Saturday, May 20, 2023

More Analysis of the Latest AARO Briefing

There has been a lot of chatter about the recent update from Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick of the official UAP investigation on the various UFO platforms. Jan Aldrich, a long time and careful researcher, provided an interesting take on all of it.

What I have hinted at, he said outright. This briefing was theater for the public and since this was an unclassified hearing, nothing of substance was mentioned during it. Alrich said that prior to this public hearing, the committee chair and the ranking member of the Senate committee had already had the classified version of the briefing. This, then was more reinvention of the wheel and an attempt to convince the public that something important was being done, even if the results were less than spectacular.

The somewhat less than spectacularly attended AARO Briefing

I have pointed out that the first official investigation was created by then Lt. General Nathan F. Twining in 1947 and was officially known as Project Sign but publicly as Project Saucer. This eventually evolved into Project Grudge and finally into Project Blue Book. Alrich suggests that Blue Book was a reinvention of Sign, but I believe the first reinvention was Grudge. No matter, attitudes and responses changed with each new project.

I should also point out because it is not part of the official record, that Twining had ordered an off-the-books investigation in December 1946. They were gathering data through military sources. The public knew nothing about this investigation and when Kenneth Arnold made news in June 1947, this unofficial investigation morphed into the official investigation.

Alrich suggests a shakeup in 1966 when Dr. James McDonald warned the AMC commander that the incompetence in Blue Book might not be good for career advancement for any number of people. The general then ordered a revitalization of Blue Book. The changes were made, but as officers were reassigned, the investigation soon slipped into the old patterns of do nothing and deny everything.

Alrich suggests the fourth reinvention was the Condon Committee. I think it was the fifth, with the 1953 Robertson Panel providing guidance on how the UFO investigation should proceed. Many of the ideas suggested by the Robertson Panel were incorporated into the Project Blue Book investigation with those in charge taking their cues from the panel’s recommendations. By including the Robertson Panel in the discussion, that would seem to make the Condon Committee the fifth attempt.

Here’s the interesting part of Alrich’s analysis. He mentioned that Blue Book closed in 1969 and the evidence is that it was, in fact closed. I interviewed Carmon Marano,

Carmon Marano

the last officer at Blue Book who explained how they were throwing out files, though he believed some of the information should be preserved. Since it was being destroyed, he took much of it home. That information eventually made its way to Rob Mercer. That information has yielded many good cases and leads. The point is that they were cleaning out the Blue Book offices because Blue Book had been closed.

But according to Alrich the Air Force continued to gather UFO information with only government input and no reports from the public. Does this sound familiar? It is what AARO has said it is doing… and I’ll note here that we do have evidence of this. The Hickson/Parker abduction was investigated by the Air Force in 1973. There is documentation that proves an Air Force interest in the case. The two men were interviewed at Keesler Air Force Base the day after the abduction, and they were interrogated by high-ranking base officers. And, importantly, the names of other witnesses to the abduction was also noted at the time. You can read more about this here:

The point here is simply that the current official interest in UFOs goes back decades. After a period of serious investigation, the military operations devolve into public relations attempts to convince the world that UFOs are not alien spacecraft and there is no mystery about them. The reality seems to be that each time to government tells us that they have no interest in UFOs, that is a lie.

This latest round of investigations and congressional hearing seems to be just so much eyewash to convince us that this is a serious attempt to find answers. But we’re getting nothing of substance and it appears that the Robertson Panel suggestion of more than 70 years ago is now in play. Show the public a mysterious sighting and then provide the mundane explanation for it. That should eliminate the public interest…

Of course, it hasn’t worked yet, but they can always hope that the fifth, or is it the sixth, attempt will by the charm. 


James Clarkson said...

In reference to AARO choosing to somehow find the alleged TRINITY UFO case to be valid: it appears either AARO has no experience or insight into the entire subject of UFO Crash Retrieval Evnets, or they know how questionable this case really is, and from a Counter Intelligence perspective, it is now a means to scuttle the entire subject matter in the future, like installing an emergency valve so you can scuttle your own ship if the need arises.

William G. Pullin said...

Agreed, that certainly is the situation as it stands now.