Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Reflections of a UFO Investigator

For those keeping score at home, Anomalist Books has just published Reflections of a UFO Investigator, a look at my journey through the world of UFOs.

This book begins with my very first UFO “investigation” and ends last spring, just before I left for the Roswell UFO festival. It describes my UFO “sighting” and it talks about some of the surprising things that I learned as I traveled throughout the country investigating UFOs. It explains what led me to some of the conclusions I have reached, and talks about some of the troubles I have had during those searches.

For those interested, it is available at Amazon and is an ebook through Kindle and at Barnes and Noble.

Yes, this is a commercial announcement, but then you have to learn about the book someway. Give it a look, and I’ll answer your questions about it.
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Sharon Day said...

Congratulations and thanks for sharing the info with us avid readers. We really do appreciate some intelligent and experienced insights. Yahoo! A new year's read for me!

cda said...

Yahoo? Is there a connection?

trung said...


ilfakiro said...

hello Kevin, congratulations for your new book. I have one question: I was not able to find kindle edition on amazon web site, can you confirm kindle edition is available?
il fakiro

KRandle said...

Good Afternoon -

Patrick Huyghe, of Anomalist Books, told me this morning that the Kindle edition (as well as the other ebook editions) won't be up until later. He said that formetting them for the electronic versions, so they look good, is difficult, especially when there are a lot of illustrations. He said it should be up by the end of the month.

I will note that my ebook on Roswell, which I downloaded to my Kindle (and yes, I had to pay for it) is not a pleasing document in this visual form. The illustrations have screwed up the pagination so it looks as if there are holes in the book. I understand the formatting problems now.

So, a little patience, and the Kindle version will pop up. Sorry about the miscommunication. It really is my fault.

Jeff Davis said...

Awesome! Sounds like an interesting and entertaining read. I'm in. Thanks for all your hard work Kevin, and the best of luck with the Dream Team.

Lance said...

Best wishes on the new book, Kevin!


ilfakiro said...

thanks for your update about kindle edition: I'll count the days until kindle format shall be available!
congratulations for your work!
il fakiro

Charles Deemer said...

I'm waiting for Kindle edition, too ... let us know when it's ready.

Chet Dembeck said...

As a former reporter and novice UFO investigator, I have purchased and read your books. I consider them the best in the field -- they are required primer.

I will purchase your latest from Amazon now.


Chet Dembeck

MI Trooper said...

Hey Kevin. My name is Andrea and I'm a big fan of the Vietnam Ground Zero series. I started collecting them while I was still in high school. I was pretty much raised on shows like Tour of Duty and China Beach. So when I found this series I was pretty excited as it reminded me so much of both. I still have about 13 more books to find before i have the complete set *lol* I can't wait to find out what happens to mack and the gang (<3 Tyme ) Thanks so much for writing these stories.

ilfakiro said...

just purchased the kindle edition on amazon!!!!!!

KRandle said...

ilfakiro -

Why thank you very much. I'd offer to autograph it, but I don't know how that would work. Hope you enjoy it.

ilfakiro said...

thank you so much Kevin!
this is, unfortunately, the dark side of this kind(le) of technology...