Saturday, October 02, 2021

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Randle on UFOs

My guest this week told me two days before the show that he was sick and every time he tried to speak, he ended up coughing. We decided to postpone his appearance until he felt better. That’s why you all were treated to a number of points that I had thought would interesting. You can listen to the show here:

Instead, I talked about the UFO crash? Landing? at La Camp, Louisiana. I provided a little insight into how I stumbled on this case, which is more interesting than you would think. It provides a glimpse into how the Air Force was conducting its investigations and a hint about another project, classified at a higher level, that might have received some of the metallic debris recovered from the site. Of course, I have a long posting about the sighting that follows this post.

Bob Cornett making notes during a research trip.

That led to the story of how I ended up reviewing the Project Blue Book files when they were still housed at Maxwell Air Force Base. Bob Cornett and I spent a week or ten days in Alabama going through the files before they had been redacted. That is, before the Air Force attempted to remove the names from the cases. I’ve explained before that Bob and I copied down the information on the unidentified cases, creating what I thought was a unique document. Others, such as Don Berliner, it turned out, had the chance to do the same thing.

Rob Mercer, who has appeared on this show, explained how he had come into possession of boxes of Blue Book records when the project was closed in 1969. One of the things he had was a copy of the Blue Book Index, but with the names all intact. He kindly provided me with a copy so that I can, for the most part, put all the names back into the sightings.

Ironically, the first case that I checked was the C.B. Moore (yes, the Mogul guy) sighting from Array, New Mexico. The sighting is there and in my original copy, the name was redacted. So, I looked it up in the new copy. The blacked-out name was “Multiple.” I’m not sure why the Air Force thought it necessary to redact that. BTW, I found Moore’s name, unredacted in a couple of places in the file. And I found the names of the other witnesses there as well.

I did talk a bit about the Philadelphia Experiment in the context that it is a hoax. I explained that I had actually talked to one of the Naval Officers who had been involved. I learned, contrary to the myth, that the Navy had not reproduced the book full of notations that had been sent to them by “Carlos Allende.” That project had been done by two Navy Officers who were intrigued by the case, but the Navy had nothing to do with it. You can read more about it here:

As I say, I have planned out the show, but somehow it ended up in a somewhat different place. I mentioned doing research on the Internet but not stopping when you find the data that fits your own beliefs. You must go deeper and that led to Robert Willingham, a topic I have explored in the past. You can learn about Willingham and his tales of a UFO crash here:

Next week, if things work out, the guest doesn’t get sick and the Internet doesn’t crash, I’ll be talking with Robert Young about his, well, different perspective about the Kecksburg UFO crash. Should be an interesting hour and if anyone has questions for him, let me know in the comments section here.

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