Monday, May 30, 2022

Additional Thoughts on the UAP Congressional Hearing

Here is a bit of fallout from last week’s UAP hearings in Congress. First, some of my colleagues were disturbed with Scott Bray’s suggestion that the discussion of the Undersea Objects (USOs) would be delayed until the classified portion of the briefing. This probably had little to do with the sightings or incidents themselves and more about the collection methods used. As I said, they didn’t want to reveal to our competitors our capabilities. This is truly a matter of national security.

Second, there was a solution offered to some of the sightings by Naval personnel in training areas in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. We were told that the videos of the pyramid-shaped objects were the result of an artificial artifact created by the combination of night vision goggles and a digital camera.

However, what wasn’t talked about, though there were hints, is that some of those sightings were the result of drones. In July 2019, objects, identified in deck logs as UAVs, had swarmed ships in both oceans. Analysis of the collected data that included eye witness testimony and information recorded by various sensor arrays and radar, suggested drones as the answer. In fact, deck logs referred to the objects as drones, and as you remember, there was a discussion about RF signals, that is radio frequency signals, that had been detected in relation to the sightings. All that combined has led to the conclusion that some of these sightings were drones…

And I should point out that a couple of years ago there were sightings in Colorado and Wyoming of objects near or over the ballistic missile facilities in those areas that turned out to be drones.

Of course, there are continued sightings that have nothing to do with military operations or drones. A woman living north of San Francisco said she was taking the cover off her car before heading to a bible study on May 18 of this year. She spotted a low-flying, white oval-shaped object with yellow lights on the bottom moving toward to her. The object, which made no noise, was in sight for 5 to 10 minutes. The object flew behind some trees and she lost sight of it. The UFO was surrounded by some sort of cloud or mist. The sighting was near the decommissioned Hamilton Air Force Base. She said that the Coast Guard still uses the hangars there.

William Puckett of Northwest UFOs said the sighting is unidentified. He said the UFO was not a balloon, conventional aircraft or drone. The object was surrounded by a cloud or mist which makes the sighting more intriguing.

In Anchorage, Alaska, on April 18 of this year, the witness said that he was at work and stepped outside for a quick break. He said that lots of planes fly overhead because they are located near the airport. He said that he watched a smaller passenger plane as it turned towards the direction of Fairbanks.

He noticed a bright blue orb some distance from the plane and thought it was a large party balloon that got away. As he watched, he thought that the orb was traveling about the as fast as the aircraft. He was sure the UFO and the plane were about to collide, and they barely missed one another. The UFO flew past the nose of the plane. He said that he knew the pilots had to have seen that. The object looked metallic and completely round and was traveling very fast. Later he searched on line for any reports of this near miss, but haven’t found any. He tried to alert a co-worker to come film it with his camera but the UFO was so fast that by the time the witness called his friend, the object was gone. 

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