Saturday, January 27, 2018

Curse of Oak Island - They Reach the Bottom of the Money Pit?

The Money Pit?
Let me see if I have this straight. They drilled a huge hole using the best and most modern equipment available. They drilled it right where they had told us all season the original money pit had been dug. They defeated the water traps. The got all the way down to the bedrock. They couldn’t drill any deeper (well, probably they could but it doesn’t seem to be worth the effort and money but it is clear that those in the 17th century who allegedly created the money pit couldn’t have dug deeper) and they found…





There was no treasure. There were no hidden manuscripts. There was no vault, though there did seem to be a void which didn’t prove much of anything other than there was a void that they thought might have been the vault. But they reached the bottom, something that no one else had been able to do… and they found nothing.

Is this the end?

Why, of course not. They decided that they missed because they were slightly off the mark. After all, they had that little iron cross that seemed to match those created by the Templars they had found on the beach a few days earlier. They had those bits of manuscript, bone and pottery that were buried far down suggesting something real was hidden there. They had that spike. All this suggested to them that the treasure was there.

You have to hand it to them for tenacity. They’ve spent millions (or someone has) and they haven’t had much of a return on the investment, at least from the money pit. I don’t know how much of their own money the Laginas have spent, or how much of their investors money has been spent and I don’t know how much they’re paid for their appearance on the show or really any of the financial details, but someone is making money here. If they weren’t, last week would have been the last show.

“Well, boys and girls, we reached the bottom of the money pit and there was nothing there for us. It’s been fun but it’s time to pack up and go home. Catch ya later.”

Instead, well, there’s some money left in the bank so let’s just move the equipment, what, twenty feet to the right or left and do it all again.

I really do hope they find treasure. I’ve been interested in the money bit since I stumbled across the information in an old book that I bought in the late 1960s. As I have mentioned, it had a segment on the money pit. And I read D’arcy O’Connor’s The Big Dig, when it first came out in paperback in 1978… but I fear the Laginas have solved the mystery of the money pit and the solution is that there is no money pit (other than millions that have been thrown into the ground for the last two centuries).

I’ll be around to the end of the show, though I think we’ve already seen the end. Everything that follows is just anti-climax.


Lorna Hunter said...


Such negativity!

I have to say I was surprised when Marty said the only explanation was that they missed it!

I thought the obvious conclusion was that someone had got there before and there was no treasure left. (Much more face-saving than admitting there never was a treasure.)

We'll watch it 'til the bitter end.

Unknown said...

Anti-climax... Reminds me of the opening of Alphonse Capone's vault in 1986. Geraldo Rivera looked a bit frazzled when it contained.... bopkis. It took him a while to recover. The Laginas are surely aware of the sham but squeezing the toothpaste can only go so far. Next stop: the pockets of drowned Niagara Falls jumpers.

albert said...

I've been watching a 'reality show' called "Tesla's Death Ray: A Murder Declassified" on the Discovery Channel. It follows an almost identical format as the "Curse of Oak Island". In fact, I would say that there is now an established structure for all of these shows, and it's followed by every new production. If there is money to be found, it's in the hands of the networks; that's the real "money pit".
. .. . .. --- ....

KRandle said...

All -

I don't see how they can drag this out much longer. They have failed at every turn. The promoted this season with clips of the Laginas saying they had identified the original money pit, they had produced small little things, a bit of manuscript paper, a shard of pottery, human bones, and a few coins, but nothing of real importance. And now they have reached what they said was the bottom of the money pit... BUT wait, we were off slightly so we're going to do it again. At some point all the loyal followers of the show are going to say, "Enough," and turn to something else.

Mr. Sweepy said...


Want to make a bet that the brothers look for a entirely different treasure to find somewhere else in North America? The network would love it. This seems to be a even money bet. LOL

charles tromblee said...

this show is becoming a joke. to increase advertising revenue, it is diced up into about 2-3 hours per week using mostly old material with a few new spots included, and then the producers schedule it as new shows. I now record everything that they say is new and fast forward through the repeat stuff and commercials. recording and fast forward make it watchable, but it certainly is turning into one disappointment after another.

09rja said...

I never quite followed what was going on with the digging. As you pointed out: they've gone well below the elevation that the people digging in the 18th century (or whenever) said they ran into a "vault" before the whole thing got flooded. Either they've destroyed the treasure or there is likely nothing there.

They use some of the same tricks they use on some of their other shows. Some piece of junk in the hole? Musta been left by 16th century pirates. You see the same stuff on Hunting Hitler. (Hey, I wonder if Hitler drank out of this empty beer can in this abandoned house?)

Oh well......I'm just waiting for Mountain Men to start back. (Guilty pleasure of mine.)

Unknown said...

it was a real place down there but its long empty. just a location of history today. nothing more.