Thursday, April 21, 2022

Triangular Craft on Aircraft Carrier Deck and a Video from Scotland


As you all know, I have been reporting on triangular-shaped UFOs over the last several weeks. I have speculated that some of these sightings might be of military or experimental aircraft. I found a photograph of just such a triangular-shaped object on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Studying the photograph, it looked somewhat photoshopped to me because it didn’t seem the shadows quite matched. Digging a little deeper, it seems that this is a faked photo. We need to circulate this widely to make sure that all know the photograph is faked.

The photograph is a fake.

But are some very interesting sightings out there. The witnesses, in Clatteringshaws, Galloway, Scotland, said that he and a friend were camping in July of last year. They spent time star gazing because they were away from city lights and were treated to a massive display of meteors.

They watched a meteor flash across the sky, leaving a wake of soft blue/white light and as it dissipated the witness spotted what he thought was another meteor. It was traveling in the opposite direction and was, according to the witness, “real confusing” about the way it broke up. The UFO broke into three parts, but rather than trailing behind, they seemed to spin off in different directions.

The witness asked for his friend’s cell phone and began recording. The points of light are relatively small and the one toward the bottom seems to have a flashing light on it, not unlike the strobe on an aircraft. For those interested, here is the link:

The witness described the motion of the objects, and the fact that he recorded for more than 30 seconds, as the three UFOs maneuvered, that seems to rule out a meteor.

In the witness’s words, “The two orbs would move further apart and a third much smaller orb would travel between the two points. At one point we both turned to each other to check we were seeing the same thing as multi-colored rings appeared around the now singular orb, like the rings of Saturn, but in a revolving color spectrum.”

I will note one other thing here. The witness mentions that both of them were drunk during the sighting. And, they were in the same spot the next night, but there was no additional display. Without the video, which, frankly, doesn’t show much, it would be easy to dismiss the report.

William Puckett, in his analysis, wrote, “Originally, I thought that the object could be space debris or another meteor. The video doesn’t support that as the object moves very little. In absence of more information, I will classify sighting as unidentified. The clip in this report is only a small portion of the original clip.”

Finally, a private pilot flying somewhere between Cedar City, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada, reported that a bright light approached his plane rapidly, slowed and paced him for five minutes. It was glowing white and it was difficult to see a shape behind that light. The witness said it looked like a tic-tac, which, as I say is what we would have called cigar shape in the past. The UFO veered to the north, and disappeared in seconds.

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RWE said...

There is a plastic model kit sold by Atlantis Models that is absolutely identical to that triangular craft. So, yes, it is faked.