Monday, March 07, 2011

Disclosure Poll, Part 2

As I was putting the last poll together, I came at it from a believer’s perspective. The questions all suggested there was something to be Disclosed, meaning, of course, that there was alien visitation. A number of people have pointed out that those assumptions were flawed. There should have been a "Never" answer, and more importantly, a "Nothing to Disclose" answer.

Because of that, I thought I would throw up another "Disclosure Poll," with those answers on it and see if I received significantly different results.

Over at the Magnoia Blog:

they are running a similar poll. It will also be interesting to see how their results compare to mine. Their philosophy is somewhat different than mine so their readers will have a different perspective on the universe than we do over here.

Vote away... and thanks.


Steve in TN said...

"Server not found..." for the poll link.

KRandle said...

Steve -

Link fixed... Thanks.

Terry the Censor said...

Thanks for the revision, Kevin.

carepharmarx said...

hey guys nice posts ..

Magonia said...

Kevin, nice to see that you've given your poll the same cut-off date as mine. It will be interesting to see the results.

tinyjunco said...

hullo Mr. Randle! i left a comment on your 2/26/11 post - just wanted to make sure you saw it. also OT, i just listened to your Paratopia interview (#18) - very interesting. i'm especially curious about the lady you helped who turned out to be having past life troubles - any info you can point me to? i thought it showed a very open mindset on your part, and a true commitment to helping people, whatever is going on. thank you! steph

p.s.. i would've sent this via e-mail but i can't find an address on your site.

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

Long time, no see. Bobbi and I are back in the KC area. Do you still go to sci-fi cons?

Tom Meserole