object. I reported on this a couple of weeks ago. This suggests that the MADAR system is beginning to function as Fran Ridge planned. You can read more about this case here:

On October 3 of this year, the witness in Monmouth County, New Jersey, took video of a UFO. He said that he first noticed the light reflected on his TV screen, but it was moving around, and seemed to be changing size and shape. He used his phone to take video of the object. It seems that he was focusing on the reflection which does reduce the importance of the video.

He did have another video, taken the day before about four in the morning. He said that the stars were so bright that he was attempting to video them when he saw something that he described as a string of bright lights that shot across the sky. He said that he was holding the camera completely still without zooming in and out.

William Puckett, who analyzed these videos, suggested that the motion and the changing shape of the object might be the result of the witness moving his camera around.

Finally, in the last week there has been discussion that Albert Einstein was summoned to a base in the desert southwest to examine the remains of an alien spaceship and the bodies of the flight crew. This was first published by Len Stringfield in 1994 and UFO magazine reported on it in the mid-1990s. The investigation into this continues with many of us attempting to verify parts of the tale. I have a number of entries on my blog including the entire text of Stringfield’s report on this that includes his critical commentary.

Monday, October 04, 2021

Did Albert Einstein Visit Roswell


Probably not.

Which is not to say that the story told by Dr. Shirley Wright is completely in error. There are, however, some disturbing aspects of it. These are subtle things that civilians might not know when discussing military operations, military intelligence and military secrecy.

But first, there is the description of the base where Albert Einstein and Wright found themselves. It is not the Roswell Army Air Field. The description doesn’t really match much of what was there in 1947. It’s not all that isolated from the town and even if they had arrived by commercial air into Roswell, the drive to the base wouldn’t have taken all that long.

Albert Einstein in 1947.

I believe, at the point, that Wright, hearing all the conversation about Roswell just assumed that was the base. She originally said it was in the desert southwest and that covers a lot of territory. I could make a case for them landing in Alamogordo, which is about 100 miles from Roswell. And there would be a drive over to what was then the White Sands Proving Ground… though this isn’t quite right either.

Len Stringfeld thought it might have been Muroc, which became Edwards Air Force Base. That seems to be a better fit for what Wright described, but there really is no evidence that anything from Roswell was taken there. It was all flown out of Roswell and went to the east.

Could we have the sequence wrong? Sure. But I don’t think so. The testimony of too many suggest a transfer of materials to Wright Field and then to other points. General Arthur Exon talked of the bodies arriving at Wright Field and one of them being sent to Lowry in Denver. Given the timing, Lowry, which became surrounded by various communities, would have been on the edge of them in 1947. But then, it was just a single body and not the craft.

But the idea that this was from Roswell is probably the result of contamination by Stringfield. He wrote:

After pinning down the time-frame of her trip with the eminent scientist to the early part of July in 1947 (which wasn’t easy) [parenthetical statement in original] I asked the key question: Was the saucer you saw the one that crashed near Roswell” Her non-committal response: “No one said that it was from the Roswell crash, but I did hear that name pop up during my trip. Now, remember, I told you, they didn’t tell me anything of important, no secrets [emphasis added] or details. My boss who had the right clearance made a report, which I didn’t see. I was just told to keep my mouth shut.”

The real problem is the misunderstanding about how classified material is handled and what it means to have a security clearance. Just because you might hold a top-secret clearance, doesn’t mean that you have access to everything that is classified. You also need to have a need to know. If you don’t, then your access will be denied.

The situation described does not make sense in that arena. Wright told Shelia Franklin that she, Wright, was 18 in 1947 and was “one of the students chosen to study advanced physics with a world-famous scientist [Einstein] at an eastern university [Princeton].” All right, I suppose that might happen.

It was in that summer that Einstein found himself at an emergency meeting that was a gathering of many elite scientists and military leaders. Einstein had asked Wright to go with him. She had a security clearance because all his students studying with him that summer were required to have them.

But what does that mean? Was she cleared for top secret? Just secret? Were there any caveats on that clearance? We just don’t know. We’re told she had a security clearance that is supposed to answer all these questions. The level of the clearance is important and without that information, we have no way to evaluate this claim.

Anyway, Einstein and Wright are taken to this area, where the flying saucer and apparently the bodies of the alien flight crew are kept. An area that is probably not Roswell.

Here’s a point that makes little sense. Wright said that she and Einstein were taken across the desert to a base with scattered buildings. She said, according to Stringfied, “Unlike the others in her group, who probably stayed at the base, she was escorted to a small motel.” She had been segregated from the rest of them, suggesting that she was not needed to attend the meetings, nor was she wanted at them.

