Thursday, December 12, 2019

Curse of Oak Island and Red Water

As those of you who visit here know, I have about given up on Curse of Oak Island. They had been tearing up the island for years and all they have to show for all that destruction are some crummy artifacts that are essentially worthless and a pack of speculations that are laughable in the extreme.
Oak Island, obviously.

Remember back in the early days when we were repeatedly shown that lousy video from Borehole 10X. There were images seen on that video that resembled a body, there was a hammer seen, and some sort of box that suggested treasure. When was the last time they showed that? Certainly not after they managed to put a diver down to the bottom of the hole and he found nothing of the sort. There was no body or tool or box. It was just an empty cavern that had a current in the water that suggested a connection to the ocean.

We were told they had found a mythical treasure vault because one of the holes they drilled had penetrated some sort of wooden structure. Never mind that the island is riddled with tunnels and holes and excavations in which wood was used to prop up everything. This, they said was the vault… except they haven’t been able to find it again and their one connection to it produced nothing but that wood.
They have dug up Smith’s Cove and found all sorts of structures that suggest some sort of military or nautical facility on the island. They have actually found historical records that seem to match those structures to actual installations built in the 1700s proving that someone was there in the years before the alleged Money Pit was found. In fact, everything they have found suggests an occupation that was abandoned before the boys showed up to start digging away at their imagined treasure.

I bring all this up because of something I saw in the last episode. Before I get to that, I want you all to remember that a few episodes ago they tossed some red dye into one of the holes they had dug to see where it would come up. At Smith’s Cove they had found a stone structure and by structure, I mean two stones that were tipped together to suggest the possibility of a triangle-shaped stone drain (changed from the box drain they spent years telling us about) that would lead to the Money Pit. Eventually, some red water trickled out and they all said that it proved a connection to the pit, whichever pit they’d tossed the dye into.

Now, we have them using an excavator to dig down deeper, farther inland, until they hit the water table. There was water seeping into the hole and that water had the same strange, reddish-orange color of that water that had been seen back on Smith’s Cove. What does this tell us? Well, I’d say that it showed that there was some sort of natural element that colored some of the water on the island. What they had seen in that earlier episode was not evidence of the dye migrating to Smith’s Cove, but a result of tapping into a water source that had been stained. In other, plainer words, they found nothing of interest and yet hyped it as some kind of proof of the treasure.

I was going to ask, “At what point do they admit defeat, pack up and go home?”
But the answer is obvious. When the ad revenue dries up and the show becomes a liability rather than an asset.

I believe that we have the answers here. We know what was going on, and the explanation of a military or nautical installation makes more sense than a hidden treasure of the Knights Templar, the lost manuscripts from William Shakespeare, or the French crown jewels.

But, in the positive, they have answered the question of what is hidden on Oak Island. Nothing of importance.

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Rusty L. said...

I think the treasure angle is a load of crap, but I find the engineering interesting as well as some of the artifacts they have found. Take everything they have done and it would make a mediocre 2-hour documentary.