Friday, January 20, 2023

AARO, MADAR and an Australia Video

A couple of weeks ago, I reported that Sean Kirkpatrick of AARO, had said that they were going to investigate UFO sightings going back to 1997. Not long after that, Christopher Mellon said that the investigation was going to begin with sightings in 1945. I believe the difference is that Kirkpatrick was talking about the official DoD and DNI investigation and Mellon was referring to the NASA end of the probe. Not exactly contradictory statements, just a difference in the investigative philosophy of two separate but parallel investigations.

I have also heard that originally the idea was to investigate reports back to 1947 when the flying saucers were reported in the United States. There had been sightings prior to Ken Arnold’s of June 24, 1947, but they had gone unnoticed by the press and the general public. Arnold’s sighting captured the attention of the country and after that the newspapers were filled with reports from around the country and around the world.

The 1945-time frame came, according to some, to take the investigation back to the Foo Fighters of World War II. These sightings were never explained and when the war ended the imperative to find an explanation disappeared. That was also cover the Ghost Rockets seen over Scandinavia and then northern Europe in 1946. Again, no solid explanation has been offered for those sightings.

The classic Foo Fighter photograph. There is some controversy about the
reliability of this picture, but it represents the basic description.

As I have said, there are many good reports being made today. On September 4 of last year, the witness in Montara, California said that he saw a large, cylinder-shaped object at the top of a mountain. He said that it was close to a man-made structure. He thought it was some sort of parking garage because there was a cork screw pattern on one side. It was tall and smooth and had a black stripe on it. At the top were several smooth, silver cylinders and to the right was a structure that hung over the edge of the mountain.

The primary witness didn’t get a good look at the structure, but the secondary witnesses did. The object was in sight for one to two minutes. As they rounded the mountain, they looked back up but the object, whatever it was, had disappeared. There was a corresponding spike in the magnetometer at one of the MADAR Node sites providing a secondary chain of evidence.

A much better sighting occurred on August 11 of last year near Willimantic, Connecticut. According to the witness, two objects were seen flying side by side. They were triangular shaped and had a series of lights on them. The UFOs passed directly overhead, flying low with no noise. The objects moved straight up and disappeared.

According to Fran Ridge, there were three important points. A specific time was given. The witness said, "they then moved straight up quickly,” indicating a vertical ascent. And finally at Newington, Connecticut, which is only 27 miles west of the sighting area, MADAR Node106 had a noticeable increase in the magnetometer reading. The onboard compass had varied for 3 minutes and the sighting lasted three minutes.

From Sydney, Australia, comes a video taken by a woman identified only as Tanya on January 18 of this year. She was sitting on the balcony when the UFO caught her attention. She thought it might be a meteor, but then realized that it had stopped to hover. She said that it then shot off at high speed.

The UFO is a bright, white object seen against a blue sky. The motion seems to be the result of the object’s motion, though the camera does move. There doesn’t seem to be a break in the filming, based on the time code with the video. You can see the video here:

Ross Coulthart, who investigates UFOs and who watched the video, said that it moved too fast for a drone, though he couldn’t rule that out completely. He said that it didn’t move like other aerial craft, such as a balloon. He did say that it would help if there were other witnesses. 

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