Then, according to what she told Len Stringfield; she became more involved in what was going on. According to Stringfield:

During her stay at this location, Professor Simpson [Wright, the pseudonym Stringfield gave her] recalls visits to a well-guarded old hangar. Inside, she got her first glimpse of the aliens on display for all to see. “Some of the specialists,” she said, “were allowed closer looks, including my boss. To me, they all looked a like, all five of them (emphasis in original). They were about five feet tall, without hair, with big heads and enormous dark eyes. And, yes, their skin was grey with a slight greenish tinge but for the most part, the bodies were not exposed, being dressed in tight-fitting suits. But I heard they had no navels or genitalia.” After a brief pause, Simpson [Wright] went on. “One of the aliens stood out above the rest. It had a bilious green fluid oozing from its nostrils. But it was strange; after exposure to the air, the ooze gradually became bluish, suggesting maybe a copper or cobalt base. I’m guessing it might have seeped from a gall bladder-like organ. In fact, I wondered if it was still alive, but I wasn’t close enough to see any body movement or hear any comment from the medics.”

She also said that at the far end of the hangar, she could see the spacecraft. It was disc-shaped. She said that she was bad at judging distances and size but that it took up about a quarter of the hangar floor, which is, of course meaningless without knowing the size of the hangar.

Given that she was on the periphery of the event, and given that she served no useful purpose on the trip, why was she allowed into the hangar at all? She already said that she had been separated from the rest of the group. She said she was told no secrets. What is important here is that even if she had a top-secret clearance (which I doubt) she had no need to know. Why bring her in on this at all? She is just one more potential leak.

To make this potential leak even more relevant, she told Stringfield she had 48 35mm photos of that scene in the desert. In a tale that is somewhat reminiscent of the Roswell Slides, we now have another civilian with a dubious connection to the case, photographing the scene. She said that she had photos, which, of course, would substantiate the tale. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to create four dozen pictures of alien bodies, body parts, the alien craft, and the scientists standing around them.

But as happens in all these stories, those photographs are unavailable. Most disappeared when her car was stolen. The pictures were in her briefcase in the car but you have to wonder why she was carrying them around in a somewhat cavalier fashion. However, she still had a few of the pictures. She promised to send copies but according to Stringfield, they never arrived.

Here’s where we are. We have a story told by a rather prominent university professor, who tells the story in a straight forward and convincing manner. Like Rich Reynolds, I was impressed with her answers during the short clips that were available. It sounded as if she was telling of an experience she lived rather than one she made up. She didn’t grope for the details.

We get a vague description of the base and her activities. I’m not overly concerned about that. If you are dropped into an unfamiliar environment, you might certainly be confused about the location. Her description of the trip out into the desert hints that there were no real landmarks or indications of where she was.

The trouble, for me, arises in the terrible lapse of security. If we grant that what fell near Roswell was an alien spacecraft, then we must also assume that it would be highly classified. You wouldn’t want our competitors in the world to know that we had an alien technology that if we could understand, would propel us far ahead of them. To this end, you would limit access to the information to a very few who might be able to help you understand that technology. That would not extend to young assistants to those summoned to the secret location. There is simply no way that she would have been allowed to see what she claimed to have seen.

To make it worse, she talked about dozens of photographs. We don’t know if she took them or how she gained possession of them, but this would be a horrible lapse of security. I’m not even sure that Einstein would have been in possession of these photographs, if they ever existed… But all this speculation is irrelevant. The photographs are gone and the claim of evidence that can’t be produced is no evidence at all.

While this doesn’t negate the entire story, for me it raises more than a few red flags. I would think that we might be able to learn what Einstein was doing in July 1947, and if he could have made a trip into desert southwest. Before we accept or reject this tale, we need to find additional data.

Saturday, October 02, 2021

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Randle on UFOs

My guest this week told me two days before the show that he was sick and every time he tried to speak, he ended up coughing. We decided to postpone his appearance until he felt better. That’s why you all were treated to a number of points that I had thought would interesting. You can listen to the show here:

Instead, I talked about the UFO crash? Landing? at La Camp, Louisiana. I provided a little insight into how I stumbled on this case, which is more interesting than you would think. It provides a glimpse into how the Air Force was conducting its investigations and a hint about another project, classified at a higher level, that might have received some of the metallic debris recovered from the site. Of course, I have a long posting about the sighting that follows this post.

Bob Cornett making notes during a research trip.

That led to the story of how I ended up reviewing the Project Blue Book files when they were still housed at Maxwell Air Force Base. Bob Cornett and I spent a week or ten days in Alabama going through the files before they had been redacted. That is, before the Air Force attempted to remove the names from the cases. I’ve explained before that Bob and I copied down the information on the unidentified cases, creating what I thought was a unique document. Others, such as Don Berliner, it turned out, had the chance to do the same thing.

Rob Mercer, who has appeared on this show, explained how he had come into possession of boxes of Blue Book records when the project was closed in 1969. One of the things he had was a copy of the Blue Book Index, but with the names all intact. He kindly provided me with a copy so that I can, for the most part, put all the names back into the sightings.

