Thursday, October 21, 2021

'X' Broadcast Network -Nick Redfern and his Time Travel Book


I received a copy of Nick Redfern’s new book Time Travel: Science and Science Fiction and since I enjoy time travel stories, I invited him on the show. I mentioned that I had written a number of science fiction books about time travel, including one in which there is a war in time. Each side jumping back and forth to win a battle that they thought they had already won but found a history of different results. That was On the Second Tuesday of Next Week (link to the book on the left side of the blog).

Nick Redfern from about
a decade ago (in Denver).

To begin the discussion, I mentioned the tale of the thunderbird, which is a gigantic bird that was supposedly seen in the Old West. There was supposed to be a picture taken of the bird after a couple of cowboys had killed one. Many claimed to have seen the picture in various magazines in the past, but searches today failed to find it. You can listen to the program here:

In the world today, there are pictures that are supposed to be that original, but none can be traced to an original source. Some look as if they were taken in the Old West but they are clever and well-done fakes.  I said that I would publish some of the photographs here, but the truth is, the tale is too long for a picture or two. You can read the research about the thunderbird and see the original sources of some of the pictures here:

In an interesting story was about nightmares that seemed to be predictive of the future. Nick mentioned that three people had contacted him of, as he described it, “Atomic Armageddon,” after an American president was assassinated by a foreign agent. This was supposed to ignite the war.

Such a dream wouldn’t be all that disturbing to the rest of us but Nick pointed out that three people had related the same nightmare (anyone want to mention The Stand?). Nick suggested that this war was supposed to start in 2017, which means that the danger has passed… at least for now.

We also talked about the Philadelphia Experiment, that supposed tale of the US Navy teleporting a ship that has evolved into some kind of time travel story. I mentioned that I had even interviewed one of the naval officers who had participated in the story when Carlos Allende sent his ravings to the Office of Naval Research. You can read about my take on this here:



We concluded with some discussion of the tale told by Al Bielek and why it seems to be more fraud than fact. The AOL newsfeed periodically recycles the story as if it is something new and real. So much for the state of Internet journalism…

I did mention, at the beginning of the show, that the UAP report that should have arrived around September 25, had not. You can read my full analysis here:

Next week, with luck, I’ll be talking with Stan Gordon and his take on the Kecksburg UFO crash. Stan has spent, literally, decades investigating the case and he should provide an interesting perspective.

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