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'X' Zone Broadcast Network - David Marler and Triangular UFOs


My guest was David Marler, who I had invited on to talk about triangular-shaped UFOs and the scanning project that involved files and documents from a variety of sources, including CUFOS, NICAP and CSI (Civilian Saucer Intelligence). Before I introduced him, I had a couple of other comments to make. You can listen to the radio broadcast here:

And you can watch the show here:

I mentioned that back in the middle of the 1990s, I hosted a radio show on KTSM-AM in El Paso, Texas. Although it was mainly about UFOs, I did delve into some

Hosting the radio show in Texas.

other aspects of the paranormal. I was able to book many guests who had experiences with UFOs, investigated UFOs, and believed them to be alien spacecraft. On the other hand, I couldn’t get any skeptics to participate in the program with the exception of Philip Klass, probably because I knew him personally.

This is relevant in the world today because it seems that it is easier to book a skeptic than someone on the other side of the fence. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it might be because they know they won’t get a free pass on my program. I’m going to ask tough questions and I expect the guest to answer the questions rather than dance off into evasion.

The second point I talked about was a new challenge to the veracity of the General Exon interviews. One fellow approached CUFOS asking for copies of the tapes and transcripts. Told that they were unavailable, he said that he would tell anyone who asked that the quotes were unsubstantiated.

Well, that’s untrue, and for those who would like to see the evidence, scroll on down to the following article. I’ve laid it out there, again, in great detail, including the letter from Exon acknowledging that the quotes are accurate.

David Marler

I brought on David Marler, and we began a discussion of the history of triangular-shaped UFOs. He did point out that sightings of triangles were not new, as some of the skeptics had suggested. One even talked about the inspiration being Star Wars… but, of course sightings of triangles predated the release of the movie in 1977

 As an example of these older triangle reports, he mentioned a sighting from the Albany, Georgia, area on January 28, 1953. It involved both a visual sighting and a radar contact. The Air Force labeled the visual sightings as “astro, (Venus),” meaning an astronomical answer, and the radar as “unidentified.”

Ed Ruppelt, wrote an article about UFOs for True, and one of the cases he touched on was this sighting. He wrote:

On January 28, 1953, at 9:35 p.m., a jet pilot near Albany, Ga., spotted “an extremely bright light” at 10 o’clock high. At first he thought it was another aircraft or an unusually bright star, but when he went up to 10,000 feet it appeared to be ahead and a bit below him. When first spotted, the light was white, but later it began changing constantly from white to orange and back to white again. The object was in view for 17 minutes. In the last 15 second it changed shape from circular to triangular, and the triangles split into two triangles – one immediately above the other – and both disappeared as if someone had snapped off a light.

The pilot called Albany, Ga., but before he could make his amazed report, ground asked him if he had seen anything unusual. They advised him that ground radar had picked up both his jet and a strange target. On the radar scope, when the jet had speeded up, the target had stepped up too, to maintain its lead on him.

There was, of course, a report to ATIC that provided some of the same information. The only differences are minor. For example, in the Air Force report, the object, for the last three minutes of the sighting, cycled from white to orange and back, but in the last fifteen seconds “turned a deep red color and triangular in shape… No trail or exhaust… PRPLN (propulsion) SYS UNK.”

David mentioned that the older reports suggested that the triangular craft were moving with the blunt end forward, which would not seem to be aerodynamic. Later reports had the apex leading which caused me to wonder if this might be a way to discriminate between something strange and something that reflects the current development of terrestrial craft.

We did talk about the scanning project which seems to be as massive as the one that Clas Svahn talked about a few weeks ago. There are many people involved in it including Jan Alrich and Barry Greenwood, as well as Mark Rodeghier. The ultimate goal is to create a digital archive that could be accessed by UFO researchers and interested parties on the Internet. The physical documents will end up in a collect at the university in Albuquerque.

Next week, I’ll chatting with Don Schmitt about the current state of UFO research and why we all should reject the nonsensical UAP designation. If you have questions, and Don has said that no topic is taboo, put them in the comments. They won’t be posted, and I’ll try to get them answered.

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