Friday, May 20, 2022

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Philip Mantle and the UAP Hearings (Among Other Things)


By coincidence, I had scheduled an interview with Philip Mantle before I learned about the open hearing about UFOs, I mean UAPs, that was held on May 17. We both watched that hearing and spent the first part of the show talking about our impressions of it. Again, I was not very impressed with that hearing and Philip had the same general reaction. You can see the show here:

Or can listen to it using the audio player to the left or just click here for the audio only link:

We did talk about some other things as well. Philip, and his publishing company, Flying Disk Press, have been involved with Calvin Parker of Pascagoula fame. Parker

Philip Mantle
has written about his experiences in 1973 when he and Charles Hickson were abducted while fishing. I knew, based on the investigation that Philip and Dr. Irene Scott had conducted, that the witness base had expanded. This sort of thing is always worrisome when it comes about decades after the fact and I mentioned that to Philip.

Turns out that there were many witnesses to the blue, glowing object near the river that night that had been reported by Parker. Philip and Irene had talked to many of these witnesses, gathering more corroborative evidence. I, of course, am always a little skeptical of witnesses showing up long after the event. Here, however, not only were they interviewing the witnesses in our modern world, but they had evidence of those witnesses involvement in 1973. As I say, you can listen to Philip discuss this and verifying that many of the witnesses were interviewed in 1973. There is solid documentation to back that up. Makes the case just that much stronger.

We wrapped up the show with Philip talking about the new book he had written, UFO Landings U.K. It is, of course available on Amazon for those interested in learning about landing cases outside the United States. For ease, here is the Amazon link:

Next week, I’ll finally talk with Michael Shermer, if everything works out. We had some trouble in the past with getting everything coordinated with him given his schedule and mine. This should be an interesting show given our diverging opinions.

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