Monday, December 23, 2019

Philip Schneider, Cliff Stone and a History UFO Program

While I was waiting for Gold Rush to start, I was flipping around, looking for something else to watch. I came across a “documentary” on History and I put documentary in quotes because it struck me as more fiction than fact. All the interviews, all the alleged information, was presented without critical comment and I wondered if anyone would actually swallow any of the nonsense.

We started off, or I should say, I started off, watching the tale of Philip Schneider, a geological engineer who was working at the top secret military installation built under Dulce, New Mexico. He said that while he was working deep inside, either drilling for a new tunnel, just working in that tunnel, or trying to find what has caused a problem, he was confronted by a tall, smelly, gray alien. Without missing a beat, he drew his sidearm and opened fire, killing the alien creature.

That sparked a firefight between the human forces and the aliens. Sixty of the humans were killed and an unknown number of the aliens died. Schneider was one of the three human survivors, though badly wounded. Why, he even had the scars to prove that he had taken a hit in the chest, by a ray beam fired from the chest of one of the aliens.

Yeah, I have problems with this. The first question that sprang to my mind was why was a geological engineer carrying a sidearm? I suppose you could suggest it was in case he ran into snakes, but I think he said it was a Walther PPK, or one of the weapons used by James Bond. Besides, a shotgun using birdshot would make a better anti-snake weapon.

And, of course, if he was working on the base, wouldn’t he have been aware of what some of the occupants looked like? He did say, at some point, that these aliens absorbed the blood of humans and cattle for sustenance. Doesn’t that suggest that he had some knowledge of them prior to his unexpected and deadly encounter?

On this documentary, one of the talking heads said that Schneider had the scars to prove his story. They then showed Schneider pulling up his shirt showing us a long scar on his chest. But that only proved that he had a scar and I seem to remember an anti-smoking commercial where the guy showed his chest after heart surgery and it looked remarkedly like that Schneider showed us on that documentary.

There was one other point to be made here. Schneider said during one of his lectures, that there are seven friendly alien races on Earth and they are opposed by four evil races.

Well, I wasn’t convinced by this, and it would seem that practically anyone who was paying attention would see the trouble with what Schneider had to say. When I was at Dulce, I could find no evidence of this massive underground base and it seemed that those living in the area had no knowledge of it… But then it is
A much younger Cliff Stone. Photo copyright
by Kevin Randle
supposed to be top secret, which would mean that we aren’t supposed to know anything about it and it isn’t supposed to be easy to find.

Next up was Cliff Stone, a Roswell resident who, according to him, was involved in almost every important UFO event in the last half century or so. Stone was interviewed about his involvement with some sort of retrieval team, telling all that they’d get a call, and head out to the scene of a UFO crash. As I have said before, it seems these things are just raining out of the sky.

There is no indication that Stone had any sort of specialized training that would make him an asset to any sort of retrieval team. His military records show no special schooling, though they do document his training as a clerk-typist. He is a high school graduate but there is no indication of any college courses. That would seem to make him a poor choice for the specialized work of retrieving alien spacecraft.

I will note here that I first met Stone in February 1989 on the first trip to Roswell that Don Schmitt and I made. Stone made a big deal of going out to his car and returning with a file that had a Top Secret cover sheet on it. I knew at the moment that Stone had a flare for the fantastic because if he really had a top secret document in his car and not just the cover sheet, he was in violation of the law. Military regulations covering the storage of top secret material requires a vault… not just a safe, but a vault and Stone does not have a vault in his house. Obviously, that was meant to impress Don and me. It failed because it told me quite a bit about Cliff Stone… and no, it wasn’t all that great.

Anyway, here’s the real reason I bring this up. On that same program with Schneider, claiming 11 alien races involved here on and around Earth, Stone tells us about 57 alien species. Why the big discrepancy and why had no one at the documentary asked the simple question about the discrepancy? I would have liked to see someone question the outrageous statements rather than accepting everything as if was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I would really like to see some tough questions asked of these people rather than the complete acceptance of what they say. That would make an interesting documentary.


Louis Nicholson said...

All good points, Kevin. Have you invited either of them on your radio show? I would love to hear how they respond to your points.

KRandle said...

Well, Schneider is dead, so he'd be tough. I've thought about inviting on Cliff, but I'm not sure it would make good radio...

Paul Young said...

On the contrary, I think it would make wonderful radio listening to you (Kevin) interrogating this "Walter Mitty".

Louis Nicholson said...

I agree with Paul. It would be a great service to the UFO-interested public to expose Mr. Stone's mendacity (in a tactful way) if he is indeed a fraud. He's been on Coast to Coast a few times and apparently George Norry believes him. For years, I believed him until you brought up some disturbing points about him and I would love to see how, and if, he defends himself. He probably would not even agree to come on the show if he knows how you feel about him.

Brian B said...

Sadly Schneider’s testimony is still used continuously to defend the entire “underground” extraterrestrial habitation theory. It’s amazing people still believe this, including the idea that Schneider was “assassinated” because of his claims. Cliff Stone is even more widely held up as a prime witness of extraterrestrial contact. Is it because he just has a believable looking face, or something else?

Unknown said...

I too, would love to hear Kevin interview Stone, or as I like to call him The Forrest Gump of Ufology, as he seems to have inserted himself into every significant event in the history of the field.

I used to think he was quite harmless, then I started noticing how many people actually believed his tales of smuggling captive Aliens out of high security bases etc then as time went on and his claims got more and more dramatic I started to dislike Cliff more and more. I suppose he's just one of those people in life who talk bollocks. The people who I really have an issue with are those who give him an unopposed platform to spout his nonsense, or even worse, those who put the likes of Stone on the same stage as witnesses with legitimate evidence and credentials, ruining the credibility of everyone in the process....Thank you again Steven Greer.

If you ever do have him on Kevin, I think it would be great radio as I've never heard anyone question Stone seriously. I would also love to hear your response as he does his usual routine of crying as he recounts the sorrow he felt for one of the stranded Aliens he couldn't save.

From what i remember, he was in Vietnam but didn't see any action as he was a clerk typist. However, according to Cliff, he used to sneak out of the base during his time off to go and fight the VC. I remember Don Ecker howling with laughter when he heard that.

Please get him on Kevin, hopefully he will accept.