Friday, March 12, 2010

The Washington National UFO Sighting Press Conference Part 9

Reporter: What percentage of your unexplainable ones that you’ve got are around

Ruppelt: A few of them.

Reporter: Is it the same pattern?

Ruppelt: I wouldn’t say that every sighting around an atomic installation is unexplained. There’s really no -- I don’t quite follow you.

Reporter: His question is what percentage of the unexplainable percentage of the sightings are grouped around atomic energy --

Ruppelt: We’ve never broken it down.

Reporter: Is it uniform to the general percentages?

Ruppelt: It followed the general percentages. In other words, if twenty per cent of the sightings are unexplained, twenty per cent of the sightings around Los Alamos are --

Reporter: Unexplained.

Ruppelt: -- unexplained; right.

Reporter: What percentage of these have come from
technical men in science at these installations?

Ruppelt: It varies with the type of people. In other words, at Los Alamos most of the people are fairly technical people. However, you run the guards in a place like that. Now, that may be another factor. All those installations have guards that stay out twenty-four hours a day and those people are in a better position to observe than other people.

Reporter: Have many of the scientists though, for instance at Los Alamos, the scientists or technical people, reported these things?

Ruppelt: Yes; they have. We have reports from very high technical people.

Reporter: If your reports, some of them, come from these technical people, what type of information would they Air Force like to have?

Ruppelt: The Air Force wold like to have -- can I answer that, sir?

Samford: Go ahead.

Ruppelt: The Air Force would like to have a size, speed and altitude and what-have-you on these things.

Reporter: Number of men inside it?


Interestingly, the type of information that Ruppelt suggested had already been provided by some of the very best of the sightings available in the Blue Book files. For example, in 1949, a technical crew in New Mexico, using various scientific equipment made observations of a high flying disk. They provided exact measurements and the sighting was forwarded to Project Blue Book. It was labeled as an "Unidentified."

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A piece of trivia for you Kevin:
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