Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Some of the Promised Updates


As I have said a number of times during my various radio appearances, when I have additional information, I’ll publish it. So, here we go.

For those who wonder about the photographs taken in Bettendorf Iowa, on December 24, 2021, I have heard back from the MUFON State Director for Iowa. He reported that no investigation had been initiated in Iowa, but he also checked with Illinois and Missouri with the same negative results. At the moment, I have nothing more on those pictures.

The Bettendorf UFO.

David Marler said, during my interview with him, that skeptics had suggested that sightings of triangular-shaped objects were sparked by Star Wars. Many of the Imperial ships had a very distinctive, triangular shape. David pointed out that sightings of triangles predated Star Wars and provided an example from 1953. I mentioned a chart published in the early 1960s showed triangles as one of the shapes. Someone wanted to know where to find that chart. It was published in several magazines and a couple of books. Here is the chart from the 1964 UFO Evidence published by NICAP.

The UFO shapes chart, circa 1964

I also found a magazine article that dealt with the look of future aviation which included a number of test aircraft that are triangular in shape. We do have the B-1 bomber and the F-117 aircraft that had triangular shapes. This suggests that some of the uptick in such sightings might be the result of tests of these somewhat experimental aircraft.

There is additional evidence of this. On April 14, 2016, an amateur photographer, Jeff Templin, shot a picture of a triangular craft over Wichita, Kansas. Templin said that he used a 400 mm lens, and took the picture when the object was directly overhead. He said that it was making a series of “S” turns and was leaving a contrail behind.

A real triangle, though terrestrial based.

On March 10, two men in Amarillo, Texas, Steve Douglass and Dean Muskett took pictures of three triangles flying over the city. They resembled the craft in Templin’s picture.

I mention this because it does support the idea that some of the triangle sightings are not of alien spacecraft, but are of the next generation of terrestrial airplanes. This does not, of course, solve all cases of triangular UFOs. It just means that some of those sightings are of Earth-base craft rather than space ships.

A triangular balloon that can also fool a witness.

And, if we look into the future, meaning of course, what is being proposed by various aircraft manufacturers, we see that the triangle shape is becoming more common. As more of these aircraft are mistaken for something alien, we also must be aware that sightings of triangular UFOs predate the development of our terrestrial based craft. A solution of one sighting does not translate into the solution for all sightings.


UAP or SAP said...

Dr. Randle—

Much thanks for posting the UFO shape chart I previously inquired about.

UAP or SAP said...

Dr. Randle—

Much thanks for posting the UFO shape chart I previously inquired about.