Ironically, the first case that I checked was the C.B. Moore (yes, the Mogul guy) sighting from Array, New Mexico. The sighting is there and in my original copy, the name was redacted. So, I looked it up in the new copy. The blacked-out name was “Multiple.” I’m not sure why the Air Force thought it necessary to redact that. BTW, I found Moore’s name, unredacted in a couple of places in the file. And I found the names of the other witnesses there as well.

I did talk a bit about the Philadelphia Experiment in the context that it is a hoax. I explained that I had actually talked to one of the Naval Officers who had been involved. I learned, contrary to the myth, that the Navy had not reproduced the book full of notations that had been sent to them by “Carlos Allende.” That project had been done by two Navy Officers who were intrigued by the case, but the Navy had nothing to do with it. You can read more about it here:

As I say, I have planned out the show, but somehow it ended up in a somewhat different place. I mentioned doing research on the Internet but not stopping when you find the data that fits your own beliefs. You must go deeper and that led to Robert Willingham, a topic I have explored in the past. You can learn about Willingham and his tales of a UFO crash here:

Next week, if things work out, the guest doesn’t get sick and the Internet doesn’t crash, I’ll be talking with Robert Young about his, well, different perspective about the Kecksburg UFO crash. Should be an interesting hour and if anyone has questions for him, let me know in the comments section here.

Friday, October 01, 2021

Len Stringfield's Dr. Shirley Wright Interviews about the Roswell UFO Crash

There has been some interest in the last few days about the information that was originally gathered by Len Stringfield about a college professor, Dr. Shirley Wright and her connection to the Roswell crash. Stringfield had given her the name Edith Simpson to protect her identity, and given the way some people act in the world today, that’s probably not a bad thing.

Following, without editorial comment, is the report that Stringfield published in his UFO Crash/Retrieval Status Report VII: Search for Proof in a Hall of Mirrors. It does provide some insight into this case. I will note, without additional comment that it was published in February, 1994.

For additional information and to listen to audio clips of Dr. Wright’s interview, you can fine that here:

 I would be interested in all comments about this information. Keep it cordial. 

Coast to Coast - Space Force and Tic Tacs

We’ve heard about tic tacs as the new form of a UFO, especially with the Navy videos that have been released.  We have heard about the new Space Force with the Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado, being renamed the Buckley Space Force Base.

I mention this because Jason Suraci, a man living just a few miles from the base photographed a tic tac on September 18, of this year. Of this sighting, he said that they were not balloons and not birds. He said that the video shows an F-16 flying close to the UFO.

The worrisome point of this is that he said that he had been watching and videoing UFOs for the last six months or so. Multiple sightings by a witness are suggestive of an over active imagination. In this case, there is video to accompany the sightings. You can see the video here:

I also wondered if there were many sightings of what we now call tic tacs. A man in Fresno, California, Vince Mandara, said that he was heading for a gas station when he spotted something in the air. He said, “I got my phone out and I see it and it’s just kind of dancing around… So, I’m filming it and then all of the sudden, it’s just gone… It just kind of blurs out.”

According to Mandara, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. There wasn’t anything else around and he said that its rapid movement is what caught his attention.

The object has a tic tac shape to it. Not quite what I think of as cigar shape, which is, of course, what we used to call these sightings.

The local TV station contacted the 144th Fighter Wing in Fresno, asking if they had any reports. The spokesman for the Wing said that they were involved in training exercises at the time of the sighting and that they had no reports of UFOs or anything violating their air space. You can access the photos here:

@TicTacUFO Instagram page.

A woman in Hinckley, in southwest England, Lucy Jane Castle, spotted and filmed a tic tac overhead. She said, “It was hovering for a while and within a blink of an eye it had gone.” She added that she had “never seen anything like this before in that shape. I quickly took a picture while it was very still.” You can find one of the pictures here:

Or, just type the name, Lucy Jane Castle into your search engine and you’ll find pictures of her as well as the UFO.

All this reminded me of a picture taken by an Army private on April 21, 1960, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Project Blue Book has a file on the case and Colonel Philip G. Evans said that it looked as if the picture was taken through a window and the cigar-shaped object was probably a reflection in the glass. I’m not convinced.

The photographer, whose name was redacted from the file, but I know it was PVT E-2 Mallow (E-2 is the second lowest rank in the Army), provided little information. There was no official form filled out and the only other information is that it was a 35 mm color slide. The photographer didn’t see the object until the film was developed.

The picture is interesting because the object is tic tac shaped, bright white and has plenty of foreground detail. The Blue Book file adds little to the case, other than it was taken between 10:00 a.m. and noon by Mallow. I’ll have the photograph posted to my blog.

This, of course, demonstrates that these sorts of objects have been reported for a long time. We just named them something else then.