Friday, November 12, 2021

Coast to Coast AM - The State of Current Affairs


First, I thought I would mention that Avi Loeb, he of the Project Galileo and the search for, well, basically, alien artifacts visiting the Solar System, had brought three people on board including Lue Elizondo, Leon Podesta and Nick Pope. This surprises me only because during my conversations with him, he seemed to want to steer away from an association with UFOs. I had thought a review of UFO history, concentrating on the cases in which there were multiple chains of evidence might be valuable. I thought those cases in which electromagnetic effects had been reported could provide clues about the detection of these artifacts, but Dr. Loeb seemed uninterested. This this latest news suggests that there is something to the UFO phenomenon that might be of use to the project’s purposes.

Levelland, where multiple, independent witnesses reported their cars stalled by
the close approach of a glowing, egg-shape object.

Second, John Greenewald of Black Vault fame has received information through his ongoing FOIA searches that suggests the Navy has classified the UAP reports. That would mean that we, outside the confines of Washington, D.C. and the DoD, have little chance of learning anything about these Navy pilot reports that has sparked this latest interest. If they follow past examples, it means if they find a solution, they
John Greenewald

will report it but if they don’t then we’ll hear nothing about it. This seems to be a retreat into the past. This all happened 70 years ago with the Twining Letter, and then in the late 1960s with the Condon Committee investigation. In the end, everything is reduced to national security which prevents disclosure of the reports. It seems to me that the Deep State is taking over so that they might retain their power. I’m not surprised.

Finally, I’ve found some interesting reports from the last few weeks. On September 12 of this year, the witness said that he had an urge to go outside his home in Idaho. According to the report filed with MUFON, he said, “I felt something tell me to go outside and look up. I saw a boomerang object with two lights banking over my home and then I could see the outline of a triangle and a third light. It then headed west, towards the Mountain Home Air Force Base.”

Idaho MUFON state director Jim Millard closed the case as an unknow vehicle. In his report, he restated that the witness had seen something very large. There were no other aircraft in the area at the time.

Keeping with the triangular-shaped UFOs, and sightings that last longer than a minute, the witness, in Joliet, Illinois, reported three lights in a triangular formation on October 25 of this year. The object, or lights, were four times brighter than the background stars, and seemed to be moving about twenty miles an hour. The witness reported training in aerial identification while serving on the USS Constellation. Based on that training, the witness said, “My best guess places the initial formation at about 3000 feet… to the right of the road, at the same height were additional 10 or more lights about a mile wide… I was able to take a photo with my camera phone as these lights drifted further in a southwesterly direction.”

The sighting lasted about twelve minutes.

A woman, who described herself as a Jewish, divorced mother of three who has a Master’s degree in English, said that she had stepped outside on October 22 of this year, when a flash of light caught her attention. She saw a string of purple-blue lights in an undescribed formation. She said that it made different movements, wobbled, hovered and made sharp zig-zags. The formation was accompanied by a strange buzzing vibration sound and was in sight for one to two minutes. Although she didn’t take any video of the sighting, she said that it resembled one she had seen on YouTube. You should be able to see that at:

It does seem that many of these reports are accompanied by video or photographs. Most of those photographs are very good, but cell phone cameras are improving. We just need to keep watching and one of these days we might get a UFO sighting with video taken from multiple angles and the data we could recover would be very interesting.


Capt Steve said...

"In the end, everything is reduced to national security which prevents disclosure of the reports."

Not sure this is the DeepState in action as much as it's simply going with what works. And given the small attention span of the American people, it may be MORE successfull than in the past.

jlamadehe said...

Hello Mr. Randle, I hope you are well sir. Is there an email address or other contact method I can reach you on please? I just finished one of your articles from several years ago and would like to ask you some follow up questions to further a personal investigation.

Kind regards,