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Metamaterial, Art Bell and the To The Stars Academy

For those of you keeping score at home, I am coming to this table a tad bit late. I just couldn’t get fired up about the TTSA’s acquisition of alien metallic debris they call metamaterials. I have heard so many stories about bits of debris circulating throughout the UFO community and beyond that I just don’t buy into it anymore. For nearly thirty years I have chased metallic debris, claims of photographs, diaries and letters. In all that time, not one of them has panned out* so I have become somewhat cynical.

In the last few weeks I have learned that the TTSA has acquired some debris and that the US Army is interested in it because it might help develop materials to
The late Art Bell.
protect our soldiers on the battlefield. Well, having been a soldier on a battlefield or two, I’m all for protecting the soldiers but I doubt that anything the TTSA has acquired will help in that mission.

So, let’s talk about the material that the TTSA acquired that I’m told they paid something like 35 grand for. Just what is that material and where did it come from (so many sentences ending in prepositions)?

It has been reliably reported that what we have here is something that was originally known as Art’s Parts because they were originally sent to late night talk show host Art Bell. He received them in a letter on April 10, 1996. That tells us that these parts have been around for a while. According to the letter that arrived anonymously with them:

Dear Mr. Bell,
I’ve followed your broadcasts over the last year or so, and have been considering whether or not to share with you and your listeners, some of the information related to the Roswell UFO crash.
My grandfather was a member of the Retrieval Team, sent to the crash site, just after the incident was reported. He died in 1974, but not before he had sat down with some of us, and talked about the incident.
I am currently serving in the military, and hold a Security Clearance, and do NOT wish to “go public”, and risk losing my career and commission.
Nonetheless, I would like to briefly tell you what my own grandfather told me about Roswell. In fact, I enclose for your safekeeping “samples” that were in the possession of my grandfather until he died, and which I have had since his own estate was settled. As I understand it, they came from the UFO debris, and were among a large batch subsequently sent to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio from New Mexico.
My grandfather was able to “appropriate” them, and stated that the metallic samples are “pure extract aluminum”. You will note that they appear old & tempered, and they have been placed in tissue-paper, and in baggies for posterity.
I have had them since 1974, and after considerable thought and reflection, give them to you. Feel free to share them with any of your friends in the UFO Research Community.
I have listened to many people over the years discuss Roswell and the crash events, as reported by many who were either there or who heard about it from eyewitnesses.
The recent Roswell movie, was similar to my grandfather’s own account, but a critical element was left out, and it is that element which I would like to share.
As my granddad stated, the Team arrived at the crash site just after the AAF/USAF reported the ground zero location. They found two dead occupants, hurled free of the Disc.
A lone surviving occupant, was found within the Disc, and it was apparant [sic] it’s left leg was broken. There was a minimal radiation contamination, and it was quickly dispersed with a water/solvent wash, and soon the occupant was dispatched for medical assistance and isolation. The bodies were sent to the Wright-Patterson AFB, for dispersal. The debris was loaded onto three trucks which finished the on-load just before the sunset.
Granddad was part of the Team that went with the surviving occupant. The occupant communicated via telepathic means. It spoke perfect english [sic], and communicated the following:
The Disc was a “probeship” dispatched from a “launchship” that was stationed at the dimensional gateway to the Terran Solar System, 32 light years from Terra. They had been conducting operations on Terra for over 100 years.
Another group were exploring Mars, and Io [which I assume is a moon of Jupiter… funny how the aliens knew the names we gave to various astronomical bodies but keep referring to Earth as Terra… but I digress].
Each “probeship” carried a crew of three. A “launchship” had a crew of (100) one-hundred.
The Disc that crashed, had collided with a meteor in orbit of Terra, and was attempting to compensate it’s flight vector, but because of the collision, the inter-atmospheric propulsion system malfunctioned, and the occupants sent out a distress signal to their companions on Mars. The “launchship” commander made the decision to authorize an attempted soft-landing on the New Mexican desert. At the same time, the inter-atmospheric propulsion system had a massive electrical burn-out, and the Disc was soon virtually helpless.
There was another option available to the occupants, but it involved activating the Dimensional powerplant for deep space travel. However, it opens an energy vortex around the Disc for 1,500 miles in all directions. Activating the Dimensional powerplant, would have resulted in the annihilation of the states of New Mexico, Arizona, California and portions of Mexico. Possibly even further states would have been affected.
Thus, the occupants, chose to ride the ship down, and hope of the best. They literally sacrificed their lives, rather then destroy the populations within their proximity.
The Dimensional powerplant was self-destructed, and the inter-atmospheric propulsion system was also deactivated, to prevent the technology from falling into the hands of the Terrans. This was done in accordance with their standing orders in regards to any compromise with contact experiences.
Granddad spent a total of 26 weeks in the Team that examined and debriefed the lone survivor of the Roswell crash. Granddad’s affiliation with the “project” ended, when the occupant was to be transported to a long-term facility. He was placed on-broad a USAF Transport aircraft, that was to be sent to Washington, D.C.
The aircraft and all aboard disappeared under mysterious and disturbing circumstances, enroute to Washington, D.C.
It may interest you that three Fighter aircraft, dispatched to investigate a distress call from the Transport experienced many electrical malfunctioning systems failures, as the entered the airspace of the transports [sic] last reported location. No crash or debris of the Transport was ever found. The Team was disbanded.
Well, I realize I have likely shocked you with this bizzare [sic] and incredible account, and seeking to remain “unknown” likely doesn’t do anything for my credibility… eh? And the metal “sample” only will likely add to the controversy.
But, I know you will take this with a “grain of salt”, and I don’t blame you, Mr. Bell.
I just hope that you can understand, my reasons and my own desire to maintain my career and commission.
I am passing through South Carolina with an Operational Readiness Mobility Exercise, and will mail this just prior to this Exercise, possibly from the Charleston area.
I will listen to your broadcast, to receive any acknowledging or confirmation, that you have received this package.
This letter and the contents of the package are given to you, with the hope that it helps contribute to the discussion of the subject of UFO Phenomena.
I agree with Neil Armstrong, a good friend of mine, who dared to say, at the WHITE HOUSE no less, that there are things “out there”, which boggle the mind and are far beyond our ability to comprehend.
Sign me,
A Friend

Well, there is a lot more nonsense to follow up with this, including some preliminary reports on the composition of the material. Almost all of the analyses suggested that the material is of Terran manufacture (being an old science fiction fan, I couldn’t resist using the science fiction name for Earth… Terra. BTW, I find the use of the name, Terra troubling and indicative of hoax since it is a science fiction term that wouldn’t have been known by many outside of science fiction fans in 1947… though, at one point I told Stan Friedman that I preferred the term Terran to Earthling, but I digress) You can read more of it here:

If you wish for more confirmation that the TTSA material is the “Art’s Parts,” you can read about it here:

For those who might need a little help with this, what we have is here is nonsense. It is an anonymous letter containing a few scraps of metal. There is no provenance for the metal other than a cockamamie story of some unknown guy who somehow managed to escape with some bits of metal that he said came from Roswell but offered no proof of that. We can’t check the name to see if the guy was ever really in Roswell because we have no name. We have various analyses of the metal which mostly suggest it is from Earth. It’s been around for a couple of decades until Linda Moulton Howe sold it to TTSA (way to go Linda) and now it is about to go another round of analysis that will prove nothing because THERE IS NO PROVENANCE for it. We trace it to Art Bell and no farther… and Bell is dead so that really is the end of the line.

But somehow, the TTSA academy convinced the Army to study the material because it might lead to a way to make military equipment that is more resistant to the strains of combat. Why the Army would agree to that is almost as big a mystery as who this anonymous letter writer with the anonymous grandfather is.

The original letter should be the giveaway. A base on Mars. Aliens sacrificing themselves to save New Mexico and a bunch of other places. A convenient plane crash (or disappearance) so that the people who knew the most about this are gone along with the surviving alien crew member (maybe that launchship snatched the airplane to save the lone survivor).

Anyway, the anonymous nature of the letter, the lack of real provenance for the metamaterial, the stupid story told in the letter, are all reasons I failed to tackle this before now. I just couldn’t get around to it… but here are some of the facts. You have to decide if the Army is really dumb enough to think that little bits of metamaterial sent to a late late talk show host are enough to waste the limited resources of that one Army unit’s research budget. I simply can’t believe that they fell for it. The anonymous letter writer has to be laughing his ass off.

*We did discover a diary kept by Ruth Barnett for 1947, but there is nothing in it to suggest that Barney Barnett had seen a crashed saucer on the Plains of San Agustin. For the true believers, this was worse than finding no diary at all.


RedTornado2008 said...

Terra is the Roman name for Earth and has been around for centuries. Most sci-fi writers use it as it sounds much more cool than the English/Germanic translation Earth.

RedTornado2008 said...

I forgot to add I don't believe the anonymous letter for one minute.

Byron Weber said...

The letter by "A Friend," is hilarious. Based on Putoff's many papers he has written since the 1960's, he didn't come to metamaterials until he became associated with the Skin Walker Ranch and the AATIP program funded by the DIA. Previously, his interest was in Zero Point Energy and Vacuum Polarization. In 2010 he submitted a paper as a Defense Intelligence Reference Document, acquisition threat report, titled "Advanced Space Propulsion based on Vacuum (Spacetime metric) Engineering" in which he admits the idea is "far reaching." Contrary to Putoff's proposal, the emphasis on metamaterial research since the late 1990's for military defense has been on artificial manipulation of light to provide cloaking, or invisibility, magnifying and possible weapons development. Penn State College of Engineering seems to have been at the forefront of the research since they have received repeated funding from DARPA, the U.S. Navy and Lockheed Martin. So, darned if I know what the U.S. Army's interest is in TTSA. Just another unknown, another mystery in this bizarre story of a rock star turned ufologist entrepreneur.

TheDimov said...

Nothing but a childish, amateur hoax in my opinion.

Moonman said...

You should listen to John Greenewald Jr's interview with Linda MH. She had alot of really amazing stuff that even John could not break her stream of consciousness banter. She dragged in poor old Jacques Vallée. But she spun a long story of seeking terahertz generators to activate the metamaterial. And how they couldn;t find any such generators. Blah blah blah. Fascinating.

I think the Army just wants to meet a rock star. Or maybe it is just more disinformation.

Unknown said...

As far as I know they had a source from Los Alamos a decade ago. who claimed that he had worked on both (sic!) roswell wreckages. Some of the stuff Puthoff talked last year on the bismuth zinc alloys came from papers they received from this source.

Nad said...

Was this the sample that was announced at the 97 UFO con? I forget the doctors name but he declared it to be ET. It was composed of magnesium and bismuth.