Thursday, May 09, 2024

Three Sightings of a Pennsylvania Tic-Tac

I search many websites, podcast, magazines and even on-line conferences, government hearings and panel discussions about UFOs looking for reports that are interesting, informative and suggest that there are some strange things going on out there. I try to separate the good from the bad to provide a mostly unbiased assessment. One of the better sites is Stan Gordon’s UFO Anomalies Zone website. It is a compendium of many things paranormal.  

Stan Gordon

This observation is underscored by several interesting cases I found there. At the top of the list was one from April 22 of this year in which there was also a photograph. That, of course made it interesting, although the photograph doesn’t provide much in the way of visual evidence.

According to the available information, the witness was outside at 3:35 p.m. when he spotted something that he couldn’t identify. The object was low over a populated area.

Unlike so many others, he grabbed his cell phone and took a single picture just before the UFO vanished behind some trees.

The UFO was a silver-white cylinder that had no visible wings or tail. It looked like an elongated tic-tac to me as I studied the picture. And, you can see the picture, as well as other information about this sighting and the other two here:

A Third Low Level Wingless Cylindrical UFO/UAP Has Been Reported in Daylight During April 2024 in Southwest Pennsylvania – Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone

The witness said that it appeared more reflective than something with an internal glow. To the witness, it looked streamlined with a rounded front.

The witness said that he was familiar with the normal air traffic that flies over his area. The UFO was flying at a height of one to two thousand feet, moved in a smooth manner and made no noise. 

He did say that it was impossible to estimate the distance to the object and that he said that while it was near the clouds it looked large but when he first saw it, away from the clouds, it looked to be of moderate size. He said that it seemed to be gliding rather than flying, and moved in a straight line from north to south.

In the world today, UFO sightings come with all sorts of interesting, additional information. The witness said that he called a friend who had a FlightAware app on his cell. The friend said there was nothing in the area, except something moving south to north at an altitude much higher than that used by commercial aviation… which, of course, doesn’t rule out some sort military aircraft.

This is another astounding aspect of the world today. With the right app, you can get a look at where all the aircraft flying around the United States at any given moment, but I digress.

Gordon reported that Ron Lanham of Wild & Weird West Virginia, conducted a photo analysis. Lanham said that he could find no visible flight control surfaces or vapor trails. He also said that it didn’t appear to have the shape of a conventional aircraft and that it looked solid in the picture frame. I’m not sure what equipment Lanham used to make his analysis, but it is always good to get a second and third opinion.

Here good the good part. Gordon reported that this was not the only such sighting in April in Pennsylvania. On April 8th, while traveling by car in the North Huntingdon area, the witnesses said she spotted something strange at 11:30 a.m. The driver described a large, smooth, white cylindrical-shaped object. It was flying at a relative low level.

The driver called her passenger’s attention to the UFO. She said that the object did not look flat or rounded to her but skinny, with a round front end but seemed flat in the rear. There were no signs of propulsion, wings, lights or markings that she could see.

The passenger had the better view of the object than the driver who had to focus on the road. They both had the impression that the object was more tic-tac shaped than cigar shaped as it climbed higher until it disappeared into the clouds. The sighting was estimated to have lasted for only a few seconds.

I will note here that the estimate of a few seconds is probably inaccurate given that most people are unable to accurately gauge the passing of time in such circumstances. I will also note that if the time estimate is good, then they didn’t have a chance to get a good look at the UFO. It would have been nice of the passenger, who got the better look had been able to use her cell phone to take a picture.

And finally, on April 14 of this year, near Pittsburgh, the witness saw a bright, metallic, cigar-shaped object in fast flight. She said that it was sleek, shiny and narrow. Both ends of the UFO were rounded and the craft was wingless. There was no sound associated with the object.

She thought it was flying about 200 feet above the ground, flying in a straight line in high winds. She lost sight of it as it was blocked from view by trees. Again, more information is available at Stan Gordon’s UFO Anomalies Zone website which you can find at: 


Sky70 said...

My, my, another UFO report that nobody seems to know exactly what it is. The whole report is based on what the Witness said, with no evidence of nothing. Was it one thousand feet up in the air or two thousand feet? Good luck with these types of sightings friends!

KRandle said...

Sky70 -

My report here was just not an in-depth analysis, but a summary of the relevant facts of the case. Did you contact Stan Gordon and ask about all the information he had about the case, or did you just decide to post negative comments without bothering to look further. Just wondering.

Sky70 said...

@kRandle: Ok, I can accept your blog, but I was just asking some relevant questions, that's all. As for Mr. Gordon, no I did not contact the man...yet.

Paul Young said...

Sky70... "My, my, another UFO report that nobody seems to know exactly what it is."

If we knew exactly what it was then it wouldn't be an UFO. I suppose the irony of your comment is lost on you.

Anyway, you're right on the ball, aren't you. You comment on almost every article, and are usually up there with the first to do so. I picture you, sat by your PC in your bedroom at your mums house, in your spiderman pyjamas, for hours every day, anxiously waiting for the next article to drop a dog waiting for a postman to bark at.

The big wonder for me is why people, like you, who are total none believers in an ETH possibility of some of the UFO's reported over the years by highly credible witnesses (astronauts, prototype aircraft test pilots, etc) then why would you spend so much time on a website dedicated to the subject?
The time you spend repeating your same banal remarks makes me believe you are either bored out of your skull (in which case you might consider getting a budgie to teach English to) or you actually are a closet believer trying to convince yourself there's nothing in it.

Scotland said...

Sky70 - I kind of agreed with what you said. While we do have a picture, it’s yet again, another grainy picture where you can barely see the object. This is something that does annoy me in the UFO field and that is the lack of good evidence. Granted, I don’t know the source that saw this but still, there are problems with witness testimony. And also I don’t understand how he was able to guess how high it was and what not. Even if you’re able to do that, your eyes play tricks on you and there’s also illusions to worry about.

Having said all of that, though, if I had to, guess what this could be, I would say it’s possibly an airship. There are several military airships that are shaped similar to what the witness saw. Having said that, though I don’t know, given the lack of